No expectations


No expectations…That’s my moto going into this Sundays Boilermaker 15K race. 2011-Boilermaker-Logo1-250x200As many of you know my past 2 races were pretty much a let down to me in some ways.  Most of the reason they were let downs is because I put so much pressure on myself…WAY too much pressure.  I was worrying about what time I would finish, what my pace would be, how strong I felt, how I looked, how I compared to others racing that day, all of that ridiculous garbage.

Sunday’s race, I am going in with none of that garbage on my mind. 

I don’t give a fuck what time I finish.  I don’t give a fuck what my pace is. I don’t give a fuck who finishes what where and when.

All I care about it that I have fun and I cross that damn finish line.

I haven’t ran in 2 weeks mostly due to my hip (other pure laziness), which isnt 100% but I should be good.  I went to a chiropractor for the first time ever this past week and I think it helped some.  But even though I haven’t been running, I feel strong.  Maybe it’s because I am itching to run so badly.  Who knows.

The thing about the Boilermaker is that it’s pretty much a well known beer race.  It’s main sponsor is Saranac Brewery and umthere is free beer at the finish line!!


FREE BEER…AFTER RUNNING!!  There’s also a killer after party which I’m really looking forward to as well (duh). 

That’s right folks, this race was made for Suzi.  And 13,000+ other people as well.  The race is HUGE.  So therefore, I know that time and pace and all that nonsense just shouldn’t matter.  *FUN* is what should matter, so FUN is what I plan to have!! :)

Tomorrow is the expo and afterwards we are going to the Saranac Brewery for a tour.  I am *CrAzY* excited for the tour!!  My mother is coming along as well as my friend Shara who is also running the race.  This will be a bit strange for me since it’s always just Frankie and I at my races, but I think it will be nice and will just add to the key element….FUN!!

This race is kind of the start of me kicking my ass back into gear.  I’m a few weeks behind in my training for the full marathon, so in a way, this race is my long run for the week.  Also, while I am at my goal weight I am not at my “awesome” weight (which is just a few lbs under).  I haven’t been tracking and I’ve been making poor decisions and that has to stop.  I’ve been slowly working on all of that this past week. 

So those are my goals for Sunday….having no goals, LOL.  Eh, I guess there are SOME goals.  Like, don’t get injured, cross the finish line, be careful in the heat, HAVE FUN, drink beer!!

Good luck to everyone else out there running races this weekend!! #UCAN RUN FOR FUN!!


  1. Sing CeeLo's Fuck You as you run the course. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a pep in your step. Good way to keep an easy feeling as you lay a groove through the course. Good luck and have a great time.

  2. Have a great time, Suzi. Run cause you love to run!

  3. Good luck Suzi. Look forward to hear how it went.

  4. I think that is the best way.. just have fun.. isn't that why we do it? good for you girl!

  5. Suzi, I think I could of written the exact same post!!! I did an 8K race two weekends ago (in a Kilt, what a hoot!), and I didn't leave that race feeling good or proud of myself (which considering how far I've come I should of been), I was disappointed I didn't run the whole distance because the 30c temperature just killed me, then I came up with a cramp. I wasn't happy with my time, I wasn't happy with how I felt during or after! Damn it I should of just been happy to have done it and conquered to run in kilts with over 1000 other people and have fun doing it... and enjoy the free beer afterwards!

    I've also been doing a sloppy job at tracking, haven't run much (training for 1/2 marathon), making bad choices and my weight is 8lbs over goal, way heavier than I ever want to be again!

    So I hope you've got your head screwed on right, enjoy your race and get back to your awesome weight!

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