Some is better than none

It seems to be my greatest affair, or my worst enemy. For months, I will say ever a couple of years it was my EVERYTHING. I don’t think I went more than 2 days without getting some kind of workout in. And “some kind” of workout was usually at least a 3 mile run, at minimum. Because I trained myself to believe that anything less than 3 miles didn’t count.

Honestly, Exercise has been on the back burner ever since my Marathon in October. I thought after the marathon I would get bit by the running bug again, since I lost some of my passion for it during the summer, but no bug bit me.

Which brings me to today…

As I have shared. The end of November through beginning of January has been a little rough. I haven’t been following WW as well as I should and normally do. I’ve let a couple of lbs creep on. I let exercise become a faint memory. What?? I ran a marathon a few months ago??

BUT…I have taken back control!! I’ve been tracking like a fool, staying within my DPV (daily points values) and I haven’t had a beer since Sunday night. GO ME!! I’m feeling awesome and more like myself than I had the past few weeks.

I’ve even been working out a little bit, slowly adding it back into my routine as not to overwhelm myself as I tend to do sometimes. Right now I’ve been focusing more on what I’m eating & putting into my body with working out being next in line.

Running has still not caught up to me yet. Mind you, I’m not having issues with running more than 3 miles. Of course, it all pretty much has to be done on a treadmill because I do not like to run in the dark where I live and that’s really my only option. I don’t mind the treadmill though. But I’ve been switching it up and have been rocking it out on the elliptical lately as well. It’s been a nice change of pace.

But sometimes I think to myself “Suzi, you only ran a damn mile” or “Suzi, you only worked out for 20 minutes”.

I never in a million years thought I would get to a point in my life where I would say I’ve ONLY ran a mile and not been happy about it.

So here is where I’ve adopted a new mantra…”1 mile is better than 0 mile!”

Pop Quiz Time:

Is it better to-

A.) Sit on the couch tipping back yet another beer or

B.) Getting mildly sweaty on the elliptical for 20 minutes (I know, this one is kind of a trick question)

Is it better to-

A.) Do Walk/Run intervals for 2-3 miles or

B.) Sit in bed & read blogs about other people exercising.

Sometimes going “all or nothing” works, and sometimes it doesn’t. I’m at a point right now where all or nothing is not really sticking with me, so I’m breaking the mentality of what is “enough” and going with what feels best. Sure, the 2 mile run and 20 minute elliptical may not be the greatest sweat session that my old 8 mile runs would bring on, but I know that by getting myself back into my routine, I will be back to my “no less than 3” mentality sooner than I probably think.

When I am there getting my ½ hour workout in, someone else is out there eating a bag of Fritos. And I hate them, because I want some Fritos damnit, but I want to feel like my awesome self even more. And I want beer. Beer trumps Fritos every time…unless I’ve had too many beers.

I want to take a minute to thank The Anti-Jared again for his beautiful post yesterday. It was extremely nice of him to write such sweet words about me. Glad to call him a friend!!  And and enourmous thank you to all of YOU for your never ending love and support. XOXO


  1. Good job on getting right back on track! And yes, something is better than nothing! I have the same motto!

  2. Once you run a marathon, no exercise seems like enough. But it is enough! I like the saying that even if you are running slow, you are lapping everyone on the couch. Whenever I'm in an exercise rut, I find that for a few weeks 20 minutes is all I can muster, then I find I want to stay for 30 minutes... then I'm psyched for a 4 mile run. We all go through cycles, you're just at the beginning of your working out cycle right now!

  3. Great attitude! Look how far you have come, make it a life time change and yes, its better to walk that four miles. I did in 21 degree weather this morning at 6. Love it!

  4. Great job taking back the control, Suzi!

    I understand the thought of no run under 3 miles counting. Sometimes I feel that way, too. But, with our busy schedules and lives, 1 mile is better than nothing. Plus, you're still lapping those who are sitting on their couches!

  5. I read quite a few fitness/weight loss blogs daily and I've noticed a trend among them which echos your post. A lot of hardcore runners/exercisers seem to be taking some time off, or taking it easy lately. Easing up on themselves. Myself included. I just chalk it up to the time of year. We'll be back in full swing soon.

    And I joined WW online January 1 (how original). I've been tracking on a free website all year but I find I'm doing so much better on WW.

  6. Listen Suzi, with life changing events come life changing events. The last few months of your life has been chaotic. I won't say give yourself a break because you and I both know now that you're under pressure with the current event to keep kicking ass.

    Fuck dude, go look in the mirror will ya.

    Kiss that damn face looking back at you.

    Tell her the chaos may come and go but working out and moving forward must come back. Whether it's 1 mile, 20 minutes of cardio or dancing in the kitchen until we're sweating

    It's what we do.

  7. Girl, I swear I could have written this exact same post.

    You know we have both been on the same path since running marathons in October.

    I managed to keep up with some running through November, but totally lost it in December. But, I totally gave up on eating write in mid-November.

    The great thing is, we have BOTH recognized what we were doing, and we are both making changes.

    I have ALWAYS believed that any movement is better than no movement, so even if all I can do that day is a few squats in the kitchen, or some tricep dips on the coffee table, I try to do SOMETHING when I would otherwise be doing nothing>

    You've got this. WE'VE got this!

  8. Go Suzie! You can do it! I understand how hard it is to want to excercise! I like it for a while then I'm tired of it! I too have only had two glasses of wine in over a week! It'll help. Good Luck! I'm so appreciate of all the support you've shown me and I am here to support you right back!

  9. I saw your WW ad yesterday. Been looking out for it. Was so stoked to finally get in on the action. You are so inspirational!

  10. "It doesn't matter how slow you're going or how far, you're still lapping those sitting on the couch" one of the girls in work had this as her computer wallpaper... really stuck with me!

  11. Thanks so very much for this post. I've just joined Weight Watchers and following the plan has been fairly easy and tracking is like a daily challenge game for me. Exercise has been a killer so reading what you said has helped me realized all I need to strive to do is a little something each day. Love your blog and so glad I found it and also found Anti-Jared. The two of you are a huge inspiration to me.

  12. This is exactly what I needed right now. I too struggle with the all or nothing mentality. I recently wrote a post about how one day I was disappointed in myself for not pushing hard enough and the next day gave myself an "exercise hangover" because I pushed too hard. You have a great attitude. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  13. My saying is it's better to walk than nothing at all, which helps me when I have to do more walking than I planned on my runs.

  14. I hate The Anti-Jared. He always turns off his comments.

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