Dear Beer

Dear Beer-
Hey. It’s Suzi. I’d ask you how you are but I already know the answer…you’re good. Real good. Too good.

You know, I bought my very first homebrewing kit so I can make some of your delicious, magical ale myself!! I am *very* excited about this. It is just another way for me to show my love for you.

However, I write this letter with a bit of regret.

You see, I’ve been sick for a while now. And during that sickness, I turned to you, a lot. And not your light friends. I turned to your heavy, golden, hoppy friends. Even while on all my medications to get rid of the crazy flu/bronchitis/sinus infection crap, I still cradled up with you on the couch. Hoping that you would give me ease.

Well I have to face the fact that you are not giving me ease. You tempted me with your evil ways and I once again fell into a trap that I was in many years ago. Remember that time?? When I was 101 lbs heavier than I am now…yeah, that time. You’re making me make bad choices, be lazy, and feel yucky.

So I have to change the rules of our relationship. Of course, I’m not giving you up completely…let’s not get silly here. But it looks like I’m back to your light brews for a little while. Actually I think I will wait to have my next craft beer until it’s *MY* craft beer!!

This isn’t the first time I have had to alter our relationship. I’ve written a similar letter like this before. I know you will be upset & you will try to tempt me each and every day, but deep down I know that this is something I need to do. Not to just lose the 10 lbs I’ve put back on (thanks to being sick mostly) but just to feel better about myself & get back into my normal, healthy routines.

You and I need to learn to be ying & yang again. And we will. I know we can make this work since we have so many times in the past.

With Love- Suzi


  1. I read an article yesterday, saying that light beers are on the decline. For me, I have to drink light beer. The others are so heavy.

    I sure hope you feel better soon. You've been sick for so long, it seems. I can't imagine how you feel :(

  2. I understand your struggle. Good luck!

  3. Your struggle with beer is my struggle with wine. Wine and I have had to break up for a bit, it's tough but has to happen.

  4. I missed you, glad you are back :)

    1. Hi all,
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      Talk soon.


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