Love is a battlefield & running is a mental game

Love is a battlefield and running is a mental game....Both of those are absolute facts sometimes.

I got an email recently from a fabulous blog reader Christina...she told me a story where she said she was out running (well she said walk/jogging…I’m saying she was running damnit!) and how she was gasping for air, wanting to quit. But then she thought about me and well folks, how many damn times have I talked about gasping for air while running?? A LOT. But this kept her focused and motivated to keep going.

Here's a picture of her at her first ever finish line!! 

Of course I thanked Christina for thinking of me, and then I started to state that I could relate to her feeling of wanting to “stop” at that moment and here is what I wrote:

“When I have moments like that...moments where I cant breathe and I feel like I want to stop, I try to tell myself that its my body’s way of trying to pull tricks on me. With running, or any activity really where you are "pushing" yourself...its more of a mental game than it is a physical one. At least that’s how I find it to be for myself. A lot of the time when I end I run I often find it’s rarely because I'm "physically" exhausted....I'm just mentally exhausted”

And that my friends, is the gods honest truth!

As some of you know, I’ve been in a little running “funk” lately. Most of my runs have been around 3 miles…no long runs, no speed work, no PUSHING myself other than to get to the 3 miles because after my ½ marathon last year I started a mantra that anything less than 3 miles doesn’t count (Thanks Melanie!).

Writing back to Christina made me realize what’s been going on since winter…I’m letting my mind win & my body lose.

How many times do I go out there and actually stop running because of these reasons:

• My body *physically* has pains & hurts

• Weather is getting too hazardous

• Running out of time

• Got ran over by a zebra
  • I've actually met my distance or time goal

  VERY, VERY infrequently.


 Now….how many times do I stop running because of these reasons:

• I think my legs hurt

• I think my body is being taken over by snot

• I think I’m too tired

• I think I gotta get home and do “stuff”

• I think it’s too windy or cold out

• I think I don’t want to over do it

• I think I’m done

• I think there’s a zebra coming after me

• I think I’m thinking too much


95% of the time, I *THINK* myself into stopping my run. Rarely ever do I stop because I physically have to/should or because of time or any other elements beyond my own real control.

Running for me, is a mental game. It’s about mental strength. It’s about pushing past all the bullshit stuff I have running (ha ha ha) through my head telling me that I can’t keep doing it.  I used to be good at pushing through the clutter, lately not so much. The problem is easy enough to detect and honestly, the solution is just as easy really….tell myself to knock it the fuck off and RUN!!!!!!

I love to run (eh)!! I *want* to run!! Stop sabotaging myself and my efforts and JUST DO IT!! As my dear friend *BitchCakes* loves to say, the only thing stopping you is you.

So next time you don’t want to work out or you want to quit, really ask yourself….
Whats the *real* reason why I'm stopping??


  1. I have to say that I can completely relate to that. In Junior High and the first two years of High School, I was a top cross country runner. Then, my Jr year I started having knee problems. Now, the knee problems were real. The way that I handled them was not. Even after treatment, I would start to run a race and as soon as something "hurt" I would stop to walk thinking, I can't push myself through this. The injury became just an excuse, and I'm still (at 31) trying to get myself mentally back into the running game. I used to love it, but know I'll run for a week or two, and then think my knee hurts, and take a few months off. Congrats to both of you for pushing through. I know how hard it is and find inspiration in both of your stories!

  2. So true... your body will last longer than your mind in most instances. Although sometimes when I'm doing push ups, it's my shoulders and triceps that refuse to cooperate.

  3. I ran a half marathon last weekend with almost no running at home- like barely any training. (not proud of this fact...). However, my BODY was totally able to handle it, because my MIND was ok because of the amazing energy around me. My training runs at home haven't gone well lately because of my state of mind while doing it- even simple 3 mile runs.

    So yeah....mind over body for sure!!

    (the farthest I had run in the last 4 months was 3.1 miles during my 5k races...which I hadn't trained for either. Sigh.)

  4. Perfect timing for this post for me. I try to push myself when running (who am I kidding, I jog/trip/walk), and I think of you, and Sheryl and Melanie, all of whom I've never met, and you all inspire me and give me much food for thought. I will remember this advice next time I go out, and on my next race this Sunday!

  5. Great post! I wish I had a friend named BitchCakes...seriously, inspiration is not always noble, sometimes it is guilt...for me, I have all these fat pictures of myself and I think I am capable of doing a lot of bad or good to myself...I'm just sayin...

  6. Loooved the post Suzi!

    Thanks again for including my crappy picture!

    Christina x


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