Suzi Storm Approved!!

 So this post in an effort of me trying to blog more and more consistently which I promised to try and of more of. It's also because I wanted to post something a little more light hearted and fun. I think my blog needs Prozac or something.

With that said that I want to take a quick moment to thank everyone who has read my last two posts and to those who have reached out and commented not only on here but also through Facebook and email. Your words of I comfort, support and love, as always, mean so much to me.

But let's do something a little more light hearted...

I think I'm going to try and do this regulary. I'm calling it "Suzi Storm Approved!"
Basically it's just a post of things that I recently have found to be awesome...or maybe not so awesome. 
I figure that I am pretty awesome so I might as well try to pass on some of awesomeness to all of you. ;P

I discovered this today and I'm living in Apple water heaven right now!! So much bubbly much delicious apple flavor. I pour this stuff right into a wine glass because I'm a lady and that's what ladies do. 

I have been searching all over for this. I hope it lives up to my expectations. I'm not big on sweets but I do love me some dark chocolate. 

And since we are talking about food...I found these at the Tarjaaay!! I know I said I don't have much of  a sweet tooth but I do like to have stuff on hand just in case I feel like a desert. And who can say no to a chocolate cherry Greek yogurt?!?!

OK... So now that I am thinking about it... Those last two might not be Suzi Storm approved since technically I haven't tried them yet. But they seem awesome!! If they suck butt I'll let you all know.

I ❤️love❤️ me some makeup. I have insane amounts of it. Especially lip gloss/lipsticks and mascara. Now I own mascara's that I have paid $30 & other's $4...but these two are by far my favorite as of lately. Picture looks blurry on my blogger through my iPad so just in case it doesn't clear up its Covergirl Bombshell Volume & Maybellines  The Falsies Volume Express. If I had to pick one...the Maybelline one wins!! But they are both pretty great.
And yes folks...that pic was taken on top of the toilet seat. Do I know how to stage a photo or what??

I'm totally crushing on Jessica over at How Sweet It is.

I'm making Weight Watchers Spicy Black Bean soup tonight to have for lunches this week.

I bought a paper shredder yesterday so I guess that means that I am really growing up...maybe that's not so awesome :/

So what do you think?? Does this sucks?? Should I not bother with posts like these?? Is "Suzi Storm Approved" approved or unapproved??


  1. Please forgive all my typo's!!!! I'm still getting used to typing on the iPad & I was having problems editing through the blogger app & site :(

  2. Sure...blame it on the iPad when really, it's the beer! I approve of "Suzi Storm Approved!", but it's your blog - do what YOU approve! I hope that yogurt is good...I lurve me some chocolate cherry anything!

  3. Ok, I have a lot to say, so bare with me! ;) ....
    1) I think you should write whatever the hell you want because that is why people love you!
    2) And hell, you are doing better than me with the whole posting more goal! I still haven't posted since December! Keep it going girl!
    3) I love seeing what other people pick up at the store! So yes, please, let me know what you find! Even if you think it sucks later, I will still have to give it a try myself! ;)
    4) I actually love the Yoplait Chocolate Whips, but they are 4 points. I don't want to spend that much on effin' yogurt! LOL Can I assume these are less?
    5) And mascara. MASCARA! I have a hard time finding one that has yet to thrill me as much as Diorshow Iconic @ $28.50, but this chick is on a budget! I think I have tried one of the falsies and didn't like it. But not the bombshell. I'm on the lookout. Maybe we should start a beauty blog after we get our act together on our regular blogs! LOL
    <3 U!

    1. My favorite mascara is Kat Von D's Sin-Full Lash for $19 at Sephora.

    2. Alexis - The Dannon Light & Fit yogurt is only 2 PPV per 5.3 oz container! :)

  4. I completely approve...typo's and all. I am so glad your back to blogging

  5. Approved! I think it's fun to share things we like. :-)

  6. I love hearing what other people love to eat for snack food or use for products. You never know when someone else is going to have the solution to a problem you've been having. My best recent "drugstore" find is the Rimmel Scandaleyes eyeshadow stick - I use it for my daughter's cheer makeup as a liner, and it stays put and has awesome color.

  7. We're all in this all your posts...don't go away.

  8. It doesn't matter what you write. I like reading you


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