I am not a beer runner anymore...

This weekend is the Utica Boilermaker road race. The 15K is one of the best around! I have ran this race twice.  In the past I have included brewery tours with the race’s biggest sponsor, Saranac Brewing Company.

This race is all about running and beer. Running and beer. There is free beer after the race (and I’m not talking about this “here’s your free 8 oz cup of beer”…this is pretty much unlimited free beer) and one hell of a party. Along the demanding course are spectators galore, many of which have…you guessed it…beer!! This was MY kind of race!! Running and beer.
My 1st Boilermaker Race!
The weather is always hot and humid and running through under the fire truck spraying water is one of the best feelings you will experience.  But the heat doesn’t bother you…and neither do the hills…because, running and beer.

You see people with signs…”The beer is near!” or “5 miles to beer” and my personal favorite “hurry up, the beer is almost gone!” The last year I ran it I even wore my “beer bitch” t-shirt and it was a hit!!

My 1st 1/2 Marathon in Philadelphia!
I didn’t know then that it would probably be the last time I ran that race.

I didn’t know then that I would describe myself as an alcoholic.

I didn’t know then that I would be working on my sobriety every. single. day.   

I’ve been running again recently and let me tell you, it feels GREAT!! For the first time in a long time I feel alive again. I’m not going to lie…it still sucks. Especially being heavy again and running (If I have two black eyes, no my husband does not beat me, I’m just a big booby runner ;) and especially because I remember how easy running used to come to me and how I could actually run a mile straight. BUT…I will get back to where I was, all in time & work.

But one thing I used to love…going for a run and enjoy a nice cold beer afterwards. There was nothing more satisfying then going for a run on a hot summer evening and then getting back to the house and cracking open an IPA. Jesus…I’m getting all bothered just by writing this, LOL!!

I loved beer and running SO much!! Beer and running was ME…it was part of who I was. For those of you who are new to reading here or just don’t remember, I was even named one of Draft magazines Top 12 Beer Runners in 2011 to watch.

My 1st Marathon in Corning, NY!
But I am not a beer runner anymore.

And this is something that has been the hardest to come to terms with since I’ve begun my sobriety. I am around beer every day (my husband still drinks) and it doesn’t bother me to pick him up beer while I’m out (well, sometimes but not usually) and I can even sit at a bar with him and nurse a diet soda without it getting to me (most of the time). But ever since I started running again I have to admit that my cravings for a beer afterwards have been fierce!!

Why?? Because I was a beer runner and a part of me still is. That will never die. But I know that I’m not the type of person anymore who can just enjoy a beer or two after a run anymore.

I am not a beer runner anymore.

Right now I don’t think I will ever be able to run the boilermaker again which is sad. And yes, I know that you don’t HAVE to drink beer and do the race, but that is what that race meant to me and I wouldn’t want to have it any other way. I don’t think that I could do it any other way. I may have had to let go of some things since sobriety, but the things I am doing and receiving in return are so much better.

So I have put away my beer bitch shirt...I have passed my "My Indian name is Run's with Beer" shirt onto The Frank...My pint glass now hold's an amber color of ice tea...
It feels like a part of me has died, but maybe that is OK. I will always be grateful for all the good times that being a beer runner brought me and especially for all the amazing people I have connected with in the process. 

I want to wish all of my friends running the Boilermaker race this weekend the best of luck!!

And drink a beer for my former beer runner self. *cheers*


  1. I know I continuously tell you this in lots of your posts but you are such an inspiration Suzie. You are so open and honest about your struggles. I was supposed to run it as well but am now injured and can't.

    I think you are making the right choice. At the end, you have to be happy (and it's your choice, no one elses).

  2. Thanks for sharing Suzi. I know it's not often easy to be open and honest when it comes to certain topics. (hugs)

  3. This is why you are so great.

  4. Cheers! For your whole, fantastic, happy, healthy, adventure-filled life.

  5. So proud of you. You are such an inspiration Suzi!

  6. You flippin rock! Your dedication to sobriety and your level of transparency has really inspired me to tackle my own demons. Thanks for being awesome!

  7. Bravo to you and your sobriety! :-)

    Keep kicking ass- you are such an inspiration!

  8. Girrrrrrrl, this beer post kicked my beer lovin' shit up! :p
    You've got this doll....but please know I am here for you in any way you need. I too was once a young, bad ass, rock and roll girl that got sober young. ) Still at it.....all these years later.

  9. Thanks for sharing. Lot's of positive thoughts going your way!

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