Buffalo 1/2 Marathon Recap


This was, without a doubt, my toughest race to date.

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you already know of my extreme sadness and disappointment with myself (a few of you even verbally kicked my ass & told me to shut the hell up, lol…thank you for that though.  I needed it.).  I let the tears flow a little and I may have punched a pillow or two, but I’m far wiser than to sit here and beat myself up about this race. 

Because I did cross that finish line.  And I did set a new PR.

Instead of listing paragraphs as to why this race sucked ass for me, I will list them for you. 

So here were my issues with the course/environment:

  • The weather was pretty hot (hotter than I am used to right now) but it was HUMID!!  Sure, we ran along Lake Erie and that felt wonderful, but that towards the beginning of the race, when it was still early and the sun wasn’t right on us.  Come towards the middle and the end of the race when the humidity has risen extremely high and the sun is blasting down on us and we have like, oh I don’t know, 4 or 5 bridges to climb up…yeah.  My post-asthmatic lungs don’t appreciate that at all.
  • Water stations…what water stations??  I think there were maybe 4 or 5…I don’t know.  But it *really* wasn’t enough, especially on a day like that.  Myself, along with other runners along the course kept yelling “can we get some fucking water?!” LOL. Thank god some of the locals brought their hoses out to spray us down with water.  Many of us said that their simple act of kindness there was a lifesaver.
  • I brought my Ipod but left my headphones with Frankie…I try not to run any of my races with music anymore, especially bigger races like these because the crowds are what motivate me.  That wasn’t the case this time.  There were a few parts along the course where there was a big spectator crowd and their support was *amazing* but there were also a lot of dead-spots and I really could have used the music.  I got lucky in Philly by finding a lady with whom to pace with and we would occasionally chat and cheer each other on during the “quiet” moments…I didn’t get that here.

So, now onto my personal issues.  These are the ones (other than the weather) that really played into why I was so disappointed

  • Around mile 6 I hit “the wall”…and this was by far the biggest wall I have ever faced.  I.wanted.to.quit!  I kept thinking about how I would turn off the course so no one would see.  I kept looking for a road where I could go and possibly know my way back.  I kept telling myself “there’s no way you are finishing this one. Just give up now”…This wall lasted for about 2 miles, but I finally knocked it down.  I just kept going…I kept thinking about all the people I would disappoint and about how disappointed I would be with myself.
  • Believe it or not, even with all the beer I drank, I was WAY over hydrated.  I knew it the night before.  My stomach looked like I was carrying a baby (and you can see it in some pictures…ewww).  I was trying to be so cautious about not DEhydrating myself that I went overboard. 
  • Of course I would start to feel sick!! And no, I’m not just talking about pre-race “oh no Im getting sick” feelings…Frankie has been sick with an awful cold for the past 2 weeks, and I woke up Saturday morning the same way he did when it first hit.  My throat was sore, my nose was running, my energy was depleted.  I ran right to the drug store next to the hotel and picked up some EMERGEN-C & starting downing that like a champ (another big factor in my over-hydration).  I tooks naps on Saturday and didn’t do a whole lot of walking, but I could still feel the sluggishness.  I’m still downing some EMEGEN-C packets today, trying to make it go away.  It hasn’t gotten worse, yet.  Hopefully I sweated most of it out!

And here is the single most thing that upset me the most:

  • I walked during the race…quite a few times…not for long, but there were quite a few “walking” moments. Now, I am not saying that there is anything wrong with walking during a race, but for me personally, I have *NEVER* walked in a race, big or small.  When I hit my wall around mile 6, that was when I started to stop and walk for a bit.  Yes, a lot of it was due to heat and the constant feeling like I was going to pass out (I kept throwing up in my mouth and had goose bumps the entire race…I was looking gorgeous!), but it was also because mentally I kept stopping myself.  When it got to the last 2 miles in the race I would tell myself “OK Suzi, knock this shit off…no more walking!” aaaaaand then I would have to stop and walk a little more.  I keep looking at my time and thinking “Jesus…what would it have been if I DIDN’T walk any of it”, but I know there’s absolutely no point in thinking about that nonsense.  Maybe I walked for a reason.  Maybe walking is what got me to cross that finish line.  Maybe walking is what got me to not pass out & end up in the hospital.  I don’t know. 

I knew that I hadn't trained properly for this race, and I knew that it would be difficult, but I just didn’t foresee some of these events going down like they did.  I knew I would have to kick my own ass many times throughout the course, and I guess when I push aside the nonsense I keep thinking about, I did do that. 

My official chip time was 2:19:31 with an overall pace of 10:39.  That’s a new PR for me by 12:15.

I ran the first 10K in 1:01:22 with a pace of 09:54…I started out the race by running around a 9:30ish pace, which is my normal pace as of lately.  Of course though, I wasn’t able to keep that pace up for long.  For the 20K I was at a disappointing 11:24 pace.  But I finished with a pace of 10:37 so I guess I should stop complaining huh??  Oh yeah, and I stopped once to use the bathroom. 

There are a lot of lessons to be learned from this race.  The first one being that I never did give up, no matter how badly I wanted to.  And another one being, is to focus on the positive.  Life seems much easier sometimes if we just beat ourselves up and focus on the negative.  I PR’d for christ sakes!  Not *every* race will be an absolute great one, but they all contain some form of greatness.  I’ll be stewing over all lessons for the next few weeks I am sure.

Maybe I got from this race exactly what I wanted….my passion back for running.   

I want to take a moment to thank all of you for all your support and encouragement leading up to, during and after the race. It really means so much to me.  A big shout out to the organizers of the Buffalo Marathon for putting on a smooth race (please though, more water stations next year!! And maybe add some gels/salt packets) and all of the wonderful volunteers and spectators.

An enormous thank you goes out to my sponsor, Generation UCAN, for all of their support and help with this race.  I hope I was able to make you guys somewhat proud.  Wearing your name on my back was an honor and knowing that I was representing you guys helped to get me across that finish line!

Now how about some pictures from race day….






These next 3 pictures are funny.  They sum up a lot of the race, LOL…



I don’t have a finish-line picture thanks to some asshole who decided to take his shirt off just as Frankie as taking the picture of me.  The official race photos should up soon though.  I’ll have a full Buffalo-weekend recap with lots of pictures coming up soon :)

Throw it away!


You know all those reasons you keep mentally piling up as to why you shouldn’t change your life for the better??

Throw them away!

All those excuses you keep making to put off a good sweat session (and no I don’t mean sex…or do I?? ;)…

Throw them away!

You know all those “Fat” clothes you keep in closet as a “reminder”….

Throw them away! (OK, don’t do that…give them to your local Salvation Army or something)

You know those diet pills you bought cause you were pretty sure that for $39.99 you would lose the 20 lbs you wanted to in JUST 2 WEEKS!!....

Throw that non-sense away!

You know all that negativity you keep thinking in your head…

Throw it away!

You know all those people you surround yourself with who are actually bad for you??

Throw them away! (I don’t literally mean this…please don’t do anything illegal here…but cut them out of your life)

You know all the doubt that you place on yourself all the time…

Throw it away!

You know all that Spandex you bought to “someday fit into”…

Throw that shit away because it doesn’t matter what size you are, you should NOT be wearing Spandex.

STOP filling your mind and your life with GARBAGE!! It is this kind of garbage that sometimes weighs the heaviest on ourselves.

Sometimes the trash stinks and it needs to be thrown out!! And just like actual garbage…you will need to take it out more than once. The negativity wont go away forever, you wont stop making excuses forever…but if you remind yourself to “take out the trash” now and again, it makes life a whole happier.

I encourage you all to go read this post from my buddy @theantijared….I read this shortly after writing this post and I feel like it’s the pea’s in my pod Smile so please read… The Anti Jared - IF

OH and one last thing….You know that 6 pack of beer in your fridge that you are not drinking??

Don’t throw that away….drink it, or send it my way!


Today was Oprah’s final show.  As many of you know, I recently appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show for her Ultimate Weight Loss Finale Show.  While I didn’t go crazy with tears or get too much into the hype of today being her final show, I did tape it because, well…how could you really not?!  If you’ve ever watched Oprah (which I did a lot with my mother in my younger years) then you *needed* to see this show.

Oprah said *A LOT* of amazing things.  A lot of things that touched me and really got me thinking.  The wheels are turning in my head….But the one thing she really reminded me of, is being grateful.

I am so grateful for all of you…here reading my blog, tweeting away with me, “liking” my posts…this journey wouldn’t be HALF of what it is with out all of you.

Today I was blessed enough to appear in my local newspaper The Post Standard (the online article version is not up yet, but as soon as it is, I will post a link ) to celebrate my weight loss, along with 4 other amazing Central New Yorkers.  I feel so honored, and it is yet another blessing I feel so grateful to have.

These things do not just happen over night…they do not just fall onto your lap.  I never in a million years would have dreamt or believed that all of this would be happening to me.  I say it all the time and I will continue to say it again and again…thank you, thank you, thank you!  If I inspire you just an ounce of how much you all inspire me, then I know I’m doing something right around here….

I’m the Britney Spears of Running


This post is going to be sort of lame because I’m a huge dummy who AGAIN forgot to take any pictures.  But whatever…I don’t want to over load all of you with my beauty and brilliance anyways. 

Today was the Weight Watcher Walk-IT 5K Challenge.  I met some of my Thursday night WW peeps down at the park at 10am.  We had a very good turnout I would say!! It was great because we didn’t keep times or anything like that.  I did go ahead of everyone to run and find the half way point so people knew where to turn around since we were looping. 

Everyone got to do their own thing….run/walk, just run, just walk…people were just out there MOVING!!

I have to give a big shout to EVERYONE who showed up!!  There were a lot of “well I’m slow but hey I did it”…You’re DAMN RIGHT YOU DID IT!!  It doesn’t matter when you were done.  All that mattered is that when you woke up this morning you had a choice….stay in bed and be a bum, or get out of bed and MOVE.  You chose to move, so therefore, YOU WON!!

I have to give two very special shout-outs to my girls Kathy & Chrissy.  Doing this 5K was a huge accomplishment for them and I seriously could not be prouder.  Thank god I was wearing sunglasses so they couldn’t see the little tear shed in my eye.  I ran back to catch up with both of them and make sure they were holding on strong and they were!!  They sure didn’t need my encouragement…they were killing it all on their own Smile.  Congratulations ladies on being AWESOME!!

For the Weight Watcher Walk-IT I wore my special made WW Walk-IT t-shirt.  Here’s a picture of the back:


I also my favorite new running skirt (pictured below) and my hot pink CEP compression socks (full review + a giveaway coming up soon!).

I didn’t time myself or keep track of my distance during the WW 5K because I did a lot of back and forth’s trying to meet up with everyone walking and again and cheer & encourage them along to the finish line.  So I’m not really sure of my distance, but basically I did it twice.  

But when I got home….I was inspired.  Plus I had wanted to get in a few extra miles since it would be my last “long run” before the 1/2.

I decided to pull a Britney Spears and change into yet ANOTHER running outfit and go out for yet another run….

This time I ran in my gear that I will wear in next Sundays Buffalo 1/2 Marathon.  Which of looked like this, but add some new blue Zensah calf sleeves I got recently from a raffle I won by Doug


I went out for 3 miles.  3 very excruciating miles!  It was around 1:00 and the sun was beaming down on me like a blanket.  It was hot, humid and I was tired.  I had to stop a few times (I wasn’t properly fueled and could tell I was pretty dehydrated) but I still ran all 3 miles at least. 

So yeah…two runs…two outfits….double the amount of awesomeness!!

Congratulations again to ALL the Weight Watcher 5K Challenge walkers and runners!!

You know who you are…

This isnt Weight Watcher related…
It’s not activity related…

This is me….Something I have needed to say for a long, LONG time…as I’m choosing to say it here…in front of everyone. For better or for worse…no regrets.

Thank you….Thank you for giving me the strength to run away from what I was too scared to run away from for so many years….you didn’t cause it…you didn’t even know you did it, but you gave me the strength I knew I had within me to stand up and believe in myself…. 

Thank you for making me think I was the most beautiful woman in the world.

Thank you for providing me with a sense of fun that made me laugh so hard that my stomach hurt for days.

Thank you for making me smile.  God knows, you made me smile so much.

Thank you for being honest and telling me when I looked awful…I could have used you 101 lbs later LOL.

Thank you for giving me a sense of confidence I had never felt before.

Thank you for making me believe that life was bigger and better than it was…You made me want to keep going.

Thank you for giving me so many memories…ones that cannot be replaced or duplicated.  They stay between us and I can only hope you think of them too sometimes.

Thank you for making me feel beautiful.  I don’t think anything has compared.  Thank you for making me feel like a woman.  Thank you for making me feel strong.  Thank you for making me feel like I could do this all on my own. 

Love is not a word that should have been used between us…that’s immature. You were my best friend. 

And I would be a liar if I didn’t admit that I miss that sometimes.   If I  could tell you anything….I’d say… I miss that.  I miss that kind of honesty that you gave me. 

You also gave me hell.  Watching you go away was *so* painful….fighting for you was painful…but as I know now…necessary.  You gave me the best of both worlds…happiness and suffering….. :/You forever changed me….physically and mentally…

But our struggle gave me the best gift in the world…my connection with the love of my life…your friend. 

You called it…every one called it before it actually happened….without you…without us…

Thank you.

You broke me into a thousand little piece…I broke myself into a million little pieces…

You have a whole new dimension opening up upon you and I am *SO* happy for you…and I wish you and your loved ones nothing but the best.  Everything happens for a reason right…

So thank you .... but more importantly, I thank myself.

**Edit from Blog Author:
WOW...the response I got from this post was really amazing and very emotional for me.  I worry about posting things like this sometimes, as they tend to stray from my general subject matter, but I am so glad that I chose to post this. In a way, it gave me a sense of closure that I really needed.  It felt good to say these things, years later.  Life is too short to hold onto negativity and anger.  The truth will only set you free...its true, LOL.  Thank you to everybody for being so kind to this post.  It really means a lot to me.

Love is a battlefield & running is a mental game

Love is a battlefield and running is a mental game....Both of those are absolute facts sometimes.

I got an email recently from a fabulous blog reader Christina...she told me a story where she said she was out running (well she said walk/jogging…I’m saying she was running damnit!) and how she was gasping for air, wanting to quit. But then she thought about me and well folks, how many damn times have I talked about gasping for air while running?? A LOT. But this kept her focused and motivated to keep going.

Here's a picture of her at her first ever finish line!! 

Of course I thanked Christina for thinking of me, and then I started to state that I could relate to her feeling of wanting to “stop” at that moment and here is what I wrote:

“When I have moments like that...moments where I cant breathe and I feel like I want to stop, I try to tell myself that its my body’s way of trying to pull tricks on me. With running, or any activity really where you are "pushing" yourself...its more of a mental game than it is a physical one. At least that’s how I find it to be for myself. A lot of the time when I end I run I often find it’s rarely because I'm "physically" exhausted....I'm just mentally exhausted”

And that my friends, is the gods honest truth!

As some of you know, I’ve been in a little running “funk” lately. Most of my runs have been around 3 miles…no long runs, no speed work, no PUSHING myself other than to get to the 3 miles because after my ½ marathon last year I started a mantra that anything less than 3 miles doesn’t count (Thanks Melanie!).

Writing back to Christina made me realize what’s been going on since winter…I’m letting my mind win & my body lose.

How many times do I go out there and actually stop running because of these reasons:

• My body *physically* has pains & hurts

• Weather is getting too hazardous

• Running out of time

• Got ran over by a zebra
  • I've actually met my distance or time goal

  VERY, VERY infrequently.


 Now….how many times do I stop running because of these reasons:

• I think my legs hurt

• I think my body is being taken over by snot

• I think I’m too tired

• I think I gotta get home and do “stuff”

• I think it’s too windy or cold out

• I think I don’t want to over do it

• I think I’m done

• I think there’s a zebra coming after me

• I think I’m thinking too much


95% of the time, I *THINK* myself into stopping my run. Rarely ever do I stop because I physically have to/should or because of time or any other elements beyond my own real control.

Running for me, is a mental game. It’s about mental strength. It’s about pushing past all the bullshit stuff I have running (ha ha ha) through my head telling me that I can’t keep doing it.  I used to be good at pushing through the clutter, lately not so much. The problem is easy enough to detect and honestly, the solution is just as easy really….tell myself to knock it the fuck off and RUN!!!!!!

I love to run (eh)!! I *want* to run!! Stop sabotaging myself and my efforts and JUST DO IT!! As my dear friend *BitchCakes* loves to say, the only thing stopping you is you.

So next time you don’t want to work out or you want to quit, really ask yourself….
Whats the *real* reason why I'm stopping??

I’m news worthy baby!!



(Since Blogger got all messed up last week, this post was wiped out.  They said they were restoring all the posts but of course, mine wasn’t.  So I’m just reposting because well, its that fucking awesome.)

A lot of you have asked me (especially my overseas friends) f you can catch the Oprah Weight Loss Finale show that I appeared on.  Honestly, I don’t know what could have possibly taken priority over me, but whatever…I forgive you….Kind of…a little bit….whatever.

Unfortunately, I do not know of any place online where you can catch the show, or if that is even legal.

HOWEVER…our local news stations, WSYR News Channel 9 had a quick segment about my appearance on the show last night at 5:30 and then AGAIN at 10:00!!!

I had no idea that they were doing this!!  So a big thank you goes out to my girl Kathy and my mom for alerting me about this.  Seeing this filled me so much excitement & emotion.  I feel so honored to have been mentioned like this.  My only care and hope is that someone from my area saw it and it inspired something within them to make a positive and healthy change in their life!

So for those of you who couldn’t catch the show, you can at least see a little sneak peak, as well as my “reveal moment”…ENJOY!!


Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!


I am Generation UCAN!


The comment I get a lot from my fabulous blog readers is that they appreciate my openness and honesty.  This comment happens to be my favorite out of them all.  I take a lot of pride in being myself and not holding anything back.  That’s not always an easy thing to do, especially when there are people out in the world you would rather have think of you as dead, LOL.  But, I have nothing to hide!  I am proud of who I am and I am proud of what I have accomplished in my life…every part of it.

2011 has brought me many, *many* blessing’s in the area of being “spotlighted”.  In February I went to NYC to do a photo shoot for Weight Watchers (sorry folks, still no updated word on that…it takes some time we were told).  Then as most of you all know now, I was picked to be part of the 100 guests who lost over 100 pounds on The Oprah Winfrey Show for her last weight loss show ever.  And soon will be featured in our local newspaper, The Post Standard…..

It all seems surreal and never in a million years did I think that any of this would be happening to me.  Not a single thought about any of this “attention” crossed my mind when I first decided to start losing weight and get healthy. Never EVER!  Even back then when I would see people in magazines or on TV talking about their weight loss, I figured they were paid for it or part of the company…..

Well let me just say, I’m not paid for ANY of this!  (Though I would totally be lying if I said that I didn’t wish I was) Anything I’ve been asked to do or appear on has been because A.) I was lucky enough to be asked and B.) Because I accepted to promote such a great company/event/idea.  That’s it. Nothing less.  Nothing more.   

So I’m proud to announce my recent blessing and that is my sponsorship with an amazing company called Generation UCAN, aka @GenUCAN….

GenUCAN_logo_taglineMany of you are familiar with them already via Twitter and such, since they are spectacular with their Social Media skills.  I became familiar with the company early in 2010.  Some samples of their products were sent my way to try and I did.  But certainly not before learning more about their company and what exactly their product is.

Now, I’m no scientist nor some sports nutritionist.  So here is my answer as to what it is in my own dumb-terms…it’s a powdered mix you make that contains a totally unique and cool ingredient called SuperStarch. It helps you with energy, recovery and weight stability.

Here are the benefits I have found from it over the past year:
·    Energy! I don’t get too hyped up like I do with some energy gels and such.
·    Sustainability…my runs that happen when I’ve pre-fueled with a GenUCAN shake last must longer than when I have not.  My body does not tire out as quickly.
·    Recovery with out a doubt!  If I drink a packet of the Vanilla or the Chocolate after a run (or any hard workout for that matter) I am not nearly as sore or sluggish after the endorphins wear off.
·    Weight management…this is no lie!  Now, I’m not going to sit here and say this product will make you lose weight, but it has been known to help me when I’ve over indulged.  When I’m looking to “reboot” and “clean” my body again, I start my morning off with a shake and I really find it helps to make me feel like I’ve given my body the thing I’ve been neglecting to supply it with (um…nutrients and all that healthy stuff) and the scale gets a little happier again :) It also taps into my body's fat stores during exercise to provide me with extra fuel while giving me the lean body I've worked so hard to maintain. Props for that! Right?

So what does my sponsorship mean??  Will you guys have to hear about GenUCAN every time I post something??  Have I sold my soul to the devil and am now going to pressure all of you into buying some product??

Abso-Freaking-lutely NOT!!

My being sponsored with them means that I have an *amazing* team behind me and my goals for running and continuing to live a healthy lifestyle.  With their help and support, they will be with me while I train to run my first ever FULL marathon!!  I will be using their product on a continued basis during my training, as well as getting advice and support from their whole team.  How freaking lucky am I?!?!

I can’t begin to express enough how honored I am to have such an amazing product, amazing company, amazing people, willing to support me.  And knowing in my heart that I support them just as much in return really makes this the one of the best decisions I could make for myself.

So what part do I play in this??  Well I show my support and love for a company that I *truly want* to support and *truly do* love!!  I will wear their t-shirts to help spread the word about their amazing product and I will be sure to let the world know how my marathon training is going and how their product is helping me along the way.  I’m not paid to do any of this, and I get nothing special for it…I’m doing it simply because I truly believe in this product.

My legs look so short here, LOL: DSC00475

And that folks, is why when I was sent samples over a year ago, I didn’t do a blog review or giveaway.  Because something like this takes research and experimentation.  Yes, I could have written up real quickly about how I noticed results fast, but that’s not me.  I don’t look for super quick fixes in anything, because as many of us know, they never last.  So I tried the products on and off for about a year and I noticed a big enough difference and found a strong desire to make GenUCAN a part of my daily routine.  And in doing in that, I feel like it is appropriate for me to now share this with you, all my fabulous blog readers!

So I asked the kind people over at GenUCAN what I could do for YOU, my blog readers…something that wasn’t just a “review and giveaway”.  I wanted to be able to showcase the product well, but be able to showcase my blog readers even better!!

Here are the details people:

We (myself and GenUCAN) want to hear YOUR 'UCAN' moment…Your moment of accomplishment….your moment of fear and breaking free from it….your moment of struggle and pushing past it! Your moment of listening to your gut when it says 'I can finish this and I will finish this!' We want to hear it!

All you have to do is send me your story…It doesn’t have to be crazy long (please no 10 page novels, LOL)…it could be something as simple as a single sentence, just tell me *your* UCAN moment….please email them to: SuziStorm@gmail.com.  You have until midnight of May 17th to submit your stories. 

Myself, along with GenUCAN, will pick the top 5 stories that we find best embody the UCAN spirit. Then we will let you, my readers, decide on the final 3 winners. A gold medal prize, a silver medal prize and a bronze medal prize will be awarded to the top 3. (lots of great UCAN goodies and more, details coming soon)

And because I have asked you to send me your story, I find it only fair to start my Generation UCAN new journey with my 'UCAN' moment….

Read me UCAN moment here!!

I am Suzi Storm and I am Generation UCAN!!


If there was no scale...

Say some weird unexplainable event happened in the world and all the scales…digital or not…EXPLODED!!

There were no more scales for you to step on! Oh, the horror, THE HORROR!

But seriously…What if there were no scales….

How would you know your weight in numbers?

How would you measure your overall fitness?

How would you tell that you maybe had one piece of cake too many?

How would you know when you hit “goal”?

Would you feel comfortable pulling out them short shorts?

Would you even dare to get into a bathing suit?

Would you still sign up for walking/running races or triathlons not knowing your actual weight?

How would you compare your success to others?

Would you be able to stop yourself from eating the entire bag of chips?

Would the definition of ‘being healthy change’ for you?

I feel that these are all valid questions, but they hint at the most important question of all…

How do *you* measure your overall health & fitness??

The scale is a piece of equipment…a tool if you will. Some people chose not to get on it at all (bless your hearts!) for whatever reasons and that suits them. Some people must get on it everyday. Others just get on it once a week, or maybe just once a month. It doesn’t matter how you use this tool, as long as you realize that there are other tools out there, even better ones, to measure your success and over all well being!

When I started Weight Watchers over 2 years ago, I got on just once a week. The closer I got to goal I got on everyday at home, and still do. I see the number fluctuate between 5 lbs on some days…I know the scale is just a TOOL to keep me focused and not go WAY off track, because as a Lifetime member now, weighing in just once a month is not enough for me.

But I use other things to measure my overall health. Such as:

• How my clothes fit & feel on my body

• How much activity I have done that week

• Have I tracked my food at all this week?

• How many “oops” meals did I have?

• Is my face really puffy?

• How do my rings feel on my fingers?

• How is my MENTAL health?

Everyone has their own tips, tricks and techniques. But I sure do hope that everyone knows that true success and true health CANNOT be measured on a scale!! You might weigh 115 lbs but that doesn’t exactly mean your healthy (hello…my teens!) and vice versa.  There are *SO* many factors that play a part to your overall health!!

So if that scale has been pissing you off lately, I encourage you to give it the finger and take a real honest look at the overall picture and really measure your current situation based on ALL the factors…not just a digital one.


I'm going to take a minute here to happily remind everyone about The Oprah Winfrey show (if you click that link you can see a preview of the show!) tomorrow! It's her 100 lbs lost weight loss finale show...the one that I was lucky enough to be asked to be a part of  :) 
It airs on ABC at 4:00 Eastern Standard Time (Im sorry...I dont know the other times).  I hope everyone gets a chance to check it out & I hope I dont look like an uber goob for the hot couple seconds I'll be on there LOL.

To all my cuddle bears...


All of you have changed my life forever…

You made me cry. You made me laugh. You made me smile brighter at times than maybe I ever have before.

You made me want to become a better person….and you *made* me a better person in many ways.

You showed me that I am on the right path in life, and I am forever grateful and comforted in knowing that you are all on the same path beside me.

Your energy and your spirit awakened my own.

Each and every one of you brought out something great inside of me. The one on one talks, the group conversations, the round table discussions…they all made me grow as a person and really examine myself.

So thank you…thanks to each and every single one of you, because you have forever changed my life. I couldn’t be happier or feel more blessed to be given the opportunity in getting to know all of you.

Thank you for opening up and letting me into your life. Thank you for sharing your stories. Thank you for being honest. Thank you for being *YOU*!!!!

There have been a few moments these past couple days back at home where I have felt sad and dare I even say a little empty. As corny as it may sound, I miss you all like WHOA!! I woke up Sunday morning looking for all of you at breakfast time (and I'm still waiting for the chefs to arrive to cook up those WW recipes...what the hell is taking them so long??).

But I know this is *NOT* the end of our journey together and that is what is helping to keep the sadness at bay. You have all become my friends…the kind of friends that you want in your life daily and want to share stories with and care about how their day is going. Many of us have connected to Facebook and some of us have even talked about meeting up again. Saturday, April 30th was not the last goodbye...it was the next step in us continuing to build a strong foundation together.

All 23 of us have built such a powerful force and we are all going to make *amazing* leaders and help to continue the strong growth and continued success of Weight Watchers!!

You are all my cuddle-bears….my one and only cuddle-bears!! I truly love each and every one of you!!

My only other question for all of you would be….
What would you like to have happen?? ;)

(Everybody, I promise to have recaps and pictures from Chicago & Boston up shortly...along with some other exciting news!)
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