Dear @k8thulu …

(Dear everyone else first, to understand this blog post here’s a little background for you…Earlier this afternoon I tweeted the following which lead to the following response from someone who was following me:


That then led her to post this on her blog which can be read by clicking here. (*Please Note: Her blog post has since been edited*)

Now, I feel it is only fair to express *my* opinion as well.  I am not angry with her…every one is entitled to their own opinion.  So this is mine….I normally don’t respond to anything like this, but when you attack something I feel so strongly about I feel I have a right to respond…)

Kate, no need to be sorry for your snarky remark. I would say that I am sorry for the increase in WW posts but that would be a lie.  Considering I am IN the new WW #Believe campaign, it would only make sense that I would promote it proudly.  It is, other than my weight loss, the proudest thing I have done to date.  I will be screaming it to the high heavens for as long as I can and as I said last week on Twitter, if no one likes it then too bad.  Unfollow, as you did, because it is as simple as that.  Because I will always stand up for what I believe in. 

Congratulations to your mother for losing 101 lbs. Having lost that same amount myself I know that it is no small feat.  I’m sure that the years she spent leading WW meetings were quite impactful on the members that came through that door.  However, I will not comment on her position within the WW corporation since I do not know the reasons why they made her stop leading and took her meetings away.  It is unfortunate that she had to lose a long time leader & friend…that happened to me last year and it can be a very difficult transition.

I did WW for the first time ever back in 2005…I lost 55 lbs. 

Then I gained it all back, PLUS another 50. 

Was that WW’s fault?? NO.  Did WW make me stop going to meetings?? NO.  Did WW put fatty burgers, fries & beer down my throat every night?? NO

So who’s fault was it….IT WAS MINE!!

Now I’m not saying that it’s your mother’s fault as to why she has gained weight and is no longer at goal.  You spoke of medical issues dealing with a bad knee and shoulder, all of which can definitely hinder weight loss and/or maintenance.  But none of that is WW fault.  Obviously your mother knows the program works and *believes* it works because she continues to go each week.  When I strayed a little from goal weight I have felt the same as she has…failure. But I can’t blame that on WW.  I blame that on myself and the things that I am not doing that I know I *should* be doing.  In my eyes the only one calling your mom a failure was herself (according to you) and well, you. She sounds like a fighter who isn’t giving up….that’s not failure. It may *feel* like it because she’s not seeing the results she wants, but that’s not failure. 

When we did this Believe campaign we were not telling the public “Believe you can lose weight or you suck if you don’t.” we are telling you to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.  If you mom believes she can, just like you say she does, then she WILL do it!! Never give up, never back down, never stop fighting…BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

You don’t have to care about Jennifer Hudson.  She wasn’t what started me on my journey.  But I respect a woman who chooses to make a healthier life not only for herself but for her son and the rest of her family as well.  After meeting and working with her I have a lot more respect for her.

She was happy in her old body, yes….You know (here comes the dead daddy card…) what….

My father was happy being over 350 lbs and didn’t care one fucking bit about losing weight and guess where that got him??  Dead of a heart attack at the age of 34, leaving his 10 year old daughter behind.  Maybe if programs like WW did these kind of campaigns (especially the ones with Charles Barkley) 18 years ago my father would have changed his tune a bit. Maybe. But I don’t believe he was a failure. That was his choice.

My mother has gone back and forth to WW more times than I know. Successful each and every time.  It hasn’t always “worked” for her obviously, but again, that’s not WW fault. Funny because, since these new campaigns started she’s thinking about going back…Hmmmmm. Is she going to be a failure if it doesn’t work long term again this time Kate?  

Sure, Weight Watchers doesn’t work for everyone.  No plan works for everyone. But some people Kate, want to believe that this will work for them, and that doesn’t make them idiots or future failures.   

I do not need to set a better example.  I couldn’t be more fucking proud of the example I set for everyone online or in my real life.  I AM A LIFETIME WEIGHT WATCHER MEMBER. I BELIEVE IN THE WEIGHT WATCHERS PROGRAM. I BELIEVE IN MYSELF.

You don’t have to believe in me or believe in Weight Watchers Kate, you can just flip the page when you see my ad or press the fast forward button when my commercial’s comes on. 


  1. Well said, Suzi. Some people have to bring others down to feel better about their own choices. And some people go through life wanting to blame everyone else, rather than accepting responsibility for themselves. You chose the opposite and so has Kate's mother. Sounds like the only one with a problem is Kate. I'd question whether she is truly as accepting of her own body as she claims or if she is simply projecting her own frustration onto you.

    Congrats on all of your success!

  2. Wow, this is very sad. Congrats on your weight loss and being in the new campaign. SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Maybe someday I can be in one too! To steal a line from Journey...Don't stop Believin'!

  3. Weight Watchers works if you, yourself do it. You don't walk into a meeting and they sprinkle fairy dust all over you and * Poof! * the weight comes off. Maybe there's more to Kate's story that doesn't involve WW but you can't blame weight gain or regaining on WW only on the person who does it to themselves. If her mother is unhappy with the way things worked out at that meeting place where she was a leader at one time than maybe she should go to another one. Anyways, it's not your fault, JHud's, or WW'ers fault that her mother gained it back.

  4. I definitely have to agree with you.
    I managed to get to goal with Weight Watchers. I gained it back. Was it WW's fault? No it was all on me.
    I'm back with Weight watchers and very happy to be feeling stronger and healthier. Did I have medical issues. Yes I sure did. But that was not the only reason that I gained my weight back.
    Keep doing what you do best Suzi!!

  5. I'm not even a WW member (I would be though if I could afford it) but after reading her post, even I could see that this needed to be said.

  6. My sister had success on weight watchers so I tried it for a few months before I got pregnant. When I tracked and did the working out it worked and made intuitive sense. When I didn't commit I didn't lose weight. What a surprise. Even my husband who is a physician says it is one of the better weight loss programs out there, but its only a program, it can't do the work for you. You inspire me to come back to it when I have post pregnancy weight to get rid of. I personally know almost 10 real people in my every day life who have had amazing success on it just like you, so I believe it!

  7. Suzi, thanks for the response. I think it's good to have approaches to health, and also to have frank, non-hateful dialogue. We (I don't mean you and I, but the royal We) could go back and forth about data & obesity & anecdotal evidence, but I think the point is that everyone has to choose their own path. The How may change, but the Why rarely does. So really, truly, best of luck and happiness to you in all things. I won't read this post again because it's already inspired hate as the internet often does. I'm sure it will be seen as cowardice or lack of authenticity on my part but I assure you it's not. I just don't care to pick a fight. However, for the record, as you say that joining WW (of course) doesn't equate future failure, neither does being fat and proud mean you don't Believe in yourself or have given up. Just so we have an understanding.

  8. Great post! People think if they sign up for a program, they shouldn't have to work to lose the weight. Weight Watchers does work if you follow the plan and move your ass. BELIEVE

  9. I agree with you 100%. Any diet or workout program is what you make of it!

  10. You're amazing. Weight Watchers works (120+ pounds lost here). I will continue to sing your praises and Weight Watchers praises as well. It is the only program that I have been able to stick with and have success with. I've tried it several times over the years. The first time when I was 14 (yes, 14) and I kept that off for about 4 years. I lost 67 pounds and gained back 40 of it. I lost 138 pounds and gained back 110 of it and now I'm only 26 from goal. The only reason I gained it back was because I stopped following the program. I totally understand that sometimes the program doesn't work for everyone. But it does work for us. You rock!!

  11. Preach it sister! well said ! Bravo!
    Have a pretty day!

  12. Are you kidding me? Snarky isn't the word for it. I can't fathom why someone would respond in this way. I've seen all the Hudson commercials, and your's, and I don't recall anyone saying "You should hate your body; if you are not skinny you are not okay." I simply recall a commercial that said if you "believe" it can be done.

    This is from someone who has lost weight, but not with WW. I am doing something completely different. I've tried WW and it wasn't my cup of tea. It wasn't WW's fault; it is an effective program (evidence by your progress and several other people I know). I just prefer a different form of diet.

    It is difficult for me to see the "sad" in inspirational stories. That is part of the reason why I follow you on Twitter, and I'll continue to do so. We've gone about things in different ways, but your still inspirational to me.

  13. I am not on WW (tried it, not a fan) but I am on my own weight loss journey. However, I do like their message of "Believe in yourself." And OF COURSE they want you to believe in their program. They are a company who wants to make money. Dur. However, it does seem to work for a lot of people, so more power to them.

    It's advertising. It's supposed to be persuasive and drive consumers to their product.

  14. I love you post (and I also enjoy a good Twitter battle)! Keep up the awesome things you've done and are doing. And keep tweeting about whatever the hell you want to tweet about.

  15. Well said, Suzi! BTW, I get so excited when your commercial because, as Wendy Williams would say, I see you as a friend in my head.

  16. The sad part is, that same blogger has made it a habit to write posts projecting her own insecurities onto the writings of others, using her blog as an avenue to tear down others rather than use the blog for her own good.

    We are all entitled to our own opinon. This is not the first time I've read innaporpriate comments from @k8thulu. It is my opinion that @k8thulu should work on herself first before judging others.

  17. Wow I am shocked! You have done nothing but inspire others to get healthy. How can that be wrong? Of course WW makes money....duh? Any weight loss plan out there makes money. The thing is it is a great healthy plan that really works! And I for one can't wait until they stop getting my money! I have lost 53 lbs on WW and have 9 left to get to goal. And I know for a fact that most of the people that gain the weight back after losing are the ones that quit going to meetings to weigh in once a month. Basically quit doing what they did to lose and maintain and go back to their old eating habits. So what does that tell you? WW works if you do the program, but it doesn't work by itself. I like what someone said about the "magic fairy dust" when you walk through the door. WW gives you the tools you need to do the work to lose the weight. But in the end it has to come from inside of you. You have to want a better life. And I'm sorry, when I weighed 223 lbs and couldn't lead an active life, and I couldn't shop for nice clothes, when I had no self confidence I wasn't living my "best life". I much prefer this one I'm living now thank you. Suzi Storm you ROCK! Believe baby, I sure do!!

  18. The thing that I like most about you, Suzi, is that you're honest. You've been honest in the past few months that you haven't tracked every single bite and been "on plan". You've been honest and proven that you are HUMAN! Thank you for that. Also, I totally geeked out when I saw the commercial the first time :)

  19. Wow!! Well said Suzi, you SHOULD be PROUD!! You've come a long way, I don't understand her side of the story, if you don't agree with something there is no need to attack it. BELIEVE and do what works for you.

  20. Here's my two cents: you both are right. I miss the old Suzie. There was a monumental shift when WW pegged you for their campaign. It's to be expected. You believe in the program and you should shout it from the mountain tops. I know about shifts in blogging, thought processes and general feel of where we are when we are setting an example of successful weight loss. On several occasions people have said "Tara you're becoming "too" movtivational" on your blog. We miss the raw Tara". What?!? I'm too motivational? Fuck I just want people to live for once in their life.

    People have opinions and like onions they stink and can make us cry. Kate has some valid points and is expressing them with some emotional ties. I can't blame her. You and her both handled the situation maturely. The hate comes from fanbase and people needing to pick sides.

    Fuck em.

    This journey of weight loss and body acceptance sucks. Both of you (and all of us really) should be high fiving any success (that is of course determined on an individual basis) and hugging the crap out of each other for trying to survive the madness.

    Love to the both of you!

    ~ Tara

  21. Great post Suzi.

    As someone that lost 160 pounds (around 100 or so on WW), I can say that it does work. But the reason that it works (imho) is not the program itself. It is the individual.

    I gained 90 pounds back after being on WW. My fault. Not a WW flaw. I faltered for a while, even tried to go back to "plan" for a bit. Wasn't sticking. Then I lost that 90 pounds again. Without WW. What happened? I *chose* to get off my ass and get active again. I chose to be mindful again.

    It is a matter of personal choice and willpower. And, as you point out, a belief in oneself that leads to success.

    Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  22. Renee (@feministrunner)January 11, 2012 at 9:12 AM

    I want to echo what Tara said, particularly this, "The hate comes from fanbase and people needing to pick sides." I'm not sure why there is this need for side-picking, but there is, and it kind of makes me want to check out of the blogosphere (I hate that word!) and Twitter.

    I've expressed some of the same ambivalence (and snark) that Kate has a million times over. I've said that I'm irked by Weight Watchers and the weight loss industrial complex. It kills me that the overall message IS body hate and not being good enough, even if it's not the message of individual bloggers. I'm annoyed by the repetitive idea on weight loss and fitness blogs of before and after (or old me and new me.) I'm tired of the narrative of weight loss bloggers that this struggle is individual and it's all about making the right choices.

    Even if a blogger isn't outright saying, I'm doing this right and therefore you're doing this wrong (if you're not losing weight or not wanting to lose weight or think that being fat and healthy aren't mutually exclusive), if weight loss is a personal struggle (it's not, by the way, and I urge every single weight loss blogger to read the longform New York Times Magazine piece that proves it) then that's kind of the message that gets out there.

    Loving yourself isn't about this extreme weird kind of thing where you need to pick on someone else (the age old siren call of the internet that the critic is just "projecting" her "insecurities) or never listen to anyone else's point of view, even if it's emotional and even if it's completely counter to what you want to hear.

    I'm not talking necessarily to Suzi here, because I think she knows that I see her accomplishments clearly and I think she's done great things, but everyone else: if you're really on a journey, take the time to read and learn something beyond the narrative you keep telling yourself if true. The weight loss and body acceptance blogospheres don't have to be parallel universes. We have a lot to learn from each other, if we take a minute or two to think critically and engage with each other and understand that differences of opinions don't mean "hate" or cruelty, but just differences of opinions.

  23. The fact the someone has taken the time to pick on anyone about losing weight or being healthy is insane. Wanting to live a longer life, and feeling good in your own skin is nothing to be ashamed of. Forget about the vanity aspect of anything. Believing in yourself, fat, skinny, smart, stupid, can come from anywhere but the facts are the facts when you're fat, you're unhealthy, I don't know who could be proud of that. So when you are healthy and can believe in yourself, body, mind and spirt, that is what life is all about. I really don't know how anyone can accept anything less then that. Also a blog is a personal journal about someones own experiences and opinions, if someone needs to take the time out of their day to take someone else down, that person needs to get a life. People look at Suzi as an inspiration because she is just like everyone else out there! People relate to her, she loves food, and beer, and now she loves to work out and be healthy, while still loving food and beer! She has it all!! She is beautiful inside and out WW recognized that, and now she is being rewarded for meeting her own PERSONAL goals. It is only the miserable who take the time to bring down others. It is very clear when someone is not happy with themselves.

  24. I'm a Lifetime WW member. I beleive the program works if you work it and that is up to you. Before I lost 40 pounds I was unhappy with myself because I couldn't keep up with my 6 year old son and I had no confidence. I really hadn't thought of my body as being "fat" until I lost the 40 and realized hmmm "lookin' pretty good" and could play soccer with my son. My family are all Type II Diabetics and therefore that puts me at risk. When my Mom found out a year ago she was Type II her doctor suggested she could control it with diet and she asked about WW and he told her it was a safe sound diet and to try it. She is now a successful Lifetimer to! She is a senior and didn't want yet another medication to pay for so to her it was a healthy alternative. She is not on any medication for her diabetes. I believe in myself. I beleive in WW. I beleive in Suzi. I beleive we are in control of our own destinations and our outcomes are up to us. You can either be miserable or do something about it but don't point fingers at those who want to make a change.

    I'm excited to hear details about the WW shooting! I have been following your blog for a year now. I was super excited New Years Eve to see the Ad with you in it! I was like "I know this person"!!!! She drinks beer and lost 101 pounds! How cool is that? Way cool!

  25. Great response! I was so excited when I walked into my WW meeting last week and saw your giant banner hanging on the wall. I even told my leader, "I know her!" I've been reading your blog for over a year, so I do feel like I know you! You keep it real, and that is appreciated. You look GREAT in the campaign. Love it!

  26. well put, my friend.
    no matter what you do, someones going to feel threatened by it and bag on it.

    be proud of your success, be proud of your accomplishments, be proud of the mentor you are to so many!

  27. bravo, absolutely bravo~ I thought that was your before pic in the commercial!!! Kudos! Everything you said was SPOT ON!

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