I’m the Britney Spears of Running


This post is going to be sort of lame because I’m a huge dummy who AGAIN forgot to take any pictures.  But whatever…I don’t want to over load all of you with my beauty and brilliance anyways. 

Today was the Weight Watcher Walk-IT 5K Challenge.  I met some of my Thursday night WW peeps down at the park at 10am.  We had a very good turnout I would say!! It was great because we didn’t keep times or anything like that.  I did go ahead of everyone to run and find the half way point so people knew where to turn around since we were looping. 

Everyone got to do their own thing….run/walk, just run, just walk…people were just out there MOVING!!

I have to give a big shout to EVERYONE who showed up!!  There were a lot of “well I’m slow but hey I did it”…You’re DAMN RIGHT YOU DID IT!!  It doesn’t matter when you were done.  All that mattered is that when you woke up this morning you had a choice….stay in bed and be a bum, or get out of bed and MOVE.  You chose to move, so therefore, YOU WON!!

I have to give two very special shout-outs to my girls Kathy & Chrissy.  Doing this 5K was a huge accomplishment for them and I seriously could not be prouder.  Thank god I was wearing sunglasses so they couldn’t see the little tear shed in my eye.  I ran back to catch up with both of them and make sure they were holding on strong and they were!!  They sure didn’t need my encouragement…they were killing it all on their own Smile.  Congratulations ladies on being AWESOME!!

For the Weight Watcher Walk-IT I wore my special made WW Walk-IT t-shirt.  Here’s a picture of the back:


I also my favorite new running skirt (pictured below) and my hot pink CEP compression socks (full review + a giveaway coming up soon!).

I didn’t time myself or keep track of my distance during the WW 5K because I did a lot of back and forth’s trying to meet up with everyone walking and again and cheer & encourage them along to the finish line.  So I’m not really sure of my distance, but basically I did it twice.  

But when I got home….I was inspired.  Plus I had wanted to get in a few extra miles since it would be my last “long run” before the 1/2.

I decided to pull a Britney Spears and change into yet ANOTHER running outfit and go out for yet another run….

This time I ran in my gear that I will wear in next Sundays Buffalo 1/2 Marathon.  Which of looked like this, but add some new blue Zensah calf sleeves I got recently from a raffle I won by Doug


I went out for 3 miles.  3 very excruciating miles!  It was around 1:00 and the sun was beaming down on me like a blanket.  It was hot, humid and I was tired.  I had to stop a few times (I wasn’t properly fueled and could tell I was pretty dehydrated) but I still ran all 3 miles at least. 

So yeah…two runs…two outfits….double the amount of awesomeness!!

Congratulations again to ALL the Weight Watcher 5K Challenge walkers and runners!!


  1. I'm from Buffalo! Great job, and good luck!

  2. That sounds like an awesome event!! I love the weekends when you can see runners and walkers of every shape and size out on the streets! It's my favorite thing about spring!!

  3. And congratulations to you! I too participated in the Weight Watchers Walk It Challenge by walking the 5K. Afterwards I went home, took off my bib number (I didn't pull a Britney) and then hit the gym to do Week 1, Day 3 of the C25K plan. I was pretty proud of myself.


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