If I had…

If I had…followed a training plan, maybe I wouldn’t be freaking out about not getting miles in for my first full marathon.

If I had…not has those 2 last beers, I wouldn’t feel so yucky today.

If I had…not put all that garbage in my body, you know, the chips & dip, the fried food, pizza, wings and oh, everything else I happened to see that day, I wouldn’t hate the scale so much.

If I had…only went to my Weight Watcher meeting this week.

If I had…only tracked my food last week.

If I had…only went to the gym.

If I had…just said no to that damn cookie!!

If I had…just listened to what I truly wanted to do instead of acting by impulse.

If I had...paid a little more attention to how I feel when I *AM* making the right choices, and a little less attention to the bad ones.

If I had…not put myself second.

If I had…not chosen to be lazy.

If I had…stayed consistent.

If I had…could just let go of yesterday and focus on today.

If I….could just stop caring about the “If I had”

We all have those moments of “If”.  We have them more often than we would like I bet.  And the crappy part about these “If I had” moments, is that they usually hold us back from having “I did” moments. 

You can not change rewrite your past.  What is done and is done, and its my own personal belief that whatever choice you made, happened for a reason.  Maybe not the reason you wanted at that moment, or even right now, but there is a lesson there.  I’ve talked about that here before.  The journey we are on is never ending and there is a new lesson everyday. 

We are in class every day, earning the doctorate to ourselves.

Take the “HAD” out of the equation…because that doesn’t matter any more, and it doesn’t have any impact on tomorrow.

Instead, maybe try this….

If I DO…..

Now onto the Easy Print Canvas Giveaway winner!!  Thank you to everyone who entered and I truly hope you enjoy your brand new awesome canvas!! And the winner is….

sarah said...

And we're fb friends already.
August 3, 2011 8:12 PM

Congratulations Sarah!! Please make sure to send me your e-mail.  :)

And if you didn’t win, please remember that you can go over to their Facebook Page here and click on ‘Be Our Fan’ to get an awesome discount.  I am going to try & save out a little bit of $$ and get my “after” photo on one of these awesome canvases to show off in my house.  Maybe I should take a picture with me in a smoking jacket holding a glass of brandy….or on top of a lion…Hmmmm, decisions, decisions. 


  1. Yes, I like that! We are learning about being our best selves every single day.

  2. That's good advice. I do that to myself so much.

  3. Love this post. My regrets in my own journey of weight loss this have been what I didn't do, not what I tried to do and came up short. If you're interested in another's journey, check out my blog roadto170.wordpress.com



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