I be workin' on my site!

So somehow I ended up taking yet another unexpected and unplanned break from blogging.  Here I was all excited to start blogging regularly and BAM...I hadn't even looked at my blog in weeks. I even bought a fancy wireless keyboard for my iPad. Really folks, I had (have) good intentions.

Things here are pretty freaking good. While I'm still not catching onto my regular running/activity habit (but I am working on it!) my eating habits have been great!! I'm still following the Weight Watchers program and so far I am down almost 30lbs since the end of February!!

And as of today I am 3 months and 12 day's sober!!

I think one of the reasons why I stopped coming to my blog is because I wasn't sure where to go with it anymore...something just felt off.  I asked myself (& others) "do I change the name?"...but that didn't feel right. At least to not change the name entirely. In reality, it's more of a motto I guess...and Suzi Storm has always been the heart here.

But one thing is for certain...this blog needs a spankin' new design!! While the beer background is awesome and all, it needs to go. Along with a few other elements around here.

That's me pointing at my own blog. Yup. 

So I will be on a little bit of a break (but not too long) while I decide and work on the design around here. If you stop by and something isn't working, do not fret or panic and start crying while ripping your hair out (I mean, that is your normal reaction when my blog is not here, RIGHT?!)....it will just be under construction at times.

In the meantime I will still be annoying present as ever on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter so please feel free to check in with me there!!

I am excited to give this baby a nice facelift after all of these years. It's like a cleansing for my blog's soul :)

See you all soon!! XO

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