This post is kind of a stem off of my Weight Watcher meeting this past week, but instead of focusing on yo-yo dieting I want to focus on reflection.

I don’t know about you, but I reflect on stuff *all* the time.  It’s not always good either.  Sometimes reflecting back on things can only mess with our heads and bring us down.  But over the past year I’ve tried to turn “reflection” into a positive force…especially when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.

Lets take for example, my quest to go 7 days sober.  Today is day #5 and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t come with some challenges.  But I’ve faced them and I didn’t give in.  One of the reasons why is because of this whole reflection technique I started….what??  I didn’t start this technique??…..whatever!

When the cravings get real bad, I start to think about how I felt last Tuesday (the last day I had a drink).  I felt awful.  While I wasn’t shit face drunk or anything, I felt out of control because I hadn't stopped at 2 beers like I told myself, and that lead to other chain reactions…chips, cheese, and so on.  I reflect back on how I felt the next morning…defeated, sluggish, and heavy.

Then I think about how I feel now…..strong, amazing, awake, beautiful!! Now, all the credit doesn’t just go to being sober, a lot of it has to do with the food I’ve been putting into my body, tracking that food and the awesome workouts I’ve done.  But all of those things feed off of each other so it’s pretty much a whole package. 

So one might say…why wouldn’t you just give up beer all together??  And well, I thought about that and then I….you know what I’m gonna say huh….RELFECTED!


I thought back to months ago when I was only drinking on the weekends, with an occasional beer during the week here and there.  I felt pretty much the same way I feel right now.  I had control then.  I focused on *my* feelings more.  This is something I had kind of let slip by the wayside lately, and I think many of us do. 

Sometimes on the journey, whether we are losing weight or maintaining weight, we feel like we got it all figured out.  Of course, we never admit that and subconsciously I don’t think we really think that, but its how our brain starts to perceive things.  Slowly but surely we stop paying attention to how WE feel again and we start to put ourselves on a lower shelf.  I don’t know about you guys, but I deserve to be no where's but on the top shelf!  I’m the most expensive shot in the bar!

Capture a moment when you feel bad and when you feel good and put them in a special place in your mind where you can refer to them.  Sometimes these things can be pictures, like a picture of you at your “happy” weight or if you are like me, it’s a picture of my before weight.  Just looking at that picture brings me pain, because I know how lost and depressed I felt.  I reflect on that picture to remind myself to never give up and to never stop trying to give myself the best.         

When you are feeling out of control…reflect.  When you want to go back for that second helping…reflect.  When you want to skip out of your workout…reflect.  When you feel like giving up…reflect.

As it says in one of this weeks pamphlets…Your past is a great teacher.

OK, just one more…Diet Ginger Ale??

:/ Yeah, soooooo…if you follow me on Twitter you know that I did something pretty extraordinary this past weekend. I was planning on posting it in an accomplishments post but putting it out there now for a special reason…
I went this past Friday AND Saturday with NO beer!!!! You heard that right folks….not a drop or even a sip off of Frankie’s. And that was even DURING a basketball game!!!! HOLLA!!

Sunday morning, I just couldn’t believe it. 2 whole days…on the WEEKEND…with no beer. That’s the first weekend in years that I can remember not having a beer or any alcohol at all. Now I wont go ahead and say that I felt like a whole new person or anything, because it’s not like I wake up with a hangover every morning (again…I’m not a drink to get drunk kind of gal). But I will say that I certainly did have a little extra pep in my step!

Midday on Sunday I decided I felt like I was back in control, so I went to Wegman’s and built myself my fancy little craft beer 6 pack. I was a good girl and had 3 of them that day…all tracked! Then on Monday, I had the other 3…all tracked!

Then Tuesday happened….day started out with a crazy migraine that got me worried and scared. I started to feel better as the day went on but I figured a beer or two might help so I went to Wegman’s and built my 6 pack again (the theme this time was Pale Ale). I figured I would have 2 of them….

The 6 pack is gone, along with 3 or 4 of Frankie’s Coors Lights. I lost control. Again.

The bright side of this is that I tracked them all still. I even tracked the Sour Cream & Onion lays I ate & and the cheese and crackers I inhaled as well. Ugh. Not cool people, NOT cool.

So how do I move forward?? How do I break free of this habit I’ve gotten myself back into….

I’m going beer free for 7 days!!

That’s right folks…I am giving up beer and alcohol of any kind for the next 7 days. And since I set a week goal for myself I am going to jump on the awesome #7DayChip bandwagon to help keep me focused and get added support.

It definitely won’t be easy. Especially with Frankie drinking every night (he’s an 8-12 a night kinda guy) and no, he wouldn’t stop drinking with me nor would I want him to. But I’m a strong chick and I know I can do this! I *need* to do this. It has nothing to do with the scale or weight watchers. It has to do with control and wanting to take it back for myself.

As I stated before…I’m a lady who loves her beer and I would never want to give it up completely and that certainly not my goal here. I think giving myself a 7 day cleanse will be great for my body and my mind. And I can only imagine how great that first beer 7 days from now is going to taste.

No need to worry...I wont be changing the name of my blog. ;)

(oh and I promise to stop posting about beer and get some other topics posted...been posting on a whim lately)

Is Social Media always kind to us?


Twitter, Facebook, Dailymile, Tumblr, Flickr, Blogspot, Wordpress, .com, message boards…social media people.


I grew up in the age of computers.  We 3rd graders were the ones who they “tested” on to see if those gigantic humming boxes would really help us in our education.  I don’t know what computer really helped me with from grades 3-5, other than my kick ass Oregon Trail scores!  But it certainly helped me as I got older.  I had an AOL account in 7th grade and soon enough I would be chatting away in chat rooms (remember those?) and have a fancy AIM account.  I was DA BOMB!  I had “friends” all over the country.  Can you say NERD!?!?

So fast forward many years to 2011….social media is at its highest peak ever today.  Everybody who is somebody has a Facebook account (except for me!)…even major corporations use these tools to help promote their business and guess what…IT WORKS!

Blogs have taken over the world.  There is a blog community for EVERYTHING….just like the “healthy living” community,

I guess you could say that I am part of that.  I mean, the point of my blog is to try and inspire people to lead a healthy lifestyle, but I sometimes wonder…

Is social media always a good thing??

There are some amazing sites out there that help to inspire people on a daily basis, like Operation Beautiful or the great site based towards kick ass females LivLuna (I recently became a member!).  These sites really focus on the positive.

Now I’m not saying that blogs and such don’t, because most of them do, but let me ask you this question….

Have you had a really bad couple of days, or even weeks and you log onto Twitter or onto your favorite blog site and see them posting about “omg what an amazing workout!” or “omg what a healthy lunch I just had” and thought to yourself “fuck you!”??  No….that’s just me??  Oh well.


Of course, these people are NOT trying to make you feel guilty…they deserve every right to brag on about how well they are succeeding, but sometimes on a bad day you just don’t want to see that stuff (maybe these are good “unplugged” days people, that’s what I have learned). 

I see more and more bloggers comparing themselves to other bloggers.  If you take a step back and really examine some people you can see it.  They count each and every follower they have…who follows or unfollows them on Twitter…who replies back to them and who doesn’t….its kind of crazy.  You can sense their negativity and they almost try to guilt trip you for not being on the same path they are on at that time.  Its sad to see.

Do you ever find yourself not giving yourself the proper high five you deserve because you see @someone ran further than you or lost more than you??  Everybody who is on a journey to better themselves earn the same amount of HELL YEAH’s in my book!

I think its extremely important for people to really ask themselves why these use all of these social media outlets.  Are you looking to get and GIVE inspiration and motivation to other??  Or are you looking to win a popularity contest??  Some of my favorite bloggers are those with only 20-40 followers but yet they post the most amazing pieces and I just love them to death.  Then of course there the big ones I love like *BitchCakes*, Jack Sh*t Gettin' Fit, and Skinny Runner.   Every blogger has something to give and something to receive and the ones that keep an open mind and know that “online life” is not “real life” are the ones who truly inspire me.

Is Social Media always a good thing??  No, unfortunately its not.  It can make us feel pretty shitty sometimes.  But it can also make us feel pretty fucking awesome A LOT of the time!!  Joining Twitter (I had a lot of hesitation) and starting a blog are two of the key parts in helping me succeed on my journey.  The love and support I get (and hopefully give) to everyone is just simply amazing and I have made some real, true friends a long the way. 

If you find social media to put a negative impact on your life most of the time, stop using it!  Make your account private or take a break.  Stop caring about who follows you or how many people don’t follow your blog.  USE SOCIAL MEDIA FOR YOUR OWN DESIRES, NOT THE DESIRE OF OTHERS!

OK, that’s my rant for today people.  Sorry its not health-related but I just had to get it out there.  I am curious on your opinions and your thoughts….

How Suzi got her groove back...

Many of you guys are going to read this and say “what the hell?! Is she manic depressive or what?!”…in some ways you are correct, in other ways, this is just showing you what the power of being honest & open about yourself and your struggles can do!

After my post about being a bit lazy with activity over this past winter, I was really motivated to get back out there and get my sweat on! This may sound dorky, but sometimes I go back to my posts a day or two later and read them (this is when I proof read them, AFTER they are posted, cause I’m a moron and have no patience to do it beforehand) and then read the wonderful comments you all leave me. Well that post kicked my butt….

I went and signed up for a gym membership!! That’s right folks….101 lbs lost and a ½ marathon later and I am now a proud member of Gold’s Gym. :)

Sorry...I just couldn't help myself. I felt this picture needed to be here.
So far I’ve taken a Yoga class and a class called GroupCentergy which is a combination of Pilates/yoga. I used to take yoga classes in college and continued at home for awhile, but the past few years I had lost connection with it. It feels *amazing* to be back. My plan is to get to each of these classes once a week. And of course, to get to their Zumba classes!

Somehow or another I’ve even managed to get up at 6 am twice and go get a workout in before work. HOLLA! I usually do the stationary bike and some weights.

One thing I have found difficult doing at the gym…running. Huh?? Go figure…I can run for hours on my treadmill at home. I keep amazing focus and stay motivated. At the gym, I’m ready to call it quits after 10 minutes, which really feels like an hour. What the hell is that all about?? Thankfully, the weather is starting to warm up & Spring is on its way, so that means I’ll be doing as Michael McDonald says and taking it to the streets!

And as you can see by the fancy little widget on the right hand side of this here blog, I (finally) joined Dailymile!  It's pretty freakin' sweet if I do say so myself. I can always let you peeps know when I be working on my fitness (what other lines or quotes can I steal?? Hmmmm)

But Suzi, what about all this talk of you getting your drinky-drink on too much??

I’ve cut back down to a more “normal” amount. I cut out the craft beer 6 packs and have stuck to only my Bud 55’s (and no, I haven’t been drinking 15 of them…only about 6 ;). I’ve actually been contemplating cutting out the Bud 55’s and building a 6 pack to last me THE WEEK (by week I mean Monday-Friday, haha). Can it be done?!?!

I can’t thank you guys enough for all the wonderful comments and support. You have no idea how happy it made me to see so much support and to know that I’m not alone. I think sometimes it’s hard for us to talk about excessive drinking or eating because so many people look at you like you’re an “addict with a problem!”…well duh it’s a problem, but not one that needs a rehab vacation and 12 steps*.

I’m not being perfect (damn you Sour Cream & Onion Pringles!) and I’m not back to being “Sunshine Suzi” (was I ever?) 100% of the time, but I am getting back to feeling like myself and am being much more mindful of my choices! Which of course makes me feel better about everything in general!

With that said…we have the darts banquet tonight, so I will probably *not* be mindful of my drinking, but this one of those times where that is socially acceptable. ;)

*Please note, that if you do have a drinking (or any addictive related) problem that I strongly encourage you to seek professional help. There is no shame in seeking help for where it is needed…it can only make you a stronger, better person!

I walk the line


I know that every time I mention beer on this here blog or on Twitter people are always surprised.  I guess because I try to keep my love for beer a secret. :/

Yeah, yeah, yeah Suzi, you’ve done this lame joke before.  Get to the point…

I take a lot of pride in who I am.  I like to think that I am honest and don’t shy away from being myself. 

I’m 5 foot 9, covered in tattoos, have pitch black hair and prefer silver over gold.  My favorite color is red and I wear high heels 99% of the time.  I adore Martha Stewart and things that are too cute make cry….these are just a few of the trivial facts that make up the wonderful me.     

I’m a girl who drinks a lot of beer and is not afraid to admit it.  Not a lot of women like to say that they drink beer on a regular basis.  I’m not sure why really, but I’m guessing maybe because it’s considered more of a “manly sport”.  Pssssshh.  Honey, I need two hands to count how many men I know that I can out drink!!

Also, it’s not very common for a woman who is on Weight Watchers to admit that she’s a beer drinker.  I’m not saying that I’m special or in a league of mine own here because through online I’ve met some amazing ladies who love themselves some beer and some WW, but you just don’t hear a whole lot about women who drink beer regularly and follow the plan. 


But to be honest, Weight Watchers is one of the reasons *why* I talk so much about my love for beer.  I’ve said it before and I will say it again and again and again…Weight Watchers is not just about losing weight!

I come from a family of alcoholism.  My father was, his father was, my mothers grandparents were, the list goes on and on and on.  I certainly have “addictive” tendencies and I most certainly have a very deep, dark past dealing with mental instability.  So of course, I’ve always tried to monitor my alcohol habits.        

I drink beer everyday.  Does this make me an alcoholic?  Maybe, but not in my eyes or to the people who are around me.  I don’t get drunk every day (rarely ever to be quite honest) and I don’t drink until I pass out.  I come home from work, I go running and then I relax with my man and throw a few beers back.  That’s what I do *NOW*.

Before joining Weight Watchers though, I can say that I was walking the line to alcoholism.  I was drinking beer, after beer, after beer, trying to drink enough to where I didn’t have to think about my troubles, or my weight.  I was drinking to wipe away my aches and pains and that my friends, is alcoholism. 

When I first started WW, I started to wonder how I was going to give up beer because I do *love* beer.  I was wondering how the hell I was going to come home after a long day of work and unwind.  But then I slowly learned….I didn’t have to give up beer!  The beer wasn’t the problem, the way and the reason I was drinking it was!

I had to use that clever ole’ WW tool of ‘Reframing’.  I had to sit back and ask myself “why am I throwing back 15 Coors Light’s a night?”  Yes folks, at minimum, the average were 15 per night.  That’s not healthy to do on an every day basis.  I had to reframe my mind to know that drinking like that was not going to solve any of my problems, nor was it going to help me lose the weight!  

As I went further and further into the program, my habits changed a long the ways.  I went from cutting back slightly, to only drinking on Friday and Saturday nights.  I found a happy medium between being a weekend warrior and allowing myself a couple on the week nights.  I reframed my mind back to a healthy place, a place where it should be…that I simply love the taste of beer, and as long as I’m drinking it because I want to enjoy the beer, then that is ok.  And if I’m drinking the beer for any other reason, then that is an unhealthy move on my part & I need to stop and take a look at my actions.

And that is what helped me to lose 101 lbs while drinking beer.

Weight Watchers saved me not only from being obese for the rest of my life, but also from becoming an alcoholic.

But I’m falling into scary territory again folks.  My weekly beer count is increasing and increasing and as the night grows olds I start to question why I have that beer in my hand.  And that is one of the triggers that Weight Watchers taught me to look out for.  I started adding craft beers into my mix a few months ago, so now I’m drinking a couple of those ALONG with my Bud 55’s. 


I need to step back and reframe my mind.  I need to ask *why* my drinking has picked up a bit.  Am I stressed? Am I upset?  Eh…I certainly have had a lot going on recently so maybe I’ve just been trying to unwind from all of that.  Either way, I know it needs to be stopped and I know what I need to do.  Weight Watchers has given me all the tools I need to know what right choices I need to make.  Now I just need to make them.

Don’t worry, I’m not giving up beer or anything insane like that!!  (PHEW Suzi!)  But I definitely need to cut it back down. Being a beer drinker/lover is part of who I am, and I would never want to change that.  Maybe I’ll try going a few days without it to focus on getting my mind set in the right direction, I don’t know. Sometimes that can backfire, but we’ll see.  All I know is that I’m making a plan to get back to where I was, because my mind and body deserve much better.

Sometimes we need to just stop and be 100% honest with ourselves and really look at our actions and why we are performing them.  Only then can truly learn from our slipups.

Awareness in everything you do is the most important key in giving yourself the happiest and healthiest life you want to lead.  Feel no guilt or shame in what you do, but just be sure you know why you are doing those things.   

Lazy is what lazy does…


(Thank you for all the kind comments about my NYC trip.  I really had an amazing time and I can’t wait for everyone to see the final product (of myself to see it for that matter)!  Please make sure to head over to Sheryl’s blog to read her recap with a few more pictures as well!)

How was everyone’s weekend??  On Saturday we actually had semi-decent weather.  And by semi-decent I mean not in the 10-20 degree region with snow.  Instead it was in the 40’s with some light to moderate rain with wind. 

So with weather like that, I was determined to get outside for a run…and that is just what I did J.  It was my first run outdoors since the beginning of the year.  Last year I got out in the snow and freezing cold quite a bit, and even did a bunch of races.  However this year, my running shoes barely touched the snow.  The reasons for that I will get into in a bit here.

The run felt pretty fantastic!  My ankle held up pretty well until about mile 3, but I pushed through to finish a total of 5 miles is 48:30. I wasn’t trying to go fast really and the conditions made it a bit hard.  There was a lot of snow, mud, wind and ice in some spots.  The rain wasn’t too unpleasant and was actually a bit refreshing at one point.  A little drizzle never hurt anybody!!  I came home from the run with mud covered sneakers and clothes (I didn’t get to take a picture L I was a little rushed for time). 

I felt HARDCORE again! I felt like a RUNNER again! I felt like MYSELF again!

It still never seizes to amaze me how much physical activity can become an essential part of “us”.  I didn’t start running to just help me lose weight and I didn’t start running to just help me clear my mind…I started running to help me do BOTH of those things and then some.  And over time, running just became a part of the “new” me. 

It’s what I do now when I want a good workout, when I want to burn off a “bad” meal, when I want to prepare for a “bad” meal, when I’m feeling bored, when I’m feeling restless, when I’m feeling happy, when I want to feel strong.  I run because I *want* to run and just like how Weight Watchers has become a big part of who I am today, so has running.

So with that said how is it so easy for me to let running slip by the way side this winter?? 

Now technically, I didn’t stop running this winter.  I wouldn’t even say that I ran less.  But I did run with less mojo. 

I hate running in the cold.  Anything below 30 (hell, 40!) is like torture to me.  The more weight I’ve lost the colder I am all the time (I have a whole other blog post drafted about this subject!) and the last thing I want to do is go outside and run in the freezing ass cold surrounded by 167 inches (no lie!) of snow.  That does NOT sound like my idea of a fun time. 
But I did it last year…I ran the majority of my 5K races in the snow, wind and freezing cold.  Why was it doable last winter, but not this winter??  Was the season really *that* much worse??  Or was it just an excuse I used to hop on the treadmill and not face the elements.  What is an excuse I made to not push myself any further??

And this is really the question I’m asking here…When are we being “safe” with our physical activity and when are we being just plain lazy?!?!

I’ve stopped pushing myself the past few months, and maybe it did have a lot to do with the weather, but maybe it also had to do with the fact that I let the snow and tiny little injuries become excuses.  As I said, I didn’t stop running at all, but I stopped challenging myself and my body.  I stopped trying to beat my fastest pace.  I stopped trying to further my distances.  I just got on the treadmill, ran my 3-6 miles and then went about the rest of my day.  I didn’t bother to sign up for a single race and the last race I did do was on Halloween and that race was awful! 

When you come to the point in your journey where you are no longer losing weight (or have accomplished any big goal in life), you often ask yourself “what now?”…what accomplishments and challenges do I have to look forward to (other than maintaining your new body of course!)?  And I think I kind of let the ½ marathon I’m signed up for in May and the Full marathon in October become my “crutches”.  I let myself get lazy because I already had those goals lined up for the future, and I guess subconsciously I just wanted to screw around for awhile.

Yes, I’ve had an ankle injury lately and that has really deterred my running in the past month, so I will cut myself some slack there.  But that doesn’t excuse the 2-3 months prior to that.

As the beautiful and ever so wise Melanie said to me recently, “the only way we can ever learn what we're capable of is if we push our limits” and that statement could really not be any truer!

So I’m reclaiming my running mojo!  Injuries be damned (though of course, I will still be safe and pay attention to my body to not further injure myself and have to sit out completely) and weather be warned…I’m sick of not pushing myself and not challenging my body.  I think a lot of my injuries were due to my sneakers and the desperate need for new ones.  So….I went and got new sneakers!!


I will be running in Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11’s, as suggested by not only Melanie but the wonderful girl at Fleet Feet who also recommended them for my running style. I tested them out on their track and they felt like little pillows of heaven on my feet.  I just hope they feel as good out on the road and after a few miles. 

I also decided to officially add the Utica Boilermaker (I will be doing the 15K)  into my race schedule and am on the hunt to find another race soon in my area.  I might have a few other “challenges” up my sleeve too ;)

When you find yourself in a rut, whether it’s with exercise (of any kind!) or with food, really to ask yourself how you got there and why you’re still there.  Sometimes when we think we are being safe or cautious or even right on track, when we are in fact really just being lazy, and that my friends can only be tolerated for so long.  Eventually your laziness will catch up with you and you will find no more excuses.

What did you get lazy with this winter?     

And I want to leave you with this….for those of you who follow me on Twitter, you probably saying that one of my goals for NYC was to meet Jay-Z and have my picture taken with him….well I forgot to include this picture on my recap post so here you go Winking smile….


Falling in Times Square


Hi everybody!!!! I’m baaaaaaaack!!

NYC was such an experience.  The city is beautiful!  Absolutely gorgeous and stunning.  At times it felt familiar (I’ve been to Philadelphia and Boston before) but most of the time it took my breath away.  To be completely honest, it was a bit overwhelming at times.  I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that this was my very first trip I’ve ever taken by myself and my first time away from Frank.  Also, I’m not one for being out of her element and feeling like I’ve lost control and this trip made me feel like that.  Not knowing where I was going or how I was going to get where I needed to go freaked me out and left me frazzled. 

BUT….I couldn’t be more grateful for the entire experience.  It truly was amazing.

Especially the photo shoot for Weight Watchers!!  I know that a lot of you were looking for tweets and pics, but I really want to keep as much detail as possible a secret until the final product is put out.  I will tell you that it was the experience of a lifetime.  Everyone at the shoot was *SUPER* nice and made the whole day easy going, fun and relaxed.  I felt like such a rockstar….they even called me that sometimes while picking out my outfits…”oh you are so rock and roll”.  HAHA!  Many of them actually said to me that I should have been a model and that I should try to model more.  I think at the age of 27 my options are limited now unfortunately, LOL. 

As many of you already know, the ever so fabulous Sheryl aka *BitchCakes* was at the photo shoot as well!!  Funny part is, Sheryl and I have been talking online for over a year.  It has been amazing getting to know her and just last summer we spoke about me taking a trip to NYC to come visit her, but unfortunately due to my lack of money I couldn’t afford the trip.  But being able to meet under these circumstances I think made the experience that much better!  Having her there was a godsend and really helped to keep me relaxed and not let my nerves get the best of me.  I can’t tell you how happy I was so be able to share this experience with her.  The two of us truly are AWESOME!  I miss her dearly already. 


And yes, I hate putting myself into that stereotype, but in this case I’m proud….we are fabulous women with tattoos, dark hair and a style that’s outside the box and I’m happy that Weight Watchers wants to show that young women (shut up Sheryl, you’re young!) do Weight Watchers and are successful on it too!  This is one of the main reasons why I have chosen to become a Leader for them.

As of right now I believe they will be featuring me online.  We did a photo shoot with a couple of different outfits and a video interview. Of course, when I get more information I will share!

Now can we get to some photos….

My very first plane ride….EVER…happened on one of those small planes that holds like 25 people and has the loud propellers…yeah awesome!  I did get some cool photos though….


I stayed at the Marcel at Gramercy and it was *gorgeous*!!  So hip and retro.  I adored it…(and a “intimacy kit” only cost $20 and roasted almonds a mere $8. HA!)


At Otto’s with Jenn…seriously the best lunch ever! Restaurant is co-owned by Mario Batali.  I paid $11 for 3 tiny pieces of cheese and it was worth every cent! 


Some street shots from the day…


He was drawing that with SAND!!


The beer hot chocolate tasted like ass…for the record.DSC00245

That photo above is by far my favorite, and few people know why.  I took this photo the day before my WW photo shoot…not knowing that I was standing right infront of where I would be shooting the following day.  I was waiting there for something and the structure just caught my eye and I took a picture.  The next day, I would see it at dusk, almost at eye level, while doing my photo shoot.

Now pics of me and Sheryl and the gang!! (Thank you *SO* much again to Melanie, Kitty and Jenn…meeting you was amazing and definitely a major highlight of the trip!)


Sheryl and I in front of Nike Town!!!!  Her first words to me were….”OMG look at your long legs. You have legs for days! I hate you!”.  I love her!

DSC00253DSC00254That’s my first Taxi ride people!DSC00256My very first beer in NYC! (For my beer buddies, it was a Brooklyn Lager.  I did not have a *single* light beer in NYC…but far too many regular beers)


The gang!!  Seriously, some of the best ladies ever.  I really wish they were in my life on a regular basis…besides Twitter, LOL.  If you think they are beautiful online, you have *NO* idea how gorgeous they are in real life.  Seriously.  (Also…I feel like an amazon woman LOL. I’m 5’9 and I barely ever wear flats so I usually have another 4 inches added on top of that…ladies, you have great roots Winking smile)

Friday night Sheryl and I went out to celebrate the Weight Watcher photo shoot together.  A time I will *never* forget…

DSC00268The Empire St. Bldg at night…she is so pretty.

DSC00269Sheryl and I call this photo the “Hey pretty lady….that’s a nice pink bonnet you have….would you like a piece of candy?”

DSC00270DSC00271DSC00272She took me to Brooklyn…WhAt WHaT!  We went to Matchless where I had an amazing burger and even MORE amazing fries!!  And of course…BEER!! 

Then we went to Barcade…a place with craft beers ON TAP and 80’s video games….my life was complete…


DSC00276You can’t OUT RUN meDSC00278DSC00279DSC00280PaperBoy SUCKS!!

DSC00281Can you say HELLO BARBIE CIRCA 1950!!!!

DSC00282I present to you….THE QUEEN OF GLAGA!!

DSC00284I couldn’t help but take this picture…the bitch has ass for days.  We called ourselves ‘T.N.A’ for the night ;)


Later that night I went after I got dropped off (another taxi ride!) I went to a bar around the corner from my hotel.  I met a few cool guys and had some nice conversation.  One guy talked to me on and on about Weight Watchers and his wife and how excited he was to tell her about my photo shoot.  Another very nice gentleman got a little flirty with me, and while I had to turn him down, he did make me feel like I still “had it”, even if I cant “give it” (I don’t stray!  I love my Frankie!), haha. Ladies…watch out for the men in NYC cause some of them are on FIRE!! Winking smile

Saturday….with my best hangover, Sheryl and I went to Times Square (on a mission to find some of the products they used on us the day before at the shoot)….

DSC00298DSC00299Somewhere in this general area I took a HUGE spill in the middle of Times Square…Yup, that’s right.  I didn’t just fall, I FLEW across the street.  My Starbucks went spilling all over the place.  It was fun.  I banged up my knee and cut the palm of my hand.  How Sheryl managed not to laugh is beyond me.  I almost pissed my pants I thought it was so funny.

DSC00300DSC00302DSC00304DSC00306DSC00308DSC00310DSC00311DSC00315DSC00316Wonder Woman at the MAC Cosmetic Store! HELL YEAH!

DSC00317Then it was time for me to be on my way.  And while I had an amazing time and so many great memories, I was ready to get home and get back to my routine.  I missed my Frankie, my cats, and my home.  I missed my normal clothes and shoes and all that silly nonsense.

Baby…I’m coming home…(in a real size plane this time!)

DSC00323DSC00326DSC00327Good bye NYC!  It was an experience I will never forget and will forever cherish. 

I cannot tell you how much I can’t wait to see the final product from the Weight Watchers shoot. I cant thank all of you enough again for all your support and love.  I’m so happy to share this journey with you. And I cant think all the kind people at Weight Watchers (The Mary’s, Amit, Robert, Tanya, and everyone else whose names I forgot cause I’m awful remembering names…)  I only hope I can keep representing for Weight Watchers!  I feel so honored.  And tired still, so off to bed I go….  


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