What I would tell my former, thinner self...

Dear Suzi-
You don’t have to live like this. Life is more than just counting points, stepping on scales and gaining mileage. Take it easy on yourself. Take time for you. Remember why you want to be in the body you are in…it’s not for show, or “fame” or for others…it’s for YOU. Enjoy life! Enjoy it in moderation though. In a few years times your love for alcohol will turn on you if you are not careful so keep your feelings in check and keep taking care of yourself. Don’t be so hard on yourself if you gain weight back. It happens. Don’t be ashamed of your body at ANY weight. Your weight does not define you. Your weight does not measure your worth. Love yourself. Love your body. Believe it or not you can still feel beautiful and sexy at a heavier weight.  You don’t need to be at “goal weight” to be a beautiful human being who can go out and take on the world. Don’t hide from the world if you put on some weight. Don’t limit what you can do just because you might feel ashamed. The only thing you should be ashamed about is not trusting and loving yourself. Your weight has no impact on your ability to go out and live an awesome life. Believe that. Life is not about “healthy living”…life is about living every day to its fullest and trying to make the choices that you want to make and that in turn makes life about living healthy which is the true importance.

Whether you are a size 6 or a size 16, you are beautiful and nothing, I mean NOTHING, can hold you back. You don’t have to wait for the scale to reach a certain # to get out there and start living. Take care of yourself. When you fall, get up, brush yourself off and move forward.  You cannot change what it already done, so don’t even bother going over and over it. Let it go. Don’t be that person…you know who I am talking about…that obsessive person whose entire life revolves around their weight. "OMG I can't eat that!" "OMG I am over my points!" "OMG I haven't ran 100 miles this week!"... you have to be healthy mentally about it too or your obsessive thoughts will get the best of you.

Stop beating yourself up. Start living life.  Don’t give up on yourself. Fight for what you want and go out there and get it.  Don’t hold yourself back. Don’t sit around waiting for the perfect time to start living life because RIGHT NOW is the time…it’s the only time. Believe it.

Keep being true to yourself. That will never fade or disappoint.

With Love-
Your #1 Fan


  1. It's funny you posted something like this. I just wrote a post reflecting on life changes over the course of the year. I'm proud of you and seriously it shows how happy you are both inside and out.

  2. So beautiful. Coincidentally, the theme of this week's WW is "Take a break." Be kind to yourself. It was all about the way we speak to ourselves and the bottom line is, the more love and kindness we show ourselves, the better we will be. In every way. This happens the be the message I really need to hear this week. oxoxo

  3. Thank you so much for writing this today .
    Obviously this speaks to your heart and soul , but it speaks to mine too ( and I bet
    many,many others too).
    This really touched my heart and mind - I want to start appreciating the now, life is too precious and short for us to wait for the perfect weight. I regained a little since this last winter and can't believe how much It has me feeling uncomfortable in my skin and wanting to avoid seeing people ( who previously praised my major weight loss ).
    I want to hide , so reading your blog today has given me a little shake and make me what to
    show myself much more love and respect and pride... right now, no matter how big my love handles are.
    I am going to copy this post and come back to it when feeling fat or down.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!

  4. Good Lord it took me 20 minutes to remember how to comment on a freakin blog! Had to reset my password and everything! Awesome post. We are beautiful always. Always!


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