When getting yourself OUT of your comfort zone put’s you IN your comfort zone!

Sometimes there are things about me that surprise people. Like when I tell someone that I get social anxiety, even though I was once a WW leader and now I lead runners twice a week at run club (oh yeah…update: about a year ago I took over the announcements and stuff for run club). Yet, I still don’t feel comfortable in large groups of people and put me in a room with people I don’t know and panic does indeed set in!! But I always try to power through it.

Now I think sometimes that my “outer shell” gives people certain assumptions about me as well. When I tell people of the certain types of classes I’ve been taking some say they are not shocked are that they are right up my alley. They are not necessarily wrong, but that doesn’t mean that I am comfortable doing them and that taking them comes with such ease! Quite the opposite really.

If you’ve been following me on social media then you might remember how I took a pole dancing class a couple years ago. The “stripper” jokes were aplenty, and I got looks of all kinds when I would tell someone about it. Some people were jealous, some weren’t surprised, some seemed disgusted. Funniest part about that class was that it was seriously not sexual AT ALL. Not even the music. It was WORKOUT!!

I was single when I took that class. No husband. No boyfriend. No hookup. No friend with benefits. Single. 

Over the past month I have begun to take “Chair-lesque” classes. Yes…chair dancing, burlesque style. Or as some have called it “chair humping”, lol (please note: we have not humped a chair…yet anyways 😉). Shout out to our fabulous and fierce instructor Lisa and her amazing Deviant DanceTribe!!

I am single. No husband. No boyfriend. No hookup. No friends with benefits. Single.

So why am I taking such “Sexy and risqué” classes?? Who am I taking them for??


Why am I taking them? Because they make me feel empowered. They make me feel strong. They put me in touch with my sexual being who at times so deeply craves to be expressed in certain ways. These classes have been more than “exercise”. They have been therapeutic. They have given me an outlet for certain parts of myself that I have been searching for now for quite some time.

The chair classes are not just about being sexy and straddling a chair. They are about getting in touch with the strong and sensual but soft and expressive being that is inside of yourself. It’s about empowering yourself and those around you. These classes are with an amazing group of women of all ages and sizes and backgrounds. But showing up to these classes doesn’t come easy for me. Every week is filled with anxiety going into class. How am I going to do? How are others going to look at me? Will I make a fool of myself? Can I really let go and give it my all?

But getting OUT of my comfort zone has actually put me IN my comfort zone because these classes have given me a touch of confidence, strength and grace that really are comforting to me and I’m able to carry that into so many other aspects of my life. I loved these classes so much and got so much out of them that I am taking another 4 week session of them. Am I still filled with anxiety about them? You bet! But not as much and I am SO excited to see how much more comfortable I get with not only the classes but with myself. 

No, I’m not saying you need to start climbing poles and straddling chairs…but maybe try to find something that breaks you out of your comfort zone…be ok with the anxiety and fears that come with it…embrace it and grow and become stronger…become more comfortable with the uncomfortable. You just never know what it will awake within you.

What’s something you’ve always wanted to try but have felt that it’s been too outside of your “comfort zone”??


  1. WhooHooo lady. That sounds like a helluva lot of fun. You GO Suzi!


  2. Hi, y name is Cece

    Looking good Suzi I have tried pool dancing to and its fun and a good full body work out. thanks for sharing your experience with your weight loss and your life. I can understand the journey you have gone thru and I want to congratulate you on letting us into your life I can imagine it wasn't easy. I have gone through ruff times with my weight loss myself and fight to keep it off every day especially with the foods that are out there. but one thing that did help me was https://mmini.me/healthylife I hope this helps others as it has helped me. Good luck with your weight loss and keep fighting
    let's be friends check me out FB @CrazyCruzanCuisine or my twitter @MissCruzanChef


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