Because I am a masochist...

If you follow me on my social media accounts then you probably already know that I am running the Lake Effect Half Marathon this weekend. Yes…against my better judgement I signed up months ago to tackle this race again. In case you are new around here or you forgot…this race was the hardest race I have ever ran. I’m not going to relive the experience and go into details again but you can read the recap here.

I decided though that I don’t want last years’ experience to be my final experience with this race. For as many reasons as to why I don’t like this race there are things that trump over all of them. Biggest one being, this race is like one giant family event. The Lake Effect Run Club is my family and this is our yearly party…if running 13.1 miles on a double out and back course in the middle of winter in Central New York is your idea of a party.

I have one goal for this race. Just one…and that is not have the mental breakdown that I had last year. I don’t care how long it takes me. I don’t care if I have to walk a few times. I don’t care if I don’t run as strongly as I have been lately. I just want to not mentally breakdown like I did last year.  (And given the certain circumstances in my personal life right now, this is really asking a lot)

One thing that is happening again are my efforts to raise money for Ophelia’s Place. I can’t say enough good things about this charity and all they do. While I did hit the $500 goal I had, I thought it would be totally badass (and because I, myself, are badass) to try and raise $666…ya know….in the name of Rock ‘n Roll!! I'm currently about $65 away from reaching that goal (and I would be beyond excited to exceed it). I'd also like to be in the top 3 fundraisers and I'm #4 right now. So I am kindly asking that if you are able and willing to donate towards me raising as much money as I possibly can for Ophelia’s Place, I will be forever thankful for your added support. The money goes directly to them and is used to help change and save the lives of so many.

Also…I celebrated 2 years sober yesterday. GO ME!! 
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