Where is your line??

I am a beer drinker.
I love beer.
I’m pretty sure you are all in a panicked shock right now…deep breathe….

There’s nothing better than coming home after a long day at work, a 3 mile walk or a 5 mile jog or a walk upstairs to the bathroom, and relaxing with an ice cold beer, Beer. Mmmmmmm.

I know, with my recent FB page I created for this blog, I have learned that A LOT of people love beer the same way I do. So I’ve either found a group of people who generally love beer and can make it work in their life style, or I am building my very own epic AA meeting.

There is a line. A line where habits become dangerous. Do we cross that line?? Abso-fucking-lutely. But WHERE is the line??

The line I think is different for everyone. Each person has their own line. I think of binge eating. I have moments of binge eating. Usually after many beers and I tell myself “Food will cure all future ills.”. But that’s not really binge eating.

Binge eating is taking food, hiding it, shoving as much as you can in your mouth, till you are sick. It is an awful and sad disease. I send my best thoughts for anyone who has/is suffering from this awful sickness.

Just like binge eating…beer drinking has no clean line. Even when I was at my goal weight and racing like crazy I was pouring back the yummy craft beers. Sure, I had moments where I took it too far. But those were rare. Those were moments like “Ooops, I ordered that deep fried appetizer…don’t want to waste or money?!  ;) “


This is where the line is drawn….habit. It is a habit for me to come home, drop my purse and the mail and go to the fridge and grab a beer (not even a good one…I’m pounding Coors Lights again like back in the day..I am so sorry). Some days I don’t even want to…I don’t even think about it…I just do it. And that IS THE LINE. It is a habit. And while it is something that I will never break free from (because I don’t want to!) I need to work on making the habit work for me, like it did before when I was actively living a healthy life.

My drinking…yes…out of hand in terms of my weight and overall well being.. Am I an alcoholic?? No…believe me, I’ve looked into it.

I DID lose 101 lbs while drinking beer...good beer!!  Fuck, I was a beer runner to watch by Draft Magazine in 2011

The line is where you draw it. You just have to be honest with yourself. Some people can’t control their drinking or eating...sometimes you feel out of control of the line. Some need discipline and strict restrictions. You have to find YOUR line. I found mine... I've been way past it. I knew it from the start. Look at any of my success stories and they read that at the start of my journey I was all ”home, sweats, beer, sleep”…and that’s exactly where my line has been for many, many months.

So what happens now?? Do I give up beer?? NEVER!! I re-define my line. I let myself enjoy my brews without hurting myself or my body in the process. It has been, can be, and will be done. There’s a line of shit you can take…food, drink, family, friends stress, work, that bitch at the grocery store…There's a line where you pull your "habit" up to (beer, wine, food, and yes, I'd even include exercise in this) and say "OK, we do not go beyond here!".

 Find your line…walk the line….


  1. Suzi...I just happen by after a plug on SR's blog....I had never heard of your story before....but whether its 100 or 10 pounds I can relate.

    I lost the 10 finally...got a lot of comments...enjoyed the size smaller clothes and then my HEAD couldn't handle the new me and the extra attention both good and bad. (Some saying "Your too thin" (not true) or "Your collar bones show too much" (sorry just the way I am built...) etc...

    I am starting again and this time my mind is prepared for it all. Hey, and I love beer too and margarita's and Captain Morgan!! ha!

  2. It's a fine line and only you can decide where yours is. Besides, beer is fucking delicious!

  3. It's a fine line and only you can decide where yours is. Besides, beer is fucking delicious!

  4. I'm a binge eater and I find this really inspiring. Your able to still drink beer, something you love, and hold it to a line. I work on the assumption that I can never touch any trigger foods and they don't even have the lowering of inhibitions effect of beer. WOW!!

  5. I don't know if you can relate to this, but my challenge is that I always move the line around and it turns into something absolutely arbitrary. So I re-define the line in a way that ultimately serves to excuse my "bad" habits. (I'm not saying lines need to be immutable!)

    On another note, it has been such a pleasure reading these past posts. I truly hope you know how much hope you give people with your honesty and forthrightness.

  6. Can we talk about how much I miss you? You are truly an inspiration and I'm glad you are blogging again. It's like we are hanging out and watching men do burpees. Anyways great and relateable post. I do have to say your facebook page is my absolute favorite of any bloggers page. It's so interactive!


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