Starting Over

Sometimes, it feels like we are repeatedly starting over…

 starting over at weight loss….

 starting over at running…

 starting over in a relationship…

 starting over with a new goal…

 starting over with a new mantra…

 I mean, IF ONLY right?? 

 If ONLY we could just lose those few extra pounds….everything would be better.

 If ONLY we could run those extra miles….everything would be better.

 If ONLY every day was as happy as yesterday…everything would be better.

 Life doesn’t work that way. 

 Most mornings, I wake up feeling like I have to “start over”.  Maybe not at weight loss (101 lbs is a lot to start over) but I feel like my struggle to keep my weight where it is at is a constant “start over” moment. 

 My running lately certainly feels like a HUGE “start over”…2 bad races in a row, poor breathing, hip
problems, endurance struggles…this aint my first fucking rodeo, so why does it feel like it??

 Here’s a little word of advice I think I’ve learned recently….

 If it doesn’t feel like you’re “starting over” then you are not living up to your full potential.  You are half ass’ing it and not giving it all you got.  Or maybe you WERN”T giving it all you got for a while.
Lost 25 lbs and now you’re stuck??  Feel like you’re “starting over”??  Ran a 10K and now you can barely run 3 miles??  Feel like you’re “starting over”?? 

 You are NOT starting over….you are GROWING!!!!

 I wish I could put into words how much I’ve *mentally* grown these past 3 months, but I cant quite yet.

 But please, don’t tell yourself you are starting over…because you are not…you are growing stronger and wiser.  And you don’t ever want to stop doing that do you??


  1. Suzi, I know that you are taking a break from the WW leader thing right now, but all of your posts are so inspiring and all of them have such a positive message to others, I think you are 100% cut out to be a motivating and amazing leader!

  2. ooh love.
    as today was a day of starting over.

  3. (((((((((hugs))))))))) i love this!!!!!

  4. You are so right, Suzi! I start over everyday! I need to stop the madness and relize I am not starting over just beginning...
    Great post!

  5. Great post and I NEEDED to hear this today - I am the "lost 25 lbs and now I'm stuck" girl ... I totally feel like I am starting over at this point but I am not - I am growing and learning from my mistakes =) ... Love your blog - totally inspirational!

  6. Thank you for your always insightful posts. Sometimes I feel like I'm starting over every day with sticking on plan, and that means I'm failing. Thank you for bringing up the idea that maybe it's not a fail to start over, but a asset to continually be growing and re committing to a goal.

  7. I really love this post. I feel like I'm not getting any where someday. Like trudging through quicksand. And then I wake up and can't believe how well I'm doing. You're right. I'm not starting over, I'm growing! Great post!

  8. Love this....
    -Momma Hunt

  9. You are NOT starting over….you are GROWING!!!!
    Best advice EVER!! Love following your journey!

  10. oh luv this. today was "start over" from "dilly dallying" the past 4 weeks and a 5 pound gain. great timing for me to read this. thanks!

  11. I love this. We truly do start over every day. Take care of yourself, hope you feel ok about things that are starting over in your world.

  12. Well put. I give you a 'bravo' for this!

  13. I feel as if I were a mental midget with all the emotional growth and soul searching I have done in the past year. I have opened myself up to new opportunities, new people, new ideas. Some started out great, and many stayed great. Others not so much. Going to do some starting over in the morning. I may have to borrow that phrase, I'll be sure to credit you.


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