This is not for me!!

My god…I need to hire someone to do my blog posts apparently.  Fuck, am I lazy or what?!

Here comes the part where I blame it on weather, the season, my being sick with the flu….much hasn’t changed since my last blog post huh?? Eh…it has gotten better.  A bit.

Then there was tonight…

I recently, officially, became a Weight Watchers leader.  And just this past week, I was blessed with my very first OWN meeting,

I met with them tonight…staying quite.  Even though my poster hung in front of all of them and they looked and me puzzled, I didn’t say a word.  I waited and waited…then it came.  The leader now is moving and it was sad, and very emotional.  Some will go, most will stay with me I hope. 

I hear things like “Oooh, we have a celebrity leader!!” which made me giggle.  How sweet.
The thing is…I felt at peace with these people at once.  They started talking about drinking wine (I’m sorry…HELLO?!) and their energy was contagious.  I fell in love with them instantly.  They kept joking joking about alcohol and I said “Oh have no idea…this may turn into an AA meeting, not a WW meeting” LMAO!! They loved that.  I’m good at charm Winking smile

Something in my snapped…this isn’t about me.  This meeting isn’t about me.  It’s about them.  A woman was so brave enough to come up to me and tell me what she and her friend are looking for…homework!! I like it!!  Two others gave me a hug…

This meeting is not about me.

I’ve been a WW member for 3 and 1/2+ years….

This meeting is not about me.

Then it hit me.

When I chose to be on your meetings wall, on your TV, in your magazine… I chose to not have it be all about me.

Still, I need my outlet.  I need someone smacking me and telling me to knock it off, but…

I signed up to help all of YOU.  I signed up to show you that even “famous” ones screw up, get lost, and get back on track.  Weight loss is not perfect.  Life is not perfect.  If it was…we’d all be those hot bikini shots plastered every where, lol.

This seems like a hard task to burden...and it is.  But I know that this is the task I wish to carry out.  It wont always be perfect, or even meet within their guidelines, but it's a task I will never quite on, never give up on...never fight for.

I will find my own meeting again. (Kinda hard to do when you are plastered IN the meeting…but at the same time, I’m not complaining…I’m leaving the meeting I’ve attended for 3+ years, but that’s another blog post…good for long time WW members…)


THIS IS FOR YOU!!!!! That’s *why* I do this!!

Being able to lead this group is one of the happiest things to happen in my life!!  I feel blessed and honored and deep down, minus my fears and anxiety, I know that this is for me. I am meant to do this.  This is my path. 

And it could be yours….

I'm ready for Tuesdays!!!!


  1. I love that you tell it like it is! Thank you for sharing ALL of the UP's & DOWNS of your journey with US :) xoxo

  2. And, while you shall lead you will find that you, yourself will be led in return. We all heal each other, my friend. You will be an amazing WW leader. They are so lucky to have you.


  4. You sound like you're going to be a great leader!

  5. That's so awesome Suzi! I sure wish you were my leader ! :-D

  6. And thank you! I wish you were at my meetings!

  7. Congrats on your meeting! I wish you much success!

  8. I wish I lived closer. I would love to attend your WW meeting.
    You will be a fantastic leader! Congrats :)

  9. YOu sound like you'll be a FANTASTIC and motivational leader. Your members are lucky to have you!!!!

  10. You are so real and so inspiring. Your outlook and thoughtfulness are the things that are going to make you a great leader! I hit goal this morning, and I find myself so scared of maintenance, but coming back to your blog has been one thing that has helped me to see that this is a long journey, and that we're never "done" with it. I think your meeting members are lucky to have you!

  11. I am on weight watchers online.. but I would be proud to have you as my leader. You are a great inspiration Suzi!!! Good Luck your gonna be the best.

  12. Congratulations lady. I have said it before but I'll say it again so proud of u and no one deserves what u have more. I wish I could attend your meeting. Love you!!!!

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