The right fit?

We all knew that it would happen someday again…that day when Weight Watchers gets another celebrity endorsement. It was bound to happen and really, can you blame them??

How many people have Jennifer Hudson inspired since she became the face for WW?? How many people have joined *just* because they saw HER story?? I know a couple of people personally who were inspired to start their own journey’s because of her.

Sometimes a celebrity endorsement can really help. Sometimes I think it can hurt. But in my honest opinion I think Weight Watchers does a really good job on marketing their “celebrity”. Let’s be honest, they don’t mass produce celebrity endorsements like some weight loss companies out there. And a lot of the celebrities (Jennifer Hudson, Tina Fey, Jenny McCarthy, Ginnifer Goodwin and many more) who have done the WW program tend to keep their weight off which I think is just another reason why them having celebrity endorsement's doesn’t bother me too much, because I actually believe these celebrities and the journey’s they have taken to lead a healthier life for themselves.

Oh yeah, and I’m living proof that it does work even on the non-famous, so that helps too. :)

So rumor has it that Jessica Simpson is slated to be the newest face of Weight Watchers (though this has not been officially confirmed as of yet). She is pregnant right now but after she gives birth she wants to use the WW program to get the baby weight off and get her body back.
Actually, Jessica Simpson doesn’t bother me too much. Some may call her a ditz, others just call her a really smart ditz. I think she has a fun energy about her. She’s done work in various fields and does a lot of great charity work. She wouldn’t go on my top 10 actress list or anything, but I think she’s alright.

She has always had weight & body issues but has never shied away from them or embracing her curves which I find very admirable. Her self confidence is something that I think is really great and would be great for WW. She also has a huge southern fan base, especially amongst young girls so I think the outreach to them would be wonderful not only for the program but for women of the south as well who need a positive, healthy role model (sorry Paula Deen).

However, here is the thing with her…we all know she can lose weight. We have seen her lose weight many, many times throughout her career. Her problem always seems to be keeping the weight off. So is Weight Watchers the final answer to her yo-yoing ways?? I think it could be, of course!! If we can see her lose weight on this program and actually *keep* it off, well then I think that scores another point in the Celebrity Endorsement success ring for Weight Watchers. 

I still believe that Weight Watchers picks their celebrity endorsements wisely & don’t just use them to show off their program.  Sure, you might not connect with each one, but I'm sure that there are a lot of people who will connect with her, just like have with Jennifer Hudson and the ones before her.  Let’s also not forget that they still use us real people right along side these famous people!!        


  1. I can't help but feel that it's somewhat sad that pregnant women are asked to be the face of any weight loss brand even before they have given birth! It's part of that whole 'must drop the baby weight immediately' celebrity issue that makes normal women who have just had a baby feel inadequate if it takes them some time to lose the weight. (Disclaimer - I have never had a baby - just commenting from what I see amongst my friends!)
    *gets off soap box*
    I do love J Simp though - not one of my favourites either, but always seems to so bubbly.

  2. Before she was pregnant, she kept talking about how comfortable she was in her curvier body and how great she looked. I hope she keeps some of that because she actually looked like a real woman and had the kind of body most people who are trying to lose weight are aiming for.

    *I, too, get off my soap box.

  3. I was a fan of WW b/c they did not have celebrities endorsing their program. I was so tired of JH singing that damn so and so over that campaign. WW appealed to me b/c it features real ppl like you. I don't care what celebrities say about losing weight b/c they have the $$$ to afford resources that I can't : personal chefs, personal trainers, organic foods, gym memberships, delivery food programs, etc. I'm not impressed and I much rather WW stick to the "real" ppl as spokespersons. That is all.

  4. Oops I meant to write I was so tired of JH singing that damn song....

  5. I totally agree with what everyone is saying. I feel the same way. WW doesn't *need* to have a celebrity endorsement & personally I've never found use out of them, but some people do. Sadly, nothing in this world is anything until someone famous says "its awesome".

    When I saw the headline about Jessica Simpson, believe me, the first thought in my head wasn't "Oh yay!"...far from it. But, who the hell am I to go mad over it?! It doesn't effect me and it doesn't effect my weight loss and success on the program.

    Some people need that "celebrity push" and I think she could help to push younger girls who might not have a healthy role model in their life.

    Also, I do hope that if she does become a spokesperson that she keeps her great attitude about her body and keeps some of her curves... Since those are the reasons why she would be a healthy role model in the first place.

  6. I agree to a point. I was excited to see the celebs giving ww's attention.. but after I heard she may be getting $4 million for it.. not so sure.
    I would lose every single pound asap if I were paid that much to lose it. no matter what it took.. yanno?
    I guess we'll see what happens. but nope.. it doesn't really effect me.. other than maybe our fees going up.. I am my own person and doing my own thing with ww's..
    it just kinda sends me mixed signals..
    I sure won't lose sleep over it though :)
    have a great Thanksgiving girl!

  7. @ Sugar... Unfortunately, I have heard that the fees ARE going to go up for the Monthly Pass for new members... Kinda sucks.

  8. If WW can pay a rich celebrity $4 million; they can afford "NOT" to raise the monthly pass or any fees. I do not believe JH lost the weight by only following the WW plan.

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