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It's been a little bit since I've posted here. That's not to say that I haven't written anything because I have. I probably have about 8 or so drafts floating between my phone and iPad. But I haven't been able to finish any piece and nothing felt "right"...and then I realized that it's because I felt like I had this need to make every post "abundantly inspiring"...I mean I can only come out as an alcoholic who has regained weight so many times...or I hope so at least. Needless to say, things have felt heavy here on the blog. I'm still active daily on all my other social media sites, but I kinda put the core of my "social" existence to the back burner..

So I'm going to make this a light post...hate it, love it or like is what it is. I'm never going to be that blogger that posts every day. That's just not me. And while I want to publish stuff that hopefully has an impact in some way or another, sometimes you just have to have fun and that's what I'm doing here.

This is just some random stuff I am loving on these days. 
None of these things were given to me by the companies. None of this is sponsored or anything. 

These are some products that I am really digging with the warmer weather *finally* here.

Maybelline Baby Lips Tint....this stuff is GREAT!! Especially in the summer when you don't want to deal with a full on lipstick or heavy gloss. Plus it makes your lips super smooth. 

This Rimmel Matte CC Cream. I don't usually wear a lot of face makeup and in the summertime the last thing I want is a thick, cakey complexion. But some days I need to even my skin out a little, or if I'm going out or something I like a little bit of coverage. Well this stuff is great! Not only is the coverage amazing for a BB cream but it doesn't streak or anything when I sweat. And bonus feature: it has a broad spectrum SPF 15 in it too!! 

I don't wash my hair everyday. In fact I really only wash it when I run, so that would be about 3 days a week. And after a run and a shower the last thing I want to do is stick a blow dryer at my head for 20 minutes (I have pretty thick hair). Very few volumizing products work well enough where I can eliminate a blower dryer, but if I don't get something at my roots my hair hangs in an awful way and I can't stand it. But this stuff....this Garner Fructis Full & Plush Root Amp spray mousse is awesome!! I haven't even blow dried with it yet and I am already hooked!! I just put it into my hair when it's damp, comb it through and leave it be. It gets a little crunchy but once my hair is completely dry I brush it out and voila....instant volume that has literally been lasting for a couple days. 

Here I am at work this week actually wearing all 3 of the products above:


Things I'm doing....

                                  's the hubby's & I's 2nd wedding anniversary this Monday and we are going camping for a few days. While the weather is calling for rain, and the area we are camping in has been having some serious flooding, I am trying to stay positive and I am *really* looking forward to this trip!!

Running...I ran the Paiges Butterfly 5K 2 weekends ago and I was so happy to be back at that race. I finished in 33:31 which meant I beat a time I was trying to go for. It was my first race back since my stress fracture back in March. Thanks to my awesome friend, Ellen Brunet, for taking this great action shot of me! 

Things I'm eating...
OK, so this one is what I plan to eat but whatever...Have you seen this?! I just recently heard of Halo Top. There are only 2 flavors in our area but I am excited to try this. The ENTIRE PINT is only 10P+!!!!!!! 

I am OBSESSED with this new restaurant by me called CORE. Everything is made from scratch. It's healthy, delicious and so satisfying. I have yet to try something and not like it. I would eat there if I could afford it. 

So that's it...random crap that I am crushing on lately. 
Anything you're in love with lately that we should know about?

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