I know what I did last Summer.

I don’t know about you guys, but every year I love summer more and more!!

I went from being an angst young kid who hid from the sun. I mean seriously hid…carried a parasol, wore jeans and long sleeves all the time (oh the days of goth…GAG!!) Then as I got a little older I started allowing myself to go out for a few hours, but of course I hated my body so the jeans stayed.

Then there is today...where I have to be pried AWAY from the sun!! I *LOVE* summer!!

I love everything about summer…the heat, the sweat that trickles down my back, the smell of the air, the way the beer tastes, the way the food smells, the runs in the sun, the late night bike rides while it’s still light out, the activities you can do with your family, the fun memories you can make for yourself!! I. Love. It. All.

Summer is such a special time for me because it’s a great reminder of how far I’ve come. I never want to be that grouchy bitch who does nothing but sit inside and complain about the heat. I want to be outside, playing, laughing, and loving in the sun!! (side note: if you are going to do some “loving” in the sun…bring bug spray. For the love of god, BRING BUG SPRAY!!)

Some of you may remember but for the first time in YEARS I bought a bathing suit about 2 months ago...

Please excuse the paleness, this was taken a couple months ago in my gyms locker room. I have yet to wear it anywheres but the gym, but I hope to hit the beach soon!!

Here I am celebrating my VERY hot run yesterday with a VERY cold beer (that’s ice, not a poor pour by moi)….


What do you love most about summer??


  1. I love the farmer's tan I sport every summer. But seriously, I'm happy with just going out for a run and not bracing for the cold.

    Oh and beer and patios. That too!

  2. "Poor Pour By Moi" would be a good name for a band...

  3. You look great!! I love the bathing suit! So cute!

  4. Swim suit looks fabulous. One of my favorite things about summer is watermelon. Love it!

  5. I LOVE that suit! SOOO cute! You look great!

  6. Hot bathing suit and you look great in it! In summer, I love sitting by the pool in my parents backyard with a cold drink, surrounded by family and dogs! I love that it's light so much later! I love cute summer dresses! I could go on and on!

  7. You put ice in your beer?!
    Love the bathing suit, love summer, love picnics and swimming and beach days and bike rides and fresh berries...love it all!

  8. Cute suit! I love the outdoors and walk /run at 6 am so I am not out in full sun. I ware a hat and some times long sleeves. I dont go out in public in my shorts and I live in jeans. Skin cancer has forced me to a jailed life. Enjoy being free but always remember to wear sunscreen!

  9. You look amazing in that bathing suit :)
    You are going to rock it this summer!

  10. Love the retro style of that swimsuit - I have one that's similar (and very flattering).

    I love riding my bike in the summer. There's nothing that compete with riding down hills in the humid south!

  11. Wow, I am in loooooove with that bathing suit. It's very flattering on you--you go girl!

    I've just been sitting out in my yard reading for an hour or two a day and my legs look disgusting. Those bugs love me for some reason and even though I go to Target a few days a week, I seem to always forget the bug spray.

  12. Looking good! I'm working on it too and have shed 10 lbs. since starting my running/beer-drinking plan I'm calling #dietbolical. My goal: run every single day until I get to my target weight of 180. You can read more here: http://bitly.com/kITf5o Don't be surprised, we have the same background!

  13. You look maahhhhveelllouuuus!! Yes, I am a 12 year old with that spelling!


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