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Earlier this week I had a tweet asking this:


I was expecting a lot of “hate” tweets from that and actually, I received the opposite. SO much agreement and “YES” and even “it’s better that way” kind of replies came my way.

So it got me thinking….not trying to political here, but are these people really “REAL”?!

Now, I am NOT saying that if you are lucky enough to have the luxury to sit around and blog all day and work out whenever you want and cook what ever your taste buds tell you to, that you are a flake. But lets be honest here, for the majority of us…the ones trying *real* hard to lose weight or be at a healthy weight…we do not have that luxury.  But it’s awesome to see how some of you do it, and I know that I get inspiration from MANY of you.

But then there are some….some who just PISS me off to NO end!!

This is my blog so therefore I can say what I want to so here I go….

(Starting note: I have many friends who are vegetarians, vegans and clean eating folks…you who really know me know that this is not directed towards you. XO)

“Oh…you only eat nuts, vegetables, fruits and fats that are considered “healthy”. Well, that’s awesome! Good for you, seriously that is great. However, that is not me. I like nuts (yeah, I *really* like nuts Winking smile) veggies and fruit. I enjoy a nice avocado now and then myself or some good fish. BUT….

I also like meat. Red, semi bloody meat. And sometimes on the weekend I enjoy a :gasp: bagel to get me going and get me through the long ass list of things that I have to do over the 2 days that I have off since its really my only chance.

And I buy my man healthy snacks but also some of his favorites. And once in a while I like to take his Chili Cheese Fritos and portion them out (or not…oops) and enjoy them myself. Fritos…corn…it’s natural.

Sometimes I get a craving for something real bad like Ramen chicken noodle soup, or even MAC AND CHEESE….

Processed?? You f’ing bet!! Artificial?? I think I grow a new horn each time I swallow. But….I don’t care.

Why?? Because I’m not aiming for this so called “perfection”.. And I’m not judging you if you do choose to not eat these foods. Actually, I think we are on the same playing field….as long as you don’t judge me for having them every now and then I wont judge you for not having them. This is real life, am I right?!

Does society need to cut back on these foods?? Absolutely, but we are not going to eliminate them completely any time soon. So until then, why not find a healthy balance.

There is being inspiring, motivational, helpful and real and then there is being pretentious, arrogant, judgmental and just down right stupid.

So stop judging if someone picks up fries from McDonalds, has some Mac ‘N Cheese, or chooses regular yogurt over greek every now and then. It doesn’t make them any less “healthy” as you. 

And for the love of god….no one cares to see 1000000000 pictures of you sweating and eating fruit. Get real. Because that is what inspires people to change. I can only guess what you do behind closed doors…”

What do I do?? Well….I’m off to get another beer Smile Have a good weekend everybody. XOXO


  1. Love.

    Everything in moderation, and all that.


  2. I love Twitter in that it can be so unpersonal - no one really knows if you unfollowed them. I agree with you whole heartedly but I do believe that there are people who eat like that authentically. And while it might not be the case with you, the haters are those who are most envious. That said, I'm never going to apologize for driving through the McDonald's drive-through for an ice cream cone after a BODYPUMP class or raiding a co-worker's dark chocolate kisses at 3 p.m. to go with - my gasp! - caffeinated coffee.

  3. Ha! Susan! This is why I love you :)
    Be yourself and don't be intimidated or annoyed by others. I have unfollowed many people in the recent past because it's all too much. This is MY life, MY journey and I'm not going to allow others to make me feel less. xxx

  4. Love this. I have unfollowed many blogs for many reasons...and this is sure one of them.

  5. Great post! I grew up eating & enjoying all of those foods you mentioned. Recently my body has revolted. It doesn't like something that is added to most processed foods. So I try to make those meals that I love in a healthier way to get my FIX. lol

    What I hate to see is someone struggle & complain about serious health issues that are caused by obesity and they continue to TREAT themselves with foods. I follow so many people who are pre-diabetic and post pictures of themselves with ice cream, cookies, or a giant starbucks iced coffee shit and then the following week they are crying at how hard it is to lose weight. I just don't relate to someone like that.....

  6. Love this post and wish I caught that tweet.

  7. (((((((HUGS))))))I so get what you are saying, I follow so many folks on Instagram, and I wonder.... are you for real??? I feel absolutely evil as I am shoving Cheeto's in my mouth (yesterday!!) I feel like I have done something down right WRONG, but it is really life, and I do eat too many Almonds, trail mix and Starbucks. Keeping it real Suzi ;) Love ya girl

  8. I am active on social networks about my healthy lifestyle, but I also keep it real as well and never claim to be the healthiest person ever. I talk about my struggles and I always talk about the "Unhealthy" food I have too. In moderation it fits in with my life fine.

  9. I absolutely agree! I'm hesitant to follow people who preach about health food and organic and fitness and all that stuff. Sometimes it's too much for me too! Forget about it if you preach about other diet plans!

    I have a post like this I've been working on. I think I've been inspired to finish it!

  10. I totally relate. I try to be healthy, even though I look nowhere near it. But so many blogs/tweets/facebook posts are always condemning things I like, like coffee and diet coke and pizza. I don't have them all the time, but it always makes me feel that I can't be part of the party because I like my diet coke, and my coffee with cream.

  11. Karla brings up a good point too - instagram seems to contain the gighesg amount of these offenders!

    Love this post!

  12. Omg I'm sorry. I didn't know that pic I took of myself in the bikini would upset you. I can't help it if all my body craves is healthy food. Fruits, veggies, tree bark and shit. I work out only 12 hours a day. Doesn't everyone? Nah, I'm laughing too hard to continue! I think I just laughed so hard I farted.

    I'm not into fake. I like the ones that keep it real.

  13. I LOVE this post. There is in fact a blog I have tried to unfollow numerous times for this very reason. But for some reason the change never sticks and blogger keeps putting it back in my reader. Not only that but this person posts NUMEROUS times a day. GRRRR!!

  14. Greek yogurt is gross Vodka is vodka wins.



  15. In total agreement with you. I don't use or follow anyone on twitter BUT I have been a long-time avid reader of fitness/weight loss blogs. I read yours and a few other ones I can actually relate to, and I skim over lots and lots (and lots) of others to see if they have anything interesting to tell me. Usually not. So much unoriginal shit out there, so much copying and trying to one-up someone else.

    And also, I don't need to see one more picture of fucking-oatmeal-in-an-empty-peanutbutter/almondbutter-jar.

  16. This is amazing and I agree 100%!

  17. YES. It drives me crazy when I feel like I'm not trying hard enough jsut because I don't eat perfectly like a raw food veggie goddess claims I should. This is life we're talking about. Healthy and moderation...

  18. AWESOME POST. You made me laugh my head off.
    "And for the love of god….no one cares to see 1000000000 pictures of you sweating and eating fruit. Get real. Because that is what inspires people to change. I can only guess what you do behind closed doors…"
    OK I'm guilty re the sweat pictures. And I'm just about to get very very real. DAMN I wish you were coming to #Fitbloggin!

  19. - specifically the healthy living blog forum. Or, You aren't alone, everyone hates those pretentious douche nozzles.

  20. There are a lot people on the Internet that they are kind of as a**holes. So It is healthier to avoid them.

  21. I agree on that. You should always be prepared to read something new.

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