Once upon a time there was a classy broad named Suzi who hailed from Syracuse, NY. She had lost a lot of weight…101 lbs to be exact. As soon as she hit her goal weight she was whisked away to magical places to share her story. She was in her local papers and local news stations…she was flown to NY and L.A. where she did photo-shoot’s and even shot a commercial for WeightWatchers (alongside the amazing Jennifer Hudson). She was even on Oprah! When she wasn't living in a fairy-tale she was busy leading Weight Watcher meetings of her own and running marathons.  

As her stories began to unfold, so did her life. And slowly down the rabbit hole she fell. Under the curse of a betrayed poison she began to slowly decay away. The 101 lbs she had lost had crept back upon her body…along with an extra 30 to spare. Her running was nonexistent and activity at all was null. Her love for beer had turned on her, as she had become possessed by the effects. An alcoholic she had become.

Then one day she realized that life was too short for regrets, anger and despair. So she got clean and sober and started running again here and there. She is losing the weight again, taking it one day at a time. She feels so much different now…confident and takes much self-care.  

Her journey has been long and winding but has always been true. She continues to improve on herself and she hopes that you do too…

Email for questions or comments: suzistorm@gmail.com

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