Run Free on #watchlessmondays!

The sun is out and shining brightly…
The birds are chirping a lovely song…
What a beautiful day for a run…

So you get your ass out of bed, you put on your running gear, “maybe some shorts today” you say to yourself. You lace up your sneakers, put on your RoadID, grab or iPod or Garmin and head out the door.

That first step you think “brrrrr”…not as warm as you thought. But you know that as you get going you’ll warm up. You find your favorite running track, you fire up your Nike+ or Garmin or portable satellite dish, hit START and off you go running….

Doooo deeee doo dee dooooo…ahhhh this feels great. Legs aren’t too stiff….Muscles are warming up nicely….the songs are rocking you along….

Laaaaa la lala laaaaaa lalaaaa la laaaaa (you apparently are listening to one of today’s current pop hits)….

You figure you’ve been running a good 5 minutes or so, at least a ½ a mile, so you decide to look at your fancy new age technical gadget to check your pace/distance….

F*%CK YOU NIKE+!!!!!!!! F******%%%%CK YOU!!!!!!!!

And at this point you may do some of the following:
• Throw the first thing you see, including your iPod or tracking device.
• Punch the first person you see right in the face (not recommended)
• Throw yourself into on coming traffic (also not recommended)

More than likely though, you will STOP running. You will get frustrated and you will get upset. This has happened to me on more than one occasion. I track my runs using the Nike+, and while it’s not awful, its not great. Some day’s it just doesn’t seem to be working. Now you may say “is it YOU that isn’t working??”…well maybe, but when I’m on the treadmill using the same settings, or even FASTER settings and I can physically FEEL myself pushing…wouldn’t it make sense for my pace to be quicker, not slower??

The point is…sometimes the quality of our runs really have nothing to do with pace, time or distance. Take the above example…that could have turned out to be one of your all time favorite runs, if you hadn’t checked that damn gadget.

So that’s why some of us have been inspired to start #watchlessmonday!! RUN FREE OF ALL TRACKING DEVICES ONE DAY A WEEK!!

It doesn’t have to be on Monday, it can be whichever day of the week you want. Just chose one day to go gadget free! For a great overall review of #watchlessmonday go check out Davids blog post all about it. This whole awesome idea was created by the brilliant minds on Twitter: @runningbecause, @ahealthydad, @262milejourney and yours truly @suzistorm.

You can also follow these awesome peeps over at their blogs:
Running Because I Can
A Healthy Dad
A Journey of 26.2 Miles Begins With A Blog

SO WHO'S WITH US??  Scared?? should be!! It wont be easy.  It will be down right frustrating.  But once you learn to let go, you begin to grow.  This will not only give you added physical strength, but added mental strength as well.  So again....WHO'S WITH US????


  1. I love this idea. Seriously. Love. I am way too dependent on my gadgets.

  2. It's a great idea, now if i could only run!

  3. Great post! Looks like we have a lot of people ready to do this.

  4. I have a Nike+, too, and I promise it's not you.. There's nothing quite like running for ten or fifteen minutes, checking your iPod to see... 0.13 miles?!?!? I mean.. I know I'm slow, but that's just ridiculous! So right now I totally run free. The only problem with that is tracking mileage gets tricky. And, ok, it would be nice to have on-the-go pace tracking. But I'm just not willing to invest in another tracker right now.

    So I guess that means I'm with you!

  5. I did it!

    So freaking awesome!

  6. Love this idea!!!
    I am so doing this starting next Monday!

  7. Seriously, some times technology is more trouble than its worth. This is a great idea - some runs should just be for the joy of running. I'll put my HRM away one day a week.

  8. I love this idea!! It's going to be fricking hard, but I'm all in!

  9. I did it, I ran 3 miles w/out the tunes and it was hard but a good hard! I need to regulate my breathing...for sure, I sounded like a boar but I also need to work on my form, my speed, my....well everything! Well, anyway, thanks for pushing me!


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