California Dreamin’


So this post is long over due, but hey! I’ve been busy going out and drinking catching up with work & things around the house.

As many of you know, I went to California for a week recently to shoot a commercial and as campaign.  What is that commercial and campaign for?? Well, you will just have to keep reading my blog for a few more weeks to find out (I swear, this isnt a desperate attempt to keep you all around, but hey, if its working I just might be onto something).

I can’t even begin to describe how much I *LOVED* California.  I did not expect to fall in love with that place, but I did, hard.  I even told Frankie that if it wasn’t for him and the cats, I would have stayed there. Seriously.  It was like a perfect mix of busy but calm.  Everything was beautiful, even when it wasn’t…does that make sense??  It wasn’t as busy as NYC, but it wasn’t the boring suburbs either.  Not a day has gone by yet where I haven’t thought about that place & the time spent there.

Another amazing thing about California??  The super awesome people I got to meet.  These people are some of the most amazing people I have ever met.  We bonded in a very strong way.  I love them to pieces and they have become like a family.  I miss them

SO, since I can’t go into what exactly the “work” is that I did in LA, I can talk about how I spent my free time with my peeps.  I figured its easiest to do that in photos, with some commentary as we go along.  This is mostly in order, but a few photos may jump around…So go grab yourself beer, sit back and Enjoy!!

DSC01105This was the view from my windows on the plane…flying first class, or as I like to call it, free alcohol class. I have never seen mountains….I was in awe.

DSC01112PALM TREES!!!!!! This picture and the one below are the views from the balacony of my hotel room. Yes, I had a balcony and yes, it fucking rocked!!


DSC01133This is Fox Studios.  It was directly behind out hotel.  Very cool!!


Most of the photo’s you are about to see were taken on top of a double decker bus.  We decided on our day off to pay $35 for an all excess bus tour and it was AWESOME!!!! Seriously, the best $25 EVER spent.  You could get off at different stops and hang out for a while.  Busses ran the route every 20 minutes.  We got to see SO much of LA thanks to this amazing tour. If you ever get to go to LA, do the Starline Sightseeing tour!!

DSC01137DSC01143Girls just want to have fun!!!! (while we freeze our asses off on top of that bus)


Beverly Hills Hotel, where the first Oscars were held. Audrey Hepburn was here before *swoon*.


Can somebody say Police Academy?!

DSC01163SANTA MONICA PIER BABY!!!!!! I was finally able to see the ocean.  I had to hold back tears, seriously…

DSC01168DSC01169DSC01173My feet in California sand.  The most amazing feeling in the world!!


Fun fact…the Palm Trees that you see here are the only kind of Palm Tree that are indigenous to California.  Every other Palm Tree has been imported.  This is the same street that many openings of movies and TV shows have been shot. Can you say “Hello 90210?!”

DSC01191DSC01199DSC01203Rodeo Dr. Yeah….it’s pretty much where I do all my shopping now.

DSC01204DSC01207DSC01208DSC01212DSC01218Flynt Publications, as in Larry Flynt, as in Hustler magazine.

DSC01223DSC01228DSC01235Renee is ready for some Pinks Hot Dogs!!!!  As are the rest of us, which we might regret later.  We ended up eating at Hot Dog On A Stick earlier at the beach, then this….oof.  But it was delicious!! I got the Ozzy dog, of course.

DSC01236DSC01238Waiting for the bus to pick us up after Pinks…seemed like it took FOREVER.  This photo has always been and always will be titled ‘LA Rocks!’.

DSC01248DSC01252DSC01260DSC01265DSC01267Kick ass poster for ‘American Horror Story’, the most badass show on television lately.


DSC01366DSC01368DSC01369DSC01289Weird to think that Marilyn Monroe’s hand was a bit bigger than mine, especially since her feet were SO damn tiny.


Ahhh, one of my favorite photos….Me and my husband, Robert Downey Jr holding hands. XOXO

DSC01319It’s hard to see because it was dark out at this point but that’s the Viper room!!

379796_2368099896036_1656602496_2383412_1430094884_nWaiting for the last bus, poor Renee was freezing so Jennifer snuggled with her.  We we’re about to board a bus driven by Vladamir…the craziest tour bus driver to exist.

DSC01331Another few from the hotel…we could see the Hollywood sign!! (Right Jenn Winking smile)

DSC01334I bought myself a special present while in LA to give myself an anchor to remember the amazing time I had.

DSC01343OK…so, here’s the thing.  What do you do when it’s like 9:00 at night and you know you have stuff to do the next day so you can’t go too crazy, but you’re too riled up to just go to bed…well than you come to Suzi’s room to have a beer and play truth or dare!!  This is sweet Lindsey and we dared her boyfriend Patrick to put my red lipstick on her face with whatever hand he doesn’t use to write with.  Even with that mess on her face she is still an adorable little hottie!!


This is Jennifer.  Oh, how I love Jennifer.  She got the most “dares” out of anybody in that room.  This was a retelling of the old Molly Ringwald classic.  She pulled it off like a champ too!!

And if anyone is wondering, the Four Seasons accommodates to Transgendered guests.  We made a phone confirmation of that, LOL!! Oh man, good times, good times.DSC01349We saw an amazing photo exhbit here at the Annenburg, for free!! It was a great way to kill some time & see some pop culture.


Some of the crew!! You have Emily, Yours truly, Renee, Brian (B-Dog), and Jenn. This was outside at our hotel.  It was really gorgeous. This was right after our trip to Pink Taco!! (hee hee hee)

Man…look at all those people drinking beer.  I don’t believe I had *ANYTHING* to do with that.



DSC01122FYI…I’m wearing Chanel in this picture…bet you can’t guess where!!



Well, I think that’s pretty much it!! Well, at least what I can share anyways Winking smile.  I could not feel more blessed than to have had this experience and to be able to share it with such amazing people.  I will never be able to fully express how grateful I am.  California will forever hold a very special place in my heart.


  1. Nice :) I'm so glad you had a great time! These are awesome pics - I have a lot of similar ones from my last trip to Hollywood! (and consequently my wedding dinner was held at the Pink Taco in Las Vegas!) I thought you meant me Renee was ready for some Pinks' Hot Dogs! LOL (because I AM!!!!)

  2. I can't wait to hear about why you were in California.

    Such a tease!

  3. I don't even know you except that I follow your blog and today's post was like I was right there enjoying all the amazing places you went to. I have so many of those same photos. It was fun going to them and there's so much more to do in CALIFORNIA. Glad you had fun with your friends. That made for lasting memories for all of you.

  4. Can you start a "guessing campaign"? I guess this is for a "young" campaign for WW. I am a leader for WW and you all seem like model WW members and your ALL young and cool. I know we want to drive young members to the WW rooms and push the Online program. Again Just a GUESS--it could be for a beer campaign or something like that. Or people who kick ass for Nike. Whatever it was you all had a ton of fun!

  5. Thanks for that! I was born in raised in SoCal, but have live in WA state for the past 6 years. I miss California SO much! Seeing your pics was like being home again, for a little while.

  6. looks like an amazing time! i cant wait to see the finished product of your work :)

  7. I love that you got yourself an anchor! I bought myself one too, a ring with my birthstone :)


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