New Weight Watchers Program...Yay or Nay??

There is one question that everyone keeps asking me…on Twitter, on Instagram, on Facebook, writing letters and mailing them to my house…ok maybe that last part is made up, but my point is that you bitches all want to know
What do I think of the new Weight Watchers SmartPoints program?

 And I have been avoiding your question. Actually I think it’s safe to say that I have been pretending that it’s like the plague and staying away. But I can’t do that forever. I’ve been working on this post for over a month now and I guess I just need to finally answer this damn question.

So what *do* I think of it??
I don’t.

Here’s the thing…I fear change, to a point, but overall I keep an open mind and I’m open to keeping things fresh and accurate. Sure, I was a little reluctant when they made the switch to Points+ and it took some time to get readjusted, but it was still something that I felt fit into my lifestyle.

I have again lost 100+ (107 if we want to get technical here, as I have lost my most weight ever this time around). I lost that because Points+ worked and because I worked the program. I felt that program gave me freedom to choose…good or bad. With SmartPoints, the feeling I get is a bit more constricted, and that doesn’t work for me. Sure we are all hearing that Oprah is eating bread every day and guess what, I’m still having my nightly dessert, but I’m also going over my Point values every day and my weeklies and my Activity Points. See for me, nothing has changed. I am still eating what I ate before, because that has worked for me. So in theory, for me, SmartPoints has done nothing but made me look at negative numbers.

Now this isn’t the case for everyone. Certainly not the case for new members, or members who have been gone for a long time and are just recommitting to the program, or members who still have a larger amount of weight to lose. I am NONE of those things. I have been a member for over 8 years now. I have 15 lbs left to reach my goal weight again. And let’s not forget my role with the company aside of being just a member. For years I lived and breathed and preached Weight Watchers. I am a lifetime member of Weight Watchers…not only as a member but as a face for the company…pretty sure my headstone will have “Weight Watchers Believe Campaign” etched onto it. With all that said, I will admit that it does kind of sadden me that I’m not 100% on board with this new program. I wanted to feel excited and refreshed by this revamping. But I didn’t feel those things. The revamp is nice but nothing I have been wowed by. Again, if I'm being 100% honest I just feel like it's more constricting. And lets not get started on how awful the search function is on the site and the app now...where the f*ck did all my favorite foods's definitely doesn't seem as accessible as it was before. 

I mentioned this on my personal FB page but decided not to talk about it further until I thought about it more. And that was…am I done with Weight Watchers? I don’t know.
I think one of the major things Weight Watchers lack is support for their members who have lost and are trying to maintain their weight and I definitely do not see any improvements for that in the new program. Also, being a member for over 8 years plus being a leader, it’s pretty safe to say that I know the program pretty darn well. I have probably counted Point Values in my sleep a few times. 
I know how to work the program so it works for me. Weight Watchers gave me these amazing tools and I know how to use them. So maybe it’s time to use them on my own.

Since my sobriety my running has become my therapy…my outlet…my release…and I am again training for another marathon which means my days of wanting to eat every and anything are here.   I’ve been trying to focus on WHAT I am eating, not just “ooh crap is this high in Points?!”…avocado toast for breakfast, trail mix for a snack, low fat chocolate milk for post runs….quality food that will keep my body going during this period.

I am still tracking. I am still watching my portion sizes. I am still being mindful not to overindulge too often. I am using all of the wonderful things that Weight Watchers has given me, all by myself.

The first time I lost the 101 lbs I was a meetings member. I loved the meetings and I still believe that they are the company’s most successful format.  This time around I (re)lost 107 lbs by being an online member, due to the craziness of my relationship with the company I found it easier on myself to not attend the meetings. So obviously their online format works as well. And again…it worked because *I* worked the program. So this new program can work for you too, if you chose to work it.

I have many friends who have been tremendously successful with the SmartPoints plan so far. It is very exciting to see. I think if you are someone who overdoses on sweets and artificial snacks then the new program is perfect for you. I just don’t know that it is perfect for me. And if you decide to join and/or stay with the new Beyond The Scale program I truly do wish you the best success and will be cheering you on the entire time!!

I guess what I can say is that I don’t really have any super strong opinions about the new program. I’ve been doing my thing for a long time now and it is working. And I don’t plan on changing that anytime soon.  Whether that means I keep logging into my Weight Watchers account daily or not…who knows….
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