Crazy is as Crazy does…



I kind of did something super stupid today.

Remember last year when I ran my first marathon in horrendous conditions.

(Remember all the awesome stuff that happened afterwards)

((insert all the eye rolls to my super awesome hyper links here))

Yeah….well……you see…..

I done gone stupid again.

I don’t know if it’s the fact that I feel I have no motivating factors with me anymore (yes), or the need to have a goal again (yes), or the want to have a better full marathon experience (yes), but something inside tells me that I *have* to do this. 


That’s right folks…

I am running the Wineglass Marathon AGAIN, my 2nd full marathon,

this year on September 30th!!

Again, plan or no plan. Again, fully ready or not…this race is my destiny.  It’s my legacy in a way…considering we don’t get big marathons around here.  I won’t travel that far away for a full…fuck…I don’t even want to do a full locally, but I’m going to do it.


Because sometimes…we have to push our ourselves. 

Because sometimes…we need to strive for something more.

Because sometimes.. we cut our selves short.

Because sometimes… We are far more awesome than we give our selves credit for.

Because sometimes… we’ve been screwing around off program far too long enough…

Training plan. No training plan. I will run this 26.2 just like I ran the last…

With heart, determination, and pure craziness.

For all of you, for my friends, for my family, but most of all…for ME…

Hopefully this time I won’t get deathly sick, but a who knows what kind of outcome will enter my life this time

I’m pretty sure nothing will beat last time or live up to it but hey,

I like to beat myself up a little Winking smile xoxo 


  1. I'm only surprised you weren't able to find a "Pintglass Marathon" where you could also celebrate your love for beer. Congratulations! Looking forward to reading about your runs while I gear up for my first marathon (uh oh).

  2. Ugh!! is my goal to create a beer marathon here in CNY!! will ROCK your 1st marathon. Nothing can compare. That's why I'm so scared now LOL!!

  3. This is awesome! I just signed up for Wineglass as my first marathon ever after starting running this year. Great minds and all that... Best of luck to us both!

  4. Awesome!! You will have a blast. I know a few people running that marathon.

  5. I know we don't officially know each other, but living in the same area...if you ever want to grab a run together just let me know!

  6. oh, and I must have a thing for crazyy...and you girl, you are definitely crazy!


  7. Girl... You crazy

  8. Congrats on registering for your second marathon!

    I'm registered to attempt my first full marathon in September and to be honest, your story of going for your 1st even when you weren't fully prepared is what convinced me I can do it, too. So, thanks for being an inspiration!

  9. I am in love with your WHYS... In such a funk of late, you have motivated me once again. Thank you

  10. This rocks! Sometimes all you need is a goal to reach for... You will work it out!

  11. Great idea...good luck with the training!


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