September 19th

September 19th….it’s a pretty awesome day.

 For starters, it is my best friend Kimberly’s birthday…and I mostly remember that because my birthday is exactly one month away :) I'm awful with birthdays, lol. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM!! I LOVE YOU XOXO

Then there is that other awesome thing about September 19th….

September 19th, 2010…I ran my very first half marathon.

It was the Rock & Roll Race series, in Philadelphia PA. 

It was the first time Frankie and I went out of state together and actually took a “vacation” just the two us (insert singing here).

It was also a huge stepping stone in my own self discovery…I discovered that I am stronger than I think.  I discovered that I can do anything that I set my mind to.  I discovered that I don’t give up easily.  I discovered that I have a willpower that stands to be tested.

It was one of the happiest moments in my life.  No race has yet to compare (nor do I think ever will. But…).  I was so proud of myself, and to be honest…I don’t even think my weight loss compared to this feat.
So….here I am….12 days away from my first full marathon.  I can sit here and bore you with the details about how I haven’t trained properly…I will have to walk a lot… I might have to be carried….I might die….

But…I as scared as I am, and as STUPID as running this marathon might be for me right now, I think about this day, one year ago today, and I say to myself “You can do it…because you want to do it…because there is something inside of me that is burning and needs to be put out.”

To be honest, I never fully trained properly for my half marathon either. I’m such a rebel ;)
Anyways…the point here is not to brag or ask for pity for the upcoming full…it’s to hopefully showcase this thought…

You are always stronger than you think you are.  You can always do more then what you set your limits to.  If you want something bad enough, you can achieve it.  If you have a fire burning so fierce inside you, you will do what ever you need to do to put it out.  After my 1/2 marathon I said “no way, I have no interest in running a full marathon”….yet here I am,

I’m not going to say that my life changed in some enormous way after the 1/2 marathon (well actually, it did in a lot of ways, but not because of that) but my outlook on myself changed.  I believed in my worth more.  I believed in my heart more. I believed in me!!

So do something….do something beyond your limits.  Do something that breaks your own barriers….you never know where it will take you….


  1. This is the post I needed—you have inspired me to go for the gusto. I’ve been teetering on whether to do a 10K or a 15 mile in an upcoming trail run. ( I’ll push beyond my limits as I have heard from several, that this is no ordinary trail run. I’m going to look forward to the run and give it all I got, because like you, I WANT to!!

  2. I've been thinking about you and your marathon and I think about when I ran my first marathon I kind of wish I hadn't trained so much. You know, because it's not like I was awesome in terms of time. I still walked a whole lot and it was painful as all hell but I got it done. I was awesome in terms out outlook. You should see my picture as I crossed the finish line.
    Rock this shit out, Suzi!

  3. Dude. Seriously? Your birthday is October 19th? So is my husbands!

  4. So glad to see the sun shining again in your posts! Glad u fought your way thru it.

  5. Great sentiments Suzi... love the thought you showcased. Should be made into a sign so we can tack it on the wall to remind ourselves on those off days. Best of luck in your marathon... looking forward to hearing the tale afterward! :)

  6. You'll do great, best of luck!

  7. the finish time doesnt matter: its that you toed the start line to begin with. take it slow, walk when you need to and be proud of what you're accomplishing.


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