Got Patience?


Before I start this new post I just want to give an ENORMOUS *thank you* to every who read, commented, tweeted, FB shared, +1’d, shared with your cats, my last blog post. The response was much more than I expected. I can’t even tell you how many times I have gone back and re-read the comments (admitting I have no life right here I guess).

In case you missed it, David Kirchhoff, CEO of Weight Watchers and all around kick ass guy, responded to my blog post in a post of his own over at his blog Man Meets Scale.  Words can’t fully express how much his response meant/means to me. It really opened up the topic of weight –regain for so many. 

I am behind on emails, texts, FB messages and for that I do apologize if I haven’t gotten back to you yet. Please know that I read everything I’m sent and I will be working on getting back to each of you. I can’t believe the support that surrounds this “community”.


I am awful with being patient.

No seriously…is this blog post done yet??

I am the type who orders something online, gets a delivery date for maybe 5 days out and will check the tracking # about 5 times a day to see if maybe it got moved and will arrive sooner.

I ordered a new iPhone case last week and it was set for delivery on a Tuesday. It arrived the Friday before. BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!


So you can just imagine how my patience is fairing as I think work on getting back to being the happy and healthy me I want to be again.

Does anyone have a time travel machine I could borrow??

I was texting (something all the cool kids do) with my gal pal Marissa and we agreed that the “patience” part of losing weight….AGAIN…is the hardest part. Now don’t get me wrong, having patience while losing weight is never really easy. It took me about a year and a half to lose 101 lbs. But when you gain all/some/more of it back and you finally hit that wall and say to yourself “I want to go back to being the me I was before”…well, you want to get there a hell of a lot faster.

And it’s not just because of how you look now or how you feel right now. I think, at least in my case, it’s because I still *feel* like that person. I wake up and forget that I can’t fit into my size 6 or 8 jeans. I forget that my size small t-shirts will barely cover up one of my boobies now (I said boobies, heehee). I forget that when I head out for a run that I will not be running 8:40 minute miles right now. 

In my mind I am still a runner. In my mind I am still a weight loss success. In my mind I am still a healthy living blogger. In my mind I am still a healthy living human being.

Then I go out of a run…

Then I get dressed in the morning…

Then I grab another beer…

And then I am reminded…

And then I am upset…

And then I am impatient…

And then I fail another day…

Persistence is the key to success. This I know. I’ve had numerous “false starts” over the past few months. Why?? Because I am an impatient mother f*cker!!

Sadly, I won’t just wake up tomorrow and be back at 155 lbs. And my clothes won’t all magically fit me again. And when I run I will have to settle for 12+ minute miles for right now.

I have to learn to be patient with my weight loss again. I have to remind myself that this is a change forever; therefore I will be working on this forever. I won’t be back to being myself unless I put in the time & effort.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a tracking # for all this so I guess I am just going to have to keep checking myself daily.


  1. I feel like I could just copy & paste this as my own post except you're way more interesting.

    I am so exactly like that with tracking!!! I'm waiting on two orders right now that were just shipped on Friday. Yes, I checked three times today just so I could see where they've moved too. Love the IPhone case.

  2. You've done it before and I'm sure you can do it again! It will happen :)
    Love the case!

  3. I had no idea he wrote that post. So wonderful and supportive. I'm impatient as well. I have no idea where my little one get's her impatience from either? lol.

    Your awesome for getting back on that horse!

  4. I can't help but want to start whistling "Patience" by Guns n' Roses... :) Patience is the hardest part for me; if I haven't lost 10 lbs in a month I'm pissed! But I gotta remember: I didn't gain 90lbs in 8 years so it's gonna take a little time to lose it all. xo

  5. It's such a slippery slope this weight thing. I gain and lose VERY quickly: I did 45 pounds in four months recently and that was depressing that I started going to therapy twice a week. The thing about you is you have done this before. That is a REALLY important fact. So many people struggle and are unable to lose weight at all: Look around online and you will see anecdotal proof of that. You can do this, you know that. In fact, we all know that because we have seen your success story! You also probably know that if you make it just one month, one measly month, you will see a difference and feel different. That is just motivation you will need to keep going, and that progress will be an instant patience-stretcher! Some people gain 5 pounds, put on the brakes and get it in check. people like you and me, well, we go big or go home! : ) For me, it's very much an all or nothing mentality. Learning to live in the gray is what is key for me. Learning that gaining five pounds is ok, and I just need to get back on the horse (as opposed to saying eff it and eating crap for months....) and get back to my comfortable weight.

    I don't know if any of this makes you feel better. Just know that random strangers like me check in every day looking for an update and am rooting for you, because your success and your setbacks and your determination and your frustration and your indomitable (yes, indomitable!) spirit mirror my own.

  6. Yep... the patience thing is a HUGE factor. Dealing with it myself girl. SUCK ASS! I have 1 successful day (yesterday) under my belt... and I remember being WEEKS before. Patience...where the heck is my patience for this?! In my mind I'm still that girl that lost all that weight, then I look in the mirror...or in pictures (WORSE). Sigh. We just keep plugging away and trying. (((hugs))) you are NOT alone. As if you didn't know that, eh?!

  7. Beautiful. Loving your blog. Like reading all about me :)

  8. Love this and i am right there with you.

  9. Hey girl! Can I just tell you how Awesome you are?? You are REAL and that is BEAUTIFUL! You ARE that Healthy, Beautiful Person who lost over 100lbs. and you WILL BE again!! And this time, it's FOREVER! Love You! :)

  10. I feel you. Patience is not my best virtue... nor is it my second, third or 52nd best. o.O I've been at this (this go 'round) since April of last year and wonder a lot of the time why I'm not losing as fast as everyone else. Comparing is a bitch - I imagine it's especially hard if you are comparing to your prior self.

    The great part about your 'predicament'... you KNOW you CAN do it. Keep hold of that one. You got this...

  11. Im with healthyandfab.

  12. Patience? That's a four letter word :)

  13. Dang girl-I am glad I read your posts at home because I am crying again. Your words are just perfect. I feel that same why...why this time can't it happen quicker and why can't I be where I was the last time I lost weight. My hubs always reminds me I was a lot younger and two kids less the first time. Yet i am inpatient and I want my weight to come off an ass cheek at a time....maybe two. I know it can't be that way but still! Thank you for posting. I am glad I have someone who understands on this journey back to fit with me!

  14. Wish I could post a picture here.. but I'll just have to describe it instead.. I once saw a pic and it was split in two.. on the left side was a straight arrow.. and the caption read: what people think success is like.. and the right was the squiggliest of lines with the end having the same arrow point.. and the caption read: what success is really like!

    and if you can imagine yourself having been through all the weightloss up and downs.. those are your squiggles.. in the past.. you may be at the very end!! Your ending point may be this last weightloss journey..

    and hey, if it isn't and you have one or two more squiggles.. so be it!! you can never take away the fact that you have been through plenty of squiggles already.. so you're that much further along in your journey.. and this is your journey! All of it.. the ups and downs.. God made you have blah moments to make ya appreciate the good times and to let the rest of us know we're not alone.. ;)

  15. I love your attitude :) I found your blog through Man Meets Scale, and I gotta say - you are an inspiration. ESPECIALLY now. Because I don't know you, but I can tell you will NOT allow this to eat you alive. One day at a time, you WILL get back to where you were. Can't wait to continue to read that journey. Jane

  16. yep, one day at a time. i am impatient too. i read ends of books first. and now i'm 50something (effective today, in fact), and it's all true what they say about weight loss getting harder as you age. but, you know, we can all do this again. we've done it before. it's just a different windy road this time. and sometimes ya gotta slow down for those curves.

    life is short, but it's the longest thing you'll ever do.

  17. better start posting or your followers might think you drowned in an abyss of chocolate ice cream. Don't ever listen to the demons in your head telling you to give up, get your big girl panties on, muster up some courage and write :)Were kinda lonely out here with no crazy woman to follow... :)

  18. Yes I have patience, but I'm running out of it waiting for another blog post!!! COME ON!!!!



  19. I have always been impatient...that will never change. Don't try to become patient; we are who we are - but you have a tool that can help you battle impatience. You are a marathoner and every person who has run a marathon has an Iron Will. You have it. Think back to those moments when you it the wall in a marathon but kept. on. going...that was YOUR iron will. You may have forgotten that you have it but you do. The key now is to use it - one second at a minute, one hour, one day, one week, one month, one year, one decade, one lifetime at a've got it in you...and you've got a whole community that believes in you.


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