Remember The Time…


No folks, this isn’t an ode to the Michael Jackson song (though, that song does kick ass).  This is an ode to the way we used to be…or maybe an ode to the way we *want* to be. 

Remember the time… you couldn’t wrap a standard size bath towel around your body after a shower.

Remember the time… when your ass hung over your chair in your office.

Remember the time… when your size 18’s became too tight.

Remember the time… when you rocked some camel toe just to avoid the reality that those are just too tight.

Remember the time… when you could barely buckle the seat belt around your waist on an airplane or bus.

Remember the time… when somebody offered you clothes & you took them out of kindness, all while knowing that they were two sizes too small.

Remember the time… when you looked at a photograph of yourself and you said “that’s not me…that’s just a really bad angle”.

Remember the time… when you were so jealous of all the “thin” people.

Remember the time… when you thought being “thin” was so easy.

Remember the time… when you would be out of breath going up the short amount of stairs you had to get to your bathroom or bedroom.

Remember the time… when you thought running was impossible.

Remember the time… when you checked weight limits to make sure they were safe for you.

Remember the time…  when you compared yourself to other “fat” people.

Remember the time… when you woke up one morning and said to yourself “how the fuck did I get like this?!?!”

Remember the time… when you finally said to yourself, “enough is enough!!”

Remember the time… when you finally believed that you deserve better.

Remember the time… when you were not scared anymore.

Remember the time… when you took the step forward to change your life.

Remember today how amazing that choice felt.


  1. OOOOOKAYYYYY SUZI-BOO, i'm friggen crying at my kitchen table. luff-you. SNIFF.

  2. Remember the time you sat there with a bowl/plate/bag full of bad food as you read health blog's? Yeah...

  3. I needed this today. I remember being winded on the stairs up to my condo, I remember my jeans being so tight that only sweatpants were comfortable, I remember not leaving the house without shape altering lycra on most parts of my body and sweating buckets in the summer because of it. But honestly, I had forgotten. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. just ate wayy too many cookies and read this. HA! Off to the gym I go. Thanks!

  5. I needed this today. The day I decided I had enough was the first day of class one semester when I went to my first class and realized that I had gained more weight than I had realized over the break because I had to squeeze myself into a desk. I sat through the whole class, only thinking about how fat I was and how everyone must be staring at me. It was one of the worst days I have ever had, and I felt so bad about myself. On days like today, where I just feel like giving up, remembering the way I felt that day is such an important reminder of WHY I can't just quit!

  6. Girl did i need to read this.... Right THIS moment!!!

  7. I love this Suzi! So true, I have been there.

  8. Love this!

    I remember and know it's extremely important we don't ever forget where we came from, where we are and where we want to go.

    Rock on!

  9. I needed to read this, I am just about to go to another weight meeting.

    I wanna be able to "remember" those things..

  10. This is great, Suzi. It's the things we have to remember when we're having a rough day or need some motivation!

  11. I actually have this printed and on my fridge!


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