White Lies


Sometimes we tend to tell ourselves “little white lies” in order to either A.)  feel better about ourselves or a particular situation or B.) to get us “off the hook”. 

Well here are some little white lies that are OK to say to yourself SOMETIMES….

(please use with caution…and if they don’t work, you can’t blame me)

  • It’s a Friday…I think it’s illegal to workout on Fridays in this state.
  • My dog ate my gym clothes.
  • I think I’m building too much muscle.
  • This cheese cost like $3…I can’t let it go to waste or get moldy!!
  • I think I’m building too much muscle, I better take a few days off. I don’t want to be the Hulk.
  • There’s a full moon.
  • It’s “that time of the month”…ok this might not be a white lie.
  • Beer is a healthy carb. (this is not a lie)
  • If I dream about running, it’s counts.
  • Confucius says….
  • My body just needs some fattening foods. It’s become immune to vegetables.
  • Weight Watchers says that Points + values are currently not working today…Will resume tomorrow.
  • "But…I ate good all week damnit!!”
  • If this was really SO bad for me, it wouldn’t be a food right?? People don’t eat rat poison!!
  • These jeans are just tight because I’m bloated…I drank too much water.
  • The scale was down last week…I got cushion!
  • My Dr. said to take it easy.
  • I don’t want to do too much, too soon. (OK, this one is true like 98% of the time, but sometimes we abuse its truth)
  • My friends on Twitter and DailyMile said it’s OK for me to take the day off.
  • I’m just too busy to go run. (again…sometimes true, sometimes abused)
  • Because I don’t fucking feel like it!!!!!!!!!!

There are so many more.  But here’s the thing about “white lies”…

They are OK!!  Sometimes, they are even necessary.  They help us to take a break sometimes or just to recharge. As long as we don’t abuse them, they will work for us and not against us.


  1. I always say I don't want to go to the gym b/c my dog looks so cute sleeping and I don't want to wake him. It's true!! I agree completely on the cheese. I bought some Cracker Barrel cheese and have a little left. But I'm moving this wk so trying to go through everything. I will go through the block of cheese!!

  2. I've used several of these over the years. It's amazing how many people "enable" you to blow off workouts. Stay strong Suzi!

  3. Well said! I may have used all but the cheese one!

  4. Such a fun post!!!! And haven't we all used a few of these at some stage in our lives. Have a great weekend.


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