Things I don’t want to / can’t be…


You might be thinking “Can’t”?! Suzi,,,that’s not in your vocabulary.  And well, you are right…for the most part.

But sometimes in life, you just know that there are certain things in life that you just can’t do…whether it be in that moment or be in that lifetime.  I can’t be an astronaut because I suck ass at math….I can’t become a pure, Christian nun.  Get it??

I really do suck ass at math though, so that might be more of a lifelong can’t. Anywho….

I can’t be that girl that says “Oh I won’t eat that!! Do you know how many calories that is?!”…because in truth, I WANT to eat it, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to.  I’m going to examine why I want it & what that food is going to do for my body…and sometimes, the evil part will win.

I can’t be that person that says “OMG I missed my workout today…I feel SO bad”…because more than likely, I feel bad, but I will get over it, real quick.

I can’t be that person who says “I’ll stop moving when I’m dead”…well A.) because I’m pretty sure I stop moving when I fall asleep and I sure the hell hope I am not dead and B.) Some days…I’m smart and I listen to my body and it says “Suzi…settle the F*ck down & chill out” and you know what…I don’t need to make excuses for that.  There is tomorrow…

I can’t be that person who goes on “meat free”, “dairy free”, “carb free” “purple free” kicks….because I love meat, and cheese and the purple is a rad color. Trends like that, are not for me.  You wont see me do a meat free streak because I don’t want to and I don’t care where that put me on the radar map.

What’s the point of all of this??


Don’t follow other people’s views or values if you feel they don’t fit your own.  Not every one is a vegan.  Not everyone is a fitness freak.  Not every one believes in no carbs. NO ONE does every thing right.  In fact, there is no such thing. 

There is only doing what is right for you, and as long as you keep doing that, you are doing it right.


  1. I do beat myself up far too often about how i am not keeping up with others, and in fact, i get jealous of how well other people are doing, when sometimes, their lives are totally different from mine- ie, they don't work, don't have kids, have more disposable income etc. This is a great reminder, thank you.

    BTW, no purple? WTF???



  2. Round of applause for you! Well said! It's the only way to succeed.

  3. Amen! I finally learned what works for me and it's not quick weight loss, counting calories or points or giving up my favorite foods because as soon as someone says I can't have something it's the only thing I want. Everything in moderation works for me (except chocolate covered pretzels, those are my crack and I still can't control myself with them but everything else is fair game). Rock on!

  4. LOVE this !! Love! Love! Love! And thank you for the reminder!

  5. Love this. Words to live by for sure!!!!!

  6. This is something I needed to read today..


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