If there was no scale...

Say some weird unexplainable event happened in the world and all the scales…digital or not…EXPLODED!!

There were no more scales for you to step on! Oh, the horror, THE HORROR!

But seriously…What if there were no scales….

How would you know your weight in numbers?

How would you measure your overall fitness?

How would you tell that you maybe had one piece of cake too many?

How would you know when you hit “goal”?

Would you feel comfortable pulling out them short shorts?

Would you even dare to get into a bathing suit?

Would you still sign up for walking/running races or triathlons not knowing your actual weight?

How would you compare your success to others?

Would you be able to stop yourself from eating the entire bag of chips?

Would the definition of ‘being healthy change’ for you?

I feel that these are all valid questions, but they hint at the most important question of all…

How do *you* measure your overall health & fitness??

The scale is a piece of equipment…a tool if you will. Some people chose not to get on it at all (bless your hearts!) for whatever reasons and that suits them. Some people must get on it everyday. Others just get on it once a week, or maybe just once a month. It doesn’t matter how you use this tool, as long as you realize that there are other tools out there, even better ones, to measure your success and over all well being!

When I started Weight Watchers over 2 years ago, I got on just once a week. The closer I got to goal I got on everyday at home, and still do. I see the number fluctuate between 5 lbs on some days…I know the scale is just a TOOL to keep me focused and not go WAY off track, because as a Lifetime member now, weighing in just once a month is not enough for me.

But I use other things to measure my overall health. Such as:

• How my clothes fit & feel on my body

• How much activity I have done that week

• Have I tracked my food at all this week?

• How many “oops” meals did I have?

• Is my face really puffy?

• How do my rings feel on my fingers?

• How is my MENTAL health?

Everyone has their own tips, tricks and techniques. But I sure do hope that everyone knows that true success and true health CANNOT be measured on a scale!! You might weigh 115 lbs but that doesn’t exactly mean your healthy (hello…my teens!) and vice versa.  There are *SO* many factors that play a part to your overall health!!

So if that scale has been pissing you off lately, I encourage you to give it the finger and take a real honest look at the overall picture and really measure your current situation based on ALL the factors…not just a digital one.


I'm going to take a minute here to happily remind everyone about The Oprah Winfrey show (if you click that link you can see a preview of the show!) tomorrow! It's her 100 lbs lost weight loss finale show...the one that I was lucky enough to be asked to be a part of  :) 
It airs on ABC at 4:00 Eastern Standard Time (Im sorry...I dont know the other times).  I hope everyone gets a chance to check it out & I hope I dont look like an uber goob for the hot couple seconds I'll be on there LOL.


  1. I go back and forth all the time with regularly weighing myself - sometimes I love it because I feel like I need to keep track, then I'll go a month and not touch it because I feel good. Feeling good about myself is more important that what that number says.

  2. Great post! I've found that the more in control I feel, the less I care about the number on the scale. It's a fun little paradox.

  3. I love this post especially giving the scale the finger!!! LOL!
    I have ophrah set on the DVR!!!

  4. I have had a love / hate relationship with the scale forever. I have been trying to keep it in perspective this time (I'm currently doing WW and I'm down 23 lbs). It helps that it's been steadily going down! In the past, if the scale is up I get depressed and eat...if the scale is down, I celebrate and feel so cocky that I think I can eat! So it has been a real struggle for me. That being said, I'm not sure I could live without it though. The number thing is so important to me. I will be watching tomorrow! Can't wait (I have my DVR set!!)

  5. Suzi, i have to link to this from my blog, it is fucking genius. And it made me go to bed happy last night, and think happy thoughts today


  6. Whoa...you really got me thinking. I may need to do a post on this. The scale and I have a love hate relationship and I know that I need ot move away from that. Sort of break up with it if you will. Not get rid of it but really work on the fact that it is only part of what shows me how I am doing and feeling!

  7. Over the past year and a half I've learned not to let weight fluctuations throw me off track. I think the best gauge is to stand in front of a mirror naked.

    I saw you on Oprah and you looked fantastic. It was exciting to see someone I know. Congratulations!!!

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