Here it is…the “2011 summed up” post…blah blah blah. 

In 2010 I blogged about all the stuff I wanted to achieve in 2011.

Little did I know that I would achieve all of that and then some.
This year I managed to maintain my weight…probably the thing I should be the most proud of.  Of course, there were (are) some ups and downs. I had (have) my moments of defeat and moments of success.  The important part is that I’ve stayed aware of my well being, and I have continued to go to my Weight Watcher meetings.

But 2011 also brought many, MANY surprises.  It was without a doubt one of the best years of my life.

I got to go to NYC and not only do a photo shoot for a Weight Watcher success story, but I also got to meet some good friends in NYC.

While doing my leader training for Weight Watchers, I got to attend their BLS training in Boston and meet some of the best people I have ever know.

I was selected to be one of Oprah’s 100 people who’ve lost 100 or more in her finale weight loss show.
I ran my very first marathon.

Then I went to LA….

LA is, without a doubt, the work I am most proud of.  I never gave up on the dream that this could happen. I knew it, deep down inside, that this is what I was meant to do. Inspire others. Make others *Believe* in themselves.

I also met some amazing people in LA…many of which are a daily part of my life today.  I have a whole new family, and that has been the best gift of all.

After my marathon in October, I was starting to get down on myself. 2011 was so great…was 2012 going to be a huge downer??  I mean, SERIOUSLY…how is 2012 going to out do 2011?!?!
2012 may not out do 2011. But something tells me that it is going to be a FANTASTIC year!! I will and I can make it one!!

In 2012 I hope to…
  • Maintain my weight…keep going to my WW meetings and keep being aware of what I am putting into my body
  • Continue my career with WW. I took a pause earlier this year, but I am back & trained & ready to inspire!!
  • I want to race less…I know this seems like a weird “goal” but last year just felt so pushed. I want to find races I love or do something on the spur the moment.  I’m over training, planning, down-to-the-T running. I’m going to run when I want to run & I’m going to love it, damnit!
I really got nothing else because I mean seriously…how can I top all that?!?!

…but something tells me there is a Storm a brewing….a good storm…a SUZI STORM!!

And don’t worry…my next post will have the clues to what all this LA business is about.  Some of you may know already, or have guessed, but the cat (or lion as some have said) will be let out of the bag soon enough.

Last but not least, I have to say thank you to you ALL.  Thank you for your support, your comments, your encouragement, your love...without that, I wouldn't be where I am today. I brought each and every one of you along with me on these amazing rides.  I can't wait to bond further & meet new, amazing people in the year(s) ahead. XOXO  
*CHEERS* to an amazing year, and to another great year ahead!!


  1. There's a reason you were one of the beer runners to watch in 2011. :) Congrats Suzi! You are awesome!!

  2. Congrats to you! I'm hoping for a better 2012 and I think I might post about my goals for next year like you.

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