The only time I will ever use the word ‘Foodie’…

I’m alive!! I’m aaaaaaaalllliiiiiiiiivvvvvvvve!!

No but seriously, I am alive. And I am doing quite well actually. I’ve felt better lately than I have in a while. But we will save that for some other post. Like the next one I have coming up where I have a giveaway for an awesome e-book!! I should have that up this weekend. I really plan to make blogging a priority again and I really hope that all you fabulous readers stick by my side. Cause I love you guys, damnit!

So, I saw some of my tweeps all tweeting up about this thing called Foodie Pen Pals. At first I was all like “whatevz, I ain’t no foodie and ain’t nobody got time for that!”…. then I learned that it’s this really awesome thing put together for bloggers and non-bloggers where you are paired up with someone and you mail them…..can you guess???? FOOD!!

I’m no foodie, but I love me some food (bring on the jokes, haters)…and snail mail (seriously, there is not enough snail mail anymore)!! So for the first time ever I signed up!!

I was worried about getting screwed at first, since my experience with internet “pair ups” hasn’t gone well…I’m talking about this past year when I finally did the DailyMile secret santa and never got anything, but hey, it’s the risk you take.

Anyways my very first foodie pal came from the very awesome Alyssa!! (She doesn’t have a blog otherwise I would share)

Look at all the AWESOME stuff she sent me:
image_1Mmmmm, tea. And how adorable on the back of her card to me!?
I love when people not only spell my name right but also put a heart in for the I :)

The cool thing about this little program is that YOU are responsible for contacting the person you are matched up with, so that gives you a chance to not only get their shipping address but to also ask you their likes and dislikes. I told Alyssa how much I loved all things spicy and jalapeno and how I am allergic to onions. She promised not to send me any raw onions and she delivered! I told her I follow Weight Watchers and as many of you know, the awesome part about Weight Watchers is that nothing is off limits!!

I housed the jalapeno pretzel bites in about 5 seconds 10 minutes. I can’t wait to try the other goodies!! Especially that popcorn!! We have nothing like that around here. I’ve never had Nori but I’m excited to try that as well. I’ve never had garlic nuts but I like garlic and I like nuts…soooo…. ;) On the bottom that you can’t make out is a box of chocolates, which my stepson took and ate since he didn’t think I would want them….bastard!

So thank you SO much Alyssa for making my first ever Foodie Pen Pal experience a great one!! I hope we get a chance to get paired up again sometime :)

I was lucky enough to send some goodies to Kasandra, who blogs over at Urban In Surburnia. She’s a fellow runner too who just ran the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon!! GO Kasandra!! I hope she likes the goodies I sent her. One of the things was a jar of of this…
It comes from a local great restaurant called Pastabilities. It’s a great place and they recently started selling these jars of their famous and utterly delicious tomato oil in our local Wegmans grocery store. I really hope she enjoys it!!

So, are you interested in joining Foodie Pen Pals?!  Well then head on over there to read all the rules ad regulations (head up….you have to sign up before 9pm EST on the 4th of each month to participate for that month). I think it’s a great way to not only try some awesome new food, but also to find new bloggers, many of which you will find you share similar interest’s with. This isn’t a food snob club, or a club for over eaters anonymous….hell it’s not even a club. It’s just a sweet way to give and get some awesome free yum-yums!!

Hope you enjoyed a post where I didn’t whine so much SmileAnd I promise to have that book review and giveaway up in a couple of days!! Now keep on keeping on with your bad selves (yes I just wrote that. no I haven’t been drinking. yes I am sorry.)
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