There’s no such thing as enough free beer…


This Sundays Boilermaker 15K was a *BLAST*!!!!

I set out and accomplished EXACTLY what I wanted to do with this race…have fun!!

I finished in 1:37:39 and I am totally happy with that.  Yes, it’s a couple minutes slower pace than I have been running, but considering that I hadn’t ran in over 2 weeks, been dealing with hip issues & hadnt ran that far since the Buffalo 1/2 marathon, I have no regrets or disappointment's about my time or my performance.

My hip actually held up pretty good.  The last 5K part of the race was the hardest part. That’s when my quads really started to act up.  But I kept running along.  The hills were not as bad as I had imagined and thanks to my homemade Generation UCAN gel I made I had plenty of oomph & energy to get through them.

DSC00801Crossing that finish line was great, and of course…so was the free Saranac beer.  Of course, there is never enough free beer for me!!

So here are some pictures from the weekend.  The Saturday before the race we attended the Race Expo (Which was AWESOME!!) and then did the Saranac Brewery Tour (Which was even MORE AWESOME and seriously, the best $5 we’ve ever spent…if you ever get a chance to go, DO THIS BREWERY TOUR!!).  I didn’t carry my camera with me on race day and I accidently left it in the car, but we did snap a few pictures with our phones.  Enjoy!!

DSC00718The Goggles make their appearance of course!!


Please note that in the 4 photos above, we had consumed NO beers as of yet…

Now onto the beer!!!!DSC00732DSC00739The clock above is worth 1.3 million dollars…where the hell is a truck when I need one!!

DSC00741I will take one of each please!!

DSC00748DSC00749DSC00752DSC00759DSC00762These barrels are actually from Jack Daniels.  They actually smell like whiskey.  They are working on a new brew Winking smile

DSC00764DSC00769DSC00774DSC00775DSC00777DSC00781DSC00784DSC00788DSC00791I never buy hats but I loved this Utica Club one!! I put all my Boilermaker pins on it too

DSC00794The gang at a great place called ‘Babes’.  More beer and Carbs!! Carbs!! Carbs!!

DSC00797And of course, I had to try the safety goggles on for myself!!

And, here are a few photo’s from race day (After party baby!!)….


7zjvm82bqwYeah, no words need to be said about the two photo’s above….2 of the coolest people we met at this race.

olatxIMAG1074IMAG1075Shara’s drunk. I love her!!


This is the Syracuse Mascot, Otto The Orange…I saw him on the way to the after party & he gave me the devil horns!! HELL YEAH!! \m/

I feel like I’m leaving out so much, but really, there is nothing else to say beyond that this race was awesome!! The fellow runners were awesome, the volunteers and spectators were awesome, the vendors were awesome, the bands were awesome, the after party was awesome, the beer was awesome (duh!).  It was AWESOME…and I can’t wait to do it all again next year.

Next up….Turning Stone Races 1/2 Marathon in August.  My last 1/2 before the full…DUN,DUN,DUN!!


  1. Rock freaking star!! And I was totally checking out your chest, baby!! lol I love you!! xoxo

  2. OMG... I freakin love you Suzi! this was awesome, and I am SO glad I had my first long race experience with you! You and Frankie and your mom, seriously!, made my weekend.... maybe next time, i'll drink only one beer? or 6?
    Miss you two!

  3. This was hilarious! All those pictures! I should try that race sometime.

  4. Sounds like a lot of fun. Nice job in the race!

  5. Awesome job! I haven't done a 15K yet. I'm working on it.

    Great pics btw. It's funny to see the costumes that come out for race day.

    And who doesn't love free beer? I did this race at night on the sand in Galveston, TX. There was supposed to be beer, but they ran out by the time we got up to the front of the line. So, my friend and I headed to a bar. We wanted beer.

  6. Congrats on the race Suzy! LOVE these photos, what a fun time!!! And indeed, who DOESN'T love free beer!!! All the best...

  7. Those cannot be wooden pipes. They look too much like wood for me not to ask!

  8. Mike- They aren't wooden, they are COPPER!! How insane is that?!?! They were SO beautiful!!

    Thank you SO much everybody!! This race was just what I needed!!

  9. Hi, how did you make de generation ucan gel ? I'm trying to get a gel consistency out of it too.


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