Thank you.

I’ve been going back and forth wondering why I have such long breaks between posts. I’ve come to the final conclusion that I just do not have any interest in this any longer. Sure I love writing, but I don’t love blogging….did I ever really love it?? That I am not so sure about. I love(d) connecting with you guys and hearing your stories and getting your feedback. There are very few feelings in this world that move me as much as when someone says that I have inspired them in any way, shape or form. 
But it's time for me to move away from this. This will be my last blog post and in short time this as well as the FB page will be shut down. But there are other places & ways to find me so please feel free to reach out to me there.

For the first time I can truly say without hesitation or doubt...
I am happy and I am healthy.

Thank you so much for all of the support, encouragement, inspiration and love over all of these years. I love you guys. XO

With Love- Suzi
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