Honesty with yourself



Sometimes, those words fucking suck!!

But most of the times, those are the words, or signals you need to listen to the most.

We like to say…”Oh, well I didn’t have a good week…I wasn’t in the mood to track”


“It was too difficult to keep track of what I ate”


“Eh, I could have chosen X…but Y was *SO* much easier”

Cut the bullshit!!

I know and YOU know, what the right choice is….we just don’t make it all the time.  In A LOT of cases, we don’t make is MOST of the time.  It happens. SO WHAT…right?!

Right….until it eats at you….until you sit up at night thinking “what the fuck have I don’t and how can I undo it?!?! HOW CAN I GO BACK?!?!”

Thing is….you CANT go back.  There is a reason why you cant….are you ready for this??

You can’t go back, because you haven’t really learned why you need to go forward…

Hail Mary…full of grace…the lord is with thee…..


My very first FULL marathon is October 2nd…yup…57 days aways.

Right about now I should be writing to you about how crazy training for a full marathon has been and how it is wreaking havoc on my body and OMG I HAVE NO TIME…blah, blah fuckidy blah….

I havent done any of it.  Of course, I have never followed a training plan BUT…I have always listened to my body…

This time around….I’m listening to my stupid mind.

I need to stop and tell myself…I AM NOT BEING HONEST, I AM BEING LAZY!!!!!!!

Every one has their weakness…we are not always strong…we are not always fabulous…sometimes, we are weak and we need a helping hand…

so I reach up high towards the sky….


  1. and as you reach high I will be there holding out my hand my friend. You can do this!! I just started running a year and a half ago and so far I have run 2 half marathons and several 5,8,10, and 15K's as well as a 77.7 mile relay race around Seneca Lake. The key is to finish...doesn't matter your time...you know your body better than anyone else and what works for you may not work for me and vice versa so do your thing my friend...and if you need me I am here for you always!! Now get off your butt and get running!! ;D

  2. ok off topic as I caint give running advice BUT your FB shoutout to Tara yesterday made me grin...and it wasnt even to me!

  3. well.. I would love to share running advice, but I just barely started.. I sooo can't give tracking advise, maybe you could share with me?
    I did do my first "official" 5k with ww's though. I rocked. so maybe I can do more? I'm sure I can. just have no idea where to start.

  4. You will certainly receive all the help you need. Do your best and have fun. It doesn't really matter what your time is, just doing it is an accomplishment.


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