Hello Autumn

It is finally here!! The happiest time of year…Autumn, Fall, Yummy Smell Season….

I am an Autumn child.  Born on October 19th, my heart has always been one with this season.  My favorite holiday, even as a little child, has always been Halloween.  Apples, Pumpkins, the cool crisp air, the color red and the intricate colors that accompany it….I love it all. 

There is a peace in the air that no other season brings me.  There is a rush of happiness that flows over me every time I step out the door and inhale that gorgeous fall air.  I am always my most joyful in the fall. 

Living in CNY, we are pretty lucky, as we get a GORGEOUS viewing of fall in all of its glory.

Autumn is the time when I fell in love with running…Truly fell in love with it. I ran my very first 5K at a Halloween trail run.  Autumn is also the time when I feel the strongest and at my best being on program with Weight Watchers (which is weird with such big Holidays that I celebrate around this time, but somehow, I stay focused).

This Autumn, I will be running my first full marathon.

Maybe you are looking for that fresh start I talked about a few weeks ago.  Or maybe you are just sick of the summer heat (though I will miss Summer, because I have fallen much in love with Summer as well…especially since I lost that 101 lb blanket I had and now I’m freezing all the damn time!!)….But here is your chance to take back control!!

Here is your chance to fall (haha...get it) in love with yourself, all over again…or maybe for the first time.  A chance to make a new commitment BEFORE heading into a new year. 

Enjoy your pumpkins…your candy apples….the smells of cinnamon and nutmeg….that crisp chill in the air….that first taste of warm, soothing coffee in the morning…Enjoy all the colors and the crunch of the leaves on the ground….Enjoy YOU and the beauty that YOU add to this gorgeous season.


  1. Did you take that picture?? OMG I want to move there! Find me an apt Suzi!

  2. I love fall too...I was born the day before halloween and it's always felt like *my* time you know? :)

  3. I love fall. love love love. It's easier for me to run out doors, and I love sweaters, and I love the fact that the entire area looks like a painting with all of the colored leaves.

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