Thinking outside the “box”


So as I stated in the last joke of a blog post…I have been suffering a severe case of writers block this week.  I just couldn’t seem to get the words I wanted to say to fit together.  I would sit here and think about what I wanted to write about and I got a whole lot of dead space in my head (more so than usual!). 

Well I am happy to say that inspiration came to me today!!  So thank you all for being so very patient with me.  Hopefully you are all still reading :-)

The weather here in Syracuse was fairly descent today.  No snow, a few glimpses of sunshine & the temperature was about 35 degrees.  Not too shabby for the end of February, right after a snow storm!  I’ve been wanting to re-calibrate my Nike+ sensor & try out the new GPS running app I downloaded on my phone.  I’m happy to say that the Nike+ is now only a few steps off (before it was a little less than a 1/4 mile off maybe) & the app works GREAT!  100% accurate as far as distance goes, but my pace showed a bit slower. 

Anyways…my run was very nice.  My muscles were very stiff though from yesterdays 6+ mile run and I just couldn't seem to loosen up.  I’m sure the fact that it is still pretty darn cold out & running next to a giant lake had something to do with that too.  After my run was finished and I was cooling down, I made this little fella:


Isn’t he a cutie!  I’m sorry to say that his time on this earth is probably being spent as a puddle of water now. 

After my fun at the park it was time for me to grocery shopping.  I didn't need to pick up a lot of things really, just a few of my staples.  But lately I have had a hard time getting “excited” about the food I find.  It just seems to be all the same old boring crap!  Obviously if you aren’t happy with the food you are eating, you wont feel very satisfied.  And that can be dangerous all around!

Well I’ve been trying to pick up a few new things here and there.  And I’ve decided to document them here for you so maybe they will inspire *you* to try something new and exciting!!  And hopefully you guys can give me some suggestions!!

foodblog 001

It took me FOREVER to finally try an Amy’s organic product!  I have always heard great things about this line from WW followers for years.  This burrito is AWESOME!  It’s only 6 pts and is very filling and cheesy and just yummy all over!

foodblog 003 

I am a ranch-a-holic!  I use light ranch for everything!  First of all it took me *YEARS* to even switch to light ranch, lol.  I’m the gal who likes a side of ranch with her steak. ;-)  But I have decided to save the ranch for some veggies and try this bad boy out on some salad!  It is only 1 pt for 2 tbsp and it sounds pretty good.  It might take me some time to get used to using a non-creamy salad dressing, but I am willing to give it a try.

foodblog 007

Yay for yummy fruits!!  I got some blackberries to go in my cereal, and some cute little Clementine’s to put some fruit in my fridge. Fruit in CNY this time of year is very hard to come by but I try the best I can.

foodblog 006 

And for when I don't feel like trying too hard, I will have this to run to.  It’s only 1 pt for 1 cup and that gives you a 1/4 cup serving of fruits & vegetables.  It’s funny because I cannot stand the taste of V8, but I tried this stuff once and its not too bad.

foodblog 010

This isn’t really new to me but I wanted to share.  I found this is my local supermarkets organic section and I am in *love* with it.  It is made of pure 100% apples and that is it!  It is barely 1 pt for 1 tbsp, but I only use a teaspoon which is 0 pts.  I didn't know what to do with this when I bought it but I decided to use a little bit on top of my WW bagel & WW cream….it is heavenly!!  I haven’t thought of anything else so if anyone has any idea’s, please let me know!

foodblog 011 

I *finally* found bagel thins!!!!!  I had one today and they are AWESOME!!  Due to there being very little onion and its mostly dried, I was able to get the ‘everything’ kind (for those of you who don’t know, I am allergic to Onion, but I can handle small doses of dried).  These are only 1 pt per bagel!!  The Arnolds sandwich thins I’ve been using forever, but I broke away from my usual multi-grain to try the new honey wheat.  These are also only 1 pt per sandwich.

foodblog 013  

This is another one of those items that I heard about for years but haven’t tried till recently.  It is now one of my staple items.  I use 1 cup of it for 1 pt in morning cereal.  Definitely has a bit more flavor to it than just plain old FF milk. 

foodblog 015

I’ll be honest…I have no freaking clue on what to do with this.  I hear people talking about it and how its healthy and blah blah blah…I found it at my local dollar store and said “hey, why not!”.  Dos anyone have any good idea’s or suggestions as what I can do with this?  It says it’s 3 pts for 1 tbsp. 


Well there you have it!  That’s obviously not everything I bought, but again, it’s the more interesting items that I got.  Hopefully it will keep me excited about what I eat this week!

A 13 year olds survey…


Remember the ridiculously stupid and pointless “about me” survey’s your friend would have you take in grade school??  Well…I am about to do one here, lol.  Someone sent one to me recently in an email, being silly, and I decided that since I am having some major writers block this week that I would do it and post it on here.  So it’s not WW related, but its something light-hearted which is nice sometimes.  Since many of you don’t know much about me really, maybe this will help. Enjoy!

Name: Susan or Sue or Suzi

Birthday:  October 19th

Birthplace: Auburn, NY

Current Location:  Liverpool, NY (a suburb of Syracuse)

Eye Color: Blue-Grey (often referred to as “the oceans”)

Hair Color: Black

Height: 5’9

Right Handed Or Left Handed: Lefty!

Your Heritage: A little bit of everything…but mostly Ukrainian & Irish

The Shoes You Wore Today:  My black heels of course & snow boots

Your Weakness: Beer

Your Fears: Having Fear

Your Perfect Pizza: Um…home-made and healthy with yummy mushrooms!

Goals You Would Like To Achieve This Year: Feeling comfortable in a tank top for summer is my latest goal-crush

Your Most Overused Phrase On An Instant Messenger: Probably ‘LOL’

Thoughts First Waking Up: Can I go back to sleep??

Favorite Band: Tori Amos

Favorite Movie: This is always tricky…I like a lot of stuff. My favs though are anything Audrey Hepburn and old Universal Horror Monster pictures (Frankenstein, The Bride Of Frankenstein, Dracula…)

Favorite Book:  I love to read.  I love the Sookie Stackhouse novels, and a book called ‘The Rapture Of Canan

Your Best Physical Feature:  My eyes & my tits (they don't call me tits McGee for nothing!)

Your Bedtime:  Normally around 11ish I guess. Sometimes a bit later on the weekends

Your Most Missed Memory: Having my beloved baby girl Pele around (my cat that died this past August)

Pepsi Or Coke: Diet Pepsi

McDonalds Or Burger King:  Neither is what I am supposed to say, but I think I would pick McDonalds since they have a pretty darn good 9-point salad there

Single Or Group Dates: I guess single….I don't really do either

Lipton Ice Tea Or Nestea:  Green tea!

Chocolate Or Vanilla: I like organic dark chocolate…but I love the word ‘Vanilla’

Cappuccino Or Coffee: Coffee

Do You Smoke: Not anymore…quit many years ago :-)

Do You Swear:  Like a sailor! You guys have no idea how many times I have to go back and edit out all my f’bombs & such.  It’s fucking frustrating!

Do You Sing:  Yes actually, but not for people.  Haven't since I was little.  I guess that's a ‘fear’ talked about earlier, lol

Do You Shower Daily: I wont lie…if I don't work out and I haven't done much, I might be lazy and skip a day.  Don’t worry…you guys don't have to smell me ;-) 

Have You Been In Love: Yes…been and currently am

Do You Want To Go To College:  Been there, done that.  I have my associates degree in Multimedia Design (yet I'm a customer account representative for a fastener company…hmmm)

Do You Want To Get Married: Not a necessity

Do You Believe In Yourself: I try really hard to and on most days I am successful

Do You Get Motion Sickness: Yes. I also cant read a book or anything while in a vehicle….that sucks

Do You Think You Are Attractive:  Sometimes I think I’m a damn knock-out….Sometimes I don't.

Are You A Health Freak:  Ha-Ha…if you asked me 2 years ago, NO.  Today…pretty much!

Do You Get Along With Your Parents: My father died when I was 10.  My mother and I are very close but also have a very different relationship.

Do You Like Thunderstorms: No…I LOVE thunderstorms

Do You Play An Instrument: The Piano.  I played the violin when I was younger for a tad bit too

In The Past Month Have You Drank Alcohol: Me????  Drink an Alcoholic beverage????? WHAT?!?!  Psssshhhh….NO!!!!  Hang on I’ll be right back…I need to go grab another beer…huh??…oh my bad…I thought you were talking about something else.  Yes, Yes I have drank alcohol in the past month.

In The Past Month Have You Smoked: Nope

In The Past Month Have You Been On Drugs:  The drug of life baby!!  Ha-ha….only my asthma meds…I live a crazy and dangerous life! Watch out!

In The Past Month Have You Gone On A Date: Does with my boyfriend count in this question?  I guess Valentines Day would be considered a date right?

In The Past Month Have You Gone To The Mall: Unfortunately yes, to look for shoes & a bra for the big v-day event

In The Past Month Have You Eaten A Box Of Oreos: Do Oreos even come in a box??  I haven't had an Oreo in so long that I cant even remember.  Damn it…now I want an Oreo! Thanks a lot stupid survey!

In The Past Month Have You Eaten Sushi: No. I used to like sushi, but after I went through some medical issues I ended up not liking it anymore….strange. 

In The Past Month Have You Been On Stage: No….and this is the stupidest question so far

In The Past Month Have You Been Dumped: My cat shunned me the other day when I tried to hug her….bitch!

In The Past Month Have You Gone Skinny Dipping:  It’s been like 20 degrees out!!!! Are you people nuts!

In The Past Month Have You Stolen Anything:  I think I took a pen from work…I told you people…gangsta!

Ever Been Drunk:  Jesus, you guys really don't know me huh?

Ever Been Called A Tease: Jokingly yes.  But I don't play around…believe me, you know what's what and how its going to go down

Ever Been Beaten Up: Nope. I do the kicking of the asses and taking of the names

How Do You Want To Die: Who answers this question any other way than “naturally” or “in my sleep”?  Who the hell says “I want to be tortured and tied to a telephone poll” or “shot into the ocean and eaten alive by sharks”?? 

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up:  “When I grow up, I want to be famous, I want to see the world, I want to be in movies, When I grow up, I want to be a star, drive nice cars, I want to have groupies”….oops sorry.  (that's right, I just sang some PCD on my blog…don’t hate!)

What Country Would You Most Like To Visit: Russia


Seriously….that is the question it ends with??  Weirdo's!!

Any who…This got me out of the rut I was feeling.  Hopefully I can come back this weekend with a more stellar blog post.

Pick a question and leave your answer if you’d like!!  I’d love to hear some of them.

A nice long, slow run…

Yesterday I made a huge accomplishment in my running.  I ran my longest distance to date, 7.82 miles!
2-20-10 run
That’s just crazy!  All week I have been talking about how Saturday or Sunday I wanted to do a long run, and I can’t believe I actually did it.

A few people have asked me how I did it…how I didn’t give up or let my mind get the best of me.  Mind games…a close friend of mine.  I would say that probably 95% of the time, I stop running because my *mind* stops running.  It’s not very frequent that I stop because my body is feeling pain or like it’s had enough.  I often start thinking about what time is it (I have to run in the evening a lot due to me working 8-4:30 Mon-Fri), what I have to get done that night, “oh I think I just felt a pain”, “oh I’m tired”, “oh I don’t want to over due it” (ok, that is a serious thought, but sometimes can be a lazy one).  It’s all of these thoughts that usually stop me from pushing myself. 

During the weekdays I normally try to get in at least 3 miles.  Sometimes I can shut up my mind and push myself to 4 or 5, but I’m usually set on 3.  I find that sometimes when I "*set* myself to miles though, I tend to dwell on them too much.  My focus turns away from my running and the joy of my body in movement, and goes towards “ok how many more miles till I am done?”.  When I first began running I started following the C25K program (couch to 5K, for those who don’t know).  It is a GREAT program and I would recommend it highly, but for me, it just didn't work.  I hated the thought of having to follow all these strict times of when I could run, when I could walk and so on.  I often get bored and tired with these kind of plans.  Even now, I’m in training for my 1/2 marathon coming up this September, but it’s *my* program.  I’m trying to log so many miles per week, but I am not forcing myself to do any certain amount any certain day.  This is just what works for me.

So how did I manage to push myself to run almost 8 miles yesterday? (I probably could have gone the full 8, but my body was telling me it was time to stop. I was trying to be smart and not injure myself)
I didn’t have any expectations going into this run.  Like I said earlier, I had talked all week about getting a long run in, but when Saturday came, I just wanted to run.  I didn't care for how long, or how many miles, I just wanted to run and be able to say that I got a good workout in.  When I started I thought to myself “ok, I did a 5K last Saturday, so I have to do that at least”, then it became watching the time on the clock…”oh ok, I will run to 12:40 and check my miles”…”oh, 4.50 miles, well lets see where 1:00 gets me to”…”6.50 miles! WOW…longest yet, well lets just round this baby up to 1:30”.  Ok so those are not the exact times and miles, but it was around there…you get my point.

I think that by not having such a strict laid out plan, I was able to just enjoy running.  I was able to focus my thoughts on day dreaming and enjoy the feeling of my body in movement.  Have you ever really paid attention to the way your body feels when its running??  The feeling of your arms swinging and your legs moving one after another…it’s quite a remarkable experience.

I can’t say that this method works all the time.  Tomorrow when I go to run I will probably be forcing myself to get to the 3 mile mark and will be happy when its over!  But its runs like the one yesterday that teach us more and more about what we need to do to keep moving forward and to keep up the continued success.  We learn a little bit more about what it takes in us to have us keep going.  Also, it provides a tremendous amount of self confidence.  Knowing that I had the strength and determination just goes to prove that I really can push myself.  We far too often do not give ourselves the credit we deserve. 
I am taking *all* the credit for my run yesterday!

I also want to thank the fabulous Sheryl over at *Bitch Cakes* for the very sweet shout-out.  I can’t believe that I got to inspire *her* for once!  She always makes me want to try harder and stay on the right path.  I’d like to think that if we lived near each other we would be great friends and she would drag me to punk rope classes with her.  I absolutely adore her!

I love Emily Smolak

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And yes…I would fight her husband for her love if it came down to it!
I know I just did a “blog love’ post…but this one goes out to a special, dear friend…
dress -6 
I first want to start with saying that I am not only doing this blog post because she was so kind and wonderful as to put one about me up on her blog, but that I am doing it because I’ve been thinking about it since I *started* this whole blogging thing.  If it wasn’t for her, I never would have done this.  Hell, I would barely even know what blog or blogging meant.

Everyone seriously needs to head over to her blog RIGHT NOW…Sassy Smolak

She finds the most adorable DYI projects out there!!  She has such a great vision and every one of her cute posts are sure to put a smile on your face.  She also planned the most GORGEOUS Autumn wedding (the photo above is from her blog, please, please, *please* head over and check out all the amazing wedding photo’s that her uber-talented photographer (who’s name I cannot remember right now…so there is another reason why you NEED to visit her blog!) was able to capture.

Emily is also a very successful weight-watchers follower who every day tries a little bit harder.  She may not admit this, or will try to disagree, but dont let her fool you!  You wont find any information about her journey with that on her blog though…her blog is the adorable distraction to make you *not* think about food, lol.

Her name is Emily *Sassy* Smolak…and I love her!

Friday Blog Love


So if you are in the world of ‘Twitter’ you most likely know all about the Follow Friday (of #FF) that occurs.  I didn’t start doing it till recently (and to be honest, for the longest time I thought to myself…wtf is #ff?!?!) but I think that it is a great way to not only tell the ones you follow how fabulous they are, but also to find new inspiration from others.  Some of the people that I have met through the Weight Watchers message boards have become my dearest friends who I rely on daily (Ashley & Emily). 

I have a blog saved in my drafts where I went on to list a bunch of blogs that motivate me and then gave a little paragraph stating why…but thats long and complicated!  I just want to list out some blogs that I love and adore and that I think everyone would love.  I hope to do this every Friday, and not have every one of them be “weight loss” related (though they are this Friday). 

So here’s a few…in no particular order…some Friday Blog love:

*Bitch Cakes* A Neurotic Glamour Girl's Weight Watchers Experience and Fitness Adventures

TJ's Test Kitchen

Kat's Adventures in Dietland

lifes little epiphanies...

Gypsie Meanderings

Ah...Me So Hongry! Misadventures of a Weight Watchers Repeat Offender

Endurance Isnt Only Physical

Jach Sh*t, Gettin' Fit

A Little Bit of Everything     *Ashley!!*

spunkysuzi working towards a healthier me

Skinny Weight Watcher Recipes- Gina's Weight Watcher Recipes


If you dont see your blog here, well it’s either because A.) I dont know about it yet or B.) I gotta save some for the other Fridays!!

What are some blogs you love??  Have any I should know about?? 

It’s like a dream



I really can’t believe it…I’m in complete and utter shock…

I was down 2 lbs at my weigh-in tonight.  That puts me at *61.4* lbs lost so far.  It still doesn’t seem real to me.  It almost feels like yesterday that I began this journey, when in reality it was over a year and a 1/2 ago.  One girl came up to me after the meeting to tell me how amazing I look and how she can’t believe the transformation in just the past couple of months.  Two other ladies stopped me out by my car to tell me what an inspiration I am and that I am a role model to them.  I was in awe by them.  Little do they know how much they inspire me. 

Tonight’s meeting was about ‘Eating Out’ (ok seriously…do you have ANY idea how hard it was not to laugh uncontrollably when my leader said that??  And if you don't think it’s funny, you are lying.).  I do dine out occasionally.  I try to keep it for special occasions or the such.  It’s definitely not something I do multiple times a week, nor would want to.  Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I always try my best when I know I am going to be dining out (I’m sorry, I can’t say “eating out” anymore right now) I try my best to look up menus, NI, whatever I think might help me to make the best choices possible.  I also try to take in account *why* I am dining out that particular time.  For example…this past Valentines Day:  This was a moment that Frank and I share together every year and it has grown to mean a lot to the both of us. I didn't go buck wild or anything, but I also didn't strictly count my points and only eat within them. 

This method doesn't work for everyone, and sometimes, it doesn't work for me 100%.  But I do find myself accountable.  The Weight Watchers term we learned tonight was ‘Flexible Resistance’ and I like that a lot. 

I did think about one thing I have to work on though and that is about my habits *after* my Weight Watchers meeting.  It’s funny because I can sit her and write to you all about my fabulous results and how great I feel, but in reality, I kind of feel like garbage now.  I ate junky fast-food, which I have been trying to cut out.  It seems to be a growing habit each week that right after I go and grab something quick for Frank and I on Thursday nights.  I need to work on cutting this out.  I need to stop using the excuse of my WI and him leaving right after I get home to go play guitar for a few hours as an excuse to pig away.  I am confident that I can improve on this.

However…I am not giving up my Thursday night beers because as I have already stated for the lent season….I am giving up trying to give up beer, because that's just plain silly…and stupid. ;-)  

Valentines Day


So here it is…the recap from Valentines Day!!  Let me just start by saying that this was by far, the best Valentines Day I have ever had.  I feel so blessed!!  I couldn’t help but feel crazy in love with my man.

To start the day, Frank brought me home a dozen red roses from the store.  This was quote a surprise because I wasn’t expecting any flowers:

Valentines Day 001  

Then it was about time to get ready.  Here is me with my hair & makeup done…you cant really see it, but I have some awesome faux lashes on that made me feel very much like Betty Boop, lol:

Valentines Day 004

And well, lets just cut to the chase.  Here are pictures myself and then me and my man.  He picked out his own outfit on Friday…this was also a surprise to me!!  He looked SOOOOOO gorgeous.  I was in awe!!

So these were taken after dinner (we were running late and didn't have a chance to take them before.)  I'm not crazy about this picture because I don't think it does me or the dress justice.  But whatever:

Valentines Day 010

My handsome boyfriend:

Valentines Day 008 

Me and my man:

Valentines Day 023

My all time favorite picture of us:

Valentines Day 011

And last but not least…my valentines day present from Frank…the key to his heart (with diamonds!) Oh, and I also got a very nice sentimental card, which is SO not like him…he said he even read a few of them and really put some effort into it, lol.:


Dinner was amazing as usual.  And we didn't have to wait the normal 2 hours to be seated which was nice.  We had the Calamari, followed by our usual Steak and Lobster.  It was delicious!!  It was so much food though that I couldn’t even finish mine.  Then we came home and did a bunch of X-rated stuff, watched a movie, then did some more x-rated stuff. ;-)

I felt like a million dollars!!!!!  And not only because of the dress, or my weight loss, but also because the man that I had on my side.  I am truly blessed to have him in my life and I love him immensely!!

Tomorrow is the big day…


Tomorrow is the day that I put on my fitted satin red dress…in a size that is about 4 times smaller than the won I would have had to wear the previous year.

Tomorrow is the day that I do my “audrey hepburn” eyes (liner, fake lashes and all) and put on my big, bright red lips.

Tomorrow is the day that I slip on my faux diamond jewlery and my diamond clutch to feel “blingtastic”.

Tomorrow is the day that slip on my nice high stiletto heels and show off my new fabulous running legs…toned muscles and all.

Tomorrow is the day where I pretend like I am 6 and put on fake nails cause these stubs I’ve got going on lately just wont cut it, LOL.

Tomorrow is the day where I spend ALL morning shaving, tweezing, and painting every inch of my body so it looks clean and smooth.

Tomorrow is the day that I have waited for, for over 3 years now.  It is the day where I get to take the beauty and confidence that is within me and show it off for the man I love.  The man that deserves to have this woman by his side.  The woman that I once was to him, and am now again.  Tomorrow is NOT just about me, but also about what I can GIVE to others.  I have missed this *me* for quite some time now, and she is ready for her debut.   

Housewife day dreams…

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If I could (and if it was 1952) I would love to walk around the house (or should I say Townhouse, since that’s what we live in :-/) and bake brownies and cupcakes all day wearing this:


This dress comes from the wonderful Pinup Girl Clothing.  They have so many cute finds there!  Even if you are not into all of the “pinup” or “retro” style, there are many great items there.  Head over there now!!

Of course, I would need a cute apron to wear though so I don’t ruin my gorgeous dress…

This great treasure was found over at Girly Aprons:


I know that it would clash with the dress, but I have a thing for cherry blossom prints.  I guess If I have to…I’ll just wear the apron and rock some killer heels ;-)


I plan on trying some great desert recipes here soon.  I’m not a big desert or sweets fan but every now and then I get the urge to indulge a little.  And thanks to all my wonderful blog readers here, I have been pointed to some wonderful recipes.  Sadly, I will not be looking as cute as I would if I had these clothes to dress up in, but a girl can pretend right!!

It really is sad that I do not own one single apron though…does someone want to send me one?? LOL.

Call for a MAJOR celebration…



                               Image found here

So tonight I had my Weight-Watchers meeting and I was surprisingly down –1.6 lbs!!  I couldn't believe it after the way I went CRAZY this past weekend.  I guess all the hard work I put in the past few days did pay off.  I’m only .6 oz away from being at 60 lbs lost!!  I couldn't believe it when my leader told me the news. 

But I *REALLY* couldn’t believe what she was about to tell me next…

I have been 1 of 3 people who have been nominated in our local Weight Watchers chapter to be entered into the 2010 Weight Watchers Role Model Of The Year Contest!!!!!!! 

I can’t believe it!!  I started to tear up when she told me.  I still can’t believe it.  I’m just in shock.  I don’t think I have a shot at winning, but just the thought of possibly being on the cover or even IN Weight Watchers Magazine excites me to no end.  I can’t even imagine.  I can’t even imagine people believing in me this much, LOL. 

Just…wow!  WOW, wow, WOW!

I guess when I sit down and really think about, I do kick some ass.  Maybe I do have a small shot.  Now I just have to try and figure out how to write less than 400 words about my weight loss journey…you blog followers of mine know that me and “short essay’s” are not my thing…especially when it comes to talking about myself, LOL.

A great read!


I just wanted to take a minute to point out an amazing article I read recently in the current issue of Runners World that is on news-stands now.  The article I am referring to is with the tremendous athlete Kara Goucher.  She is featured on their fabulous cover:


Image courtesy of Runners World twitter profile pic. Find them on twitter: @runnersworld

This article is not just for runners or athletes, or people who are on diets or trying to lose some weight.  This article is for people who want to learn about perseverance and what it takes to keep going.

You get a chance to take a glimpse into the personal struggles of Kara’s life and career and how she overcame them and is still managing to battle the demons everyday. 

Have you ever felt like giving up?  Have you ever felt like you were not good enough?  Have you ever felt like you never going to be where you think you should be?  It doesn't matter if you are a runner or not to take away the great lessons from this amazing woman and her amazing coaching team.  It may be your career (remember…to her, this IS her career, it’s not an article on how to just keep running!), your relationship, your diet….at some point you question yourself and if you can keep moving forward.  The answer always is that *you can*!

I really recommend that people take a minute and check this out.  It definitely opened my eyes and gave me a little bit of strength and hope that I *can* keep going forward. 

Also, make sure to head over to to check out ALL sorts of great goodies!!

Dijon-Dill Chicken & Noodle


I found this delicious 4 point recipe on  It’s the perfect 30-minute (even a bit less!) that serves two (or yourself twice!). 


  • 4 oz boneless skinless chicken breast cut into thin bite size strips (I used about 4 oz of boneless skinless chicken tenderloins cut into bite size pieces…same darn thing!)
  • 1/2 cup chopped onion…again, I’m allergic to fresh onion so I have to use dehydrated
  • 1 can of Progresso Light Vegetable & Noodle Soup
  • 2 tbsp of Dijon Mustard
  • 1/8 tsp of dried dill weed
  • 1/2 cup uncooked wide egg noodles (1 1/2 oz)
  • 2 cups fresh broccoli florets
  • 1 oz fat free cream cheese

Heat a medium sized non-stick skillet & add chicken & onion.  Cook for about 6 minutes until chicken is cooked through and onions are tender (or in my case, slightly browned).  Make sure to stir frequently


Next stir in the soup, dill weed, & mustard….increase the heat to high and bring to a boil


Once it has come to a boil (this doesn’t take long) add in your egg noodles and let it come to a boil again (once again this only took seconds).  Then turn your heat down to medium and cover, let it cook for about 6 minutes, stirring occasionally.


Now add the 2 cups of broccoli.  Keep stirring it frequently until broccoli is tender.  The recipe says about 3-4 minutes…I had in there for 6 and it was still not quite done.  I think next time I would cook the broccoli ahead of time, or maybe roast it and then add it in at the end.


Once the broccoli is cooked, remove from heat and add in the 1 oz of FF cream cheese & stir & WALLA….



You have a delicious & healthy meal for two!!  Each 1 1/2 cup serving is 4 points.  Even the boyfriend really liked this one!  Next time I think I might try to add some mushrooms to it as well.  Enjoy!!


Also, on Super Bowl Sunday, I made two other WW recipe’s that are their site.  Unfortunately due to my weekend activities, I could not find all the energy to photograph each one.  I made ‘chicken poppers’ & ‘Honey Mustard Chicken Bites’.  Both were very tasty…we probably would have eaten all of them if we didn't load up on junk before hand. :-/

This is how they turned out:


If anyone would like the recipes, just let me know!  Next I’m looking for a really good WW-friendly brownie recipe….anyone have any good suggestions??

Atomic Baby!!


Hello everybody!!  I’m so sorry that I’ve been mia this past week.  It was an extremely crazy week…work was awful and it felt like when I got home, I had a million things that had to be taken care of.  Needless to say, I’m hoping for a more peaceful week ahead.

Yesterday was the annual Central New York BrewFest!!  I go to this every year.  Actually, all of the guys in my family come in from Auburn to go with us as well.  This year we had more than usual…there were 10 of us total this year!  It’s always a good time. 

Afterwards we always all go out to dinner together.  Sometimes, things get a little rowdy, LOL.  This year though, I created the entertainment for the table….

We went to Quaker Steak & Lube.  I love this place.  It is of course not in any way, shape or form WW-friendly.  But sometimes (especially after a day full of drinking) you just don't care!  For years now I have been saying that I was going to try their ‘Atomic Wing Challenge’.  You have to eat 6 of their chicken wings in their ‘Atomic sauce’.  Here is what is on their website describing the sauce:

ATOMIC-  The year was 1991. All was quite and peaceful in the Northeast Ohio and Pennsylvania region when all of a sudden, Quaker Steak & Lube® decided to unleash a nuclear weapon on the taste buds of people far and wide. The Atomic wing sauce was created. No one knows exactly why: some say it was the result of a demise of a chef, trying to sabotage the restaurant owner. Others blame Operation Desert Storm. But whatever it is that happened, one thing remains true: if you are tough enough to try this sauce, we salute you. Please use caution when ordering this wing sauce, and bring a handkerchief. (You even have to sign a release form!) For anyone willing to try: we wish you good luck

Now I love hot stuff…so for me, I was excited.  Here I am right before I started the challenge:


Here I am during the challenge…trying to eat them as fast as I possibly could because they ARE F*CKING HOT!!!!!


And here I am at the end….tears and make-up smears galore…..


I did it!!  I got a cute little t-shirt that says ‘There’s No Crying at the Lube” (yeah, they are full of sh*t!) and I also get my name up on their wall. :-)  They also have a new Triple Atomic challenge, where you eat 3 of their now even hotter atomic sauce….I figured it was best to walk before I run though.

Also, I would like apologize to the lady I accidently squirted with my “beer-gun” (I won a plastic gun in the machine, then filled it with beer, LOL)…I was aiming for my uncle.  My sincere apologies.  

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!  For those of you who will be watching, enjoy the Super Bowl!!


Other accomplishments I made this week-

  • I was down 1.8 at my WI this past Thursday.  That brings my total down to 57.8!! 
  • On Tuesday during my lunch hour, I decided to run from home to back to work.  It was about 3.5 miles.  There were a lot more hills than I remembered there being, but it was a good run!
  • Yesterday I only had time to get in a quick 2 mile run, but it was my fastest mile yet.  I had a pace of 10’42”. 
  • As long as my head and stomach can handle it, I am planning on making at least 1 WW-friendly recipe for the game tonight.  If I do, I will be sure to blog it of course!
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