Back to Basics


This weeks Weight Watcher meeting really struck a cord with me.  It was all about a fresh start.  Or maybe even for some of you, it would be more a new start.

Autumn is closely falling (hahaha) upon us.  This means the cookouts are over…the days of laying out and playing in the sand at the beach are put aside till next year.  And now we get to complain about the bitter cold instead of the suffocating heat. (All of this happens when you live in Syracuse NY and get 179 inches of snow a year…joy!)

Summer for me is always tough.  Sure, you get a more wide selection of fruits and vegetables and you can get outside and be active more.  But how often do we often choose to do the “healthy” things outside in summer.  How many of us end up in front of the TV, or if you are lucky enough, you’re at the stadium, watching a baseball game, drinking beer and snacking on foods that aren’t necessarily friendly to your waistline. 

I need a fresh start.

Not just from the delicious summer beers I drank and tasty bbq chickens I ate, but I need a fresh start on getting back to *ME*.

Sometimes we think that when we are “sabotaging” ourselves it’s because we are weak or just making poor choices.  But I think a lot of the times it’s just because we forget to put ourselves first. 

I started thinking about this time last year and where I was….Days away from running my very first 1/2 marathon….so close to goal weight, then changing that goal weight because I knew I was cutting myself off short, in two months time I would hit my goal weight and a little over a month later I would become a Lifetime WW member…I felt great, strong and empowered.

Where am I today??  Still at goal weight thank god, but I don’t track like I used to. I don’t attend all my Weight Watcher meetings like I used to (I still go, just not as frequently).  And I’m not all giddy and excited for my first full marathon…I’m unprepared and terrified.  I feel blah, a bit broken and in need of a fresh start.

So what do we do when we feel like this?? We get back to basics!!  These are my basics, the things that will give me a FRESH start:

  • Tracking what I eat and drink.  This is what I believe to be the #1 most important tool with WW and it is what let me lose 101 lbs.  Even if you don’t follow WW, journaling your food is key.  It keeps me accountable and lets me see where I need to make improvements.
  • Attending my WW meetings more regularly.  This month is my 3 year anniversary with WW (September 18th 2008 is the exact date) so I’m not going to lie….the meeting topics get a little repetitive.  Especially considering that I worked for them for a few months, I could run a lot of the meetings in my sleep I am pretty sure.  But for a while during the summer I used that as en excuse to not go and to go do something else.  I have to stop doing that & just sit through them.  There is sure to be a special moment in that meeting that makes it worth staying for…there always is!!
  •  Staying true to MYSELF. Not just eating something because somebody made it or offered it to me.  Not just preparing something to please others.  I didn’t lose the weight for others and I sure the fuck do not want to gain weight back for others!! 
  • Putting myself first.  Sure, this is a lot like staying true to myself, but this is more about taking the time for myself.  Taking the extra time and effort is preparing a good, healthy, Points+ friendly meal for myself.  Taking the time to go to my WW meeting instead of making sure other things get done for others.  Finding the time and exercise that will give me some peace of mind & a good workout!! 
  • Remembering why I do all of this in the first place.  My weight loss and maintenance is for nobody but MYSELF.  I don’t do it for others. I don’t do it for any fame.  I don’t do it for any statics.  I don’t do it for any comparisons.  I do it for me and only me and if I am not happy with the way that I am doing things, I am the only one who can change it.  I can build my own little piece of happiness, and at times, that’s all I crave in life.  Selfish, yes, but I don’t care.

Track, go to your WW meetings (if you are a member), choose foods that are good for you at least 90% of the time (because lets be honest here people…you are NOT going to be good ALL of the time), get some exercise in, PUT YOURSELF FIRST…Do these things, every day….that’s all you need to do!!

The basics are so simple (hence them being “basic”…I am so smart) yet we often try to make everything so complicated. And when it feels complicated, we make it complicated and it’s really not!!

So here is to fresh starts, new starts, and everything between…..


  1. Great post! With the arrival of Autumn and following a 2 month weight stagnation, I too am getting back to basics. I also need to focus more on what makes me happy and putting myself first. Gotta make others around me realise that I'm important and have needs too. x

  2. I really love what you said about the special moments in every meeting. I agree that the meetings can be boring as hell, but there is always that kernel of information or nugget of truth that makes it worthwhile. Today was the first meeting I've skipped in 22 weeks. Sounds like I should have gone today as I am in desperate need of a fresh start.

  3. Oh Suzi just what i needed!!!! Had my re-start today as well :) It's SO important for me to be honest with myself! Going to the meetings holds me accountable... i need that! And i have you to push my butt when i want to give up because i get bored with the slow weight loss! xoxo

  4. Do you think you don't go to meetings as much now that you're a leader yourself? I did find today's meeting inspiring to get myself back to tracking, instead of just mentally adding up the points.

    Sometimes I get really bored listening to all the new people who have lost those first few pounds talk about all their great ideas, "I start tracking with dinner" "I make all the weeks' meals on Sunday" "I take the two-point bars and cut them into eighths, then freeze them, and eat them standing on my head...."

  5. I don't know if you had this quote in your meeting but my leader posted "you might not be able to change the beginning but you can change the ending". I hadn't been to a meeting in weeks but I went today and it was exactly what I needed as well. Back to Basics

  6. I am addicited to wine, but also addicted to losing weight!! I have tried it all and i do so well from morning until dinner. Then that intense craving for a cold glass of pinot kicks in and i find myself two glasses in and reaching for string cheese....then a couple crackers...then a popsicle or 2 or 4. How do you balance a love as intense as I have for wine, yet still lose weight?? Ahhhh help...

  7. Sing it sister!!

    I changed it up 3 weeks far it's working!

  8. 101 pounds, wow I didnt realize you had lost that much weight!!! You look amazing Suzi!

    I love how so often you blog what I am feeling :)

  9. Great timing on your post Suzie... I've been doing WW online (the second time around) since April, but kind of quit officially counting points a couple months ago and, duh, kinda stalled out on the losing part the last several weeks, mostly because I've been feeling so much better and am enjoying wearing a couple size smaller clothes than I had been and in general, feeling pretty okay about myself. But then yesterday I ran my first 10K, which was a good experience, but a little disappointing when I saw the photos my hubby took and immediately focused in on the fact I looked heavier than I had imagined. That's not what I want to be thinking about after finishing a race... but a good reality check. If I'm going to keep paying my WW fees (and I am) and want to continue working toward my goal weight (I do), I need to actually work the program again, which means refocusing and reminding myself why I'm doing it in the first place. Thanks for the article... exactly what I needed this morning. And good luck on your own journey!! :)

  10. Fantastic post. Really. And it's so on time for me. I've been struggling big time to stay on any kind of consistent plan, path, motivation. Love your list and I'll be using it to help me get my mind back on track. Thanks for sharing your struggles and your plans with us!

  11. I loved the topic this week.. er.. last week.. idk..
    but it does seem to be that we need to "reboot" once in a while. we get comfortable.
    we need to get uncomfortable and get the losses back on track :)
    I needed a mental shift to let myself be honest, with, myself.
    no.. no one can see that piece of pie I ate, but I ate it. I have to admit it and move on.
    I got to the point where I was allowing myself to mess up. Making excuses for myself. "I worked out twice today, I can have three pieces of pizza" ugh.. really? ok.. I've never actually ate three pieces of pizza at one time.. but still.. you get the idea.
    so.. writing it down. everything. I can't hide that from myself or anyone else. it is always going to be on paper. forever.
    so I have to make sure it is something I WANT people to see, something I can be proud of.

    you rock girl!

  12. What a great post! Its true, sometimes we just lose sight of the simplest things along this journey. It always feels so good to get back to ground level and sort of rechase steps.

  13. Found your blog today! Greatness!:) I am not a WW member, but have been at goal weight (120 lbs. down) for 18 months and I am weary!! I need to get back to the basics. That's the thing...other ppl look at me and see me still at goal weight, and they are like, "What is the problem?" There is a problem...I am no longer in control. Here's to getting back to the basics!:)


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