I’m still a runner…


Even if I…

  • Don’t know what the BQ (Boston Qualifying) time is for my age bracket.
  • Don’t care what the BQ time is for my age bracket.
  • Thought that BQ was short for a Boston Dairy Queen for the longest time.
  • Take a week off cause I just don’t feel like running damnit!
  • Don’t have a HR monitor.
  • Thought HR only stood for Human Resources and wondered what they could do for my running??
  • Sometimes think that poking myself with a scalding fork sounds like more fun than going for a run.
  • Refuse to run in anything below 30 degrees.
  • Don’t log 100 miles a week,
  • Don’t plan my vacations around races.
  • Don’t know what a Fartlek is but it sure makes me giggle!
  • Don’t understand what 3 X 400’s and 4 X 600’s mean…I’m not a mathematician for Christ sake!
  • Hate “training plans” and refuse to follow them.
  • Think the RunKeeper app sucks ass.
  • Don’t sit down at the beginning of the year and make my race schedule.
  • I skip a couple long runs.
  • I don’t get “the runs” on my runs.
  • Stop to walk every now and then because it just feels good!
  • Have never taken an ice bath, or plan to…EVER!
  • Don’t run as many races as I want simply for the fact that I can’t afford them.
  • Am pretty sure that drinking beer & eating Cool Ranch Doritos WHILE I’m running would improve my speed!
  • Saw this commercial and almost went and bought some…
Can it really make me go that fast??
  • See runners out running in –10 temperatures and snowing and think “suckers!”.
  • Don’t have the word “Run” “Running” or “Runner” in my Twitter name.
  • Don’t get asked by companies to review & giveaway their running-related products (though I’m not against it!).
  • Don’t weigh 120 lbs & wear what looks like a bikini while I run.
  • Use Nike+ to track my distance & pace….no matter how angry it makes me!
  • Never get a chance to run the NYC Marathon, Boston Marathon or other Big City Marathon.
  • Wont lose sleep if I never get a chance to run the NYC Marathon, Boston Marathon or other Big City Marathon.
  • Think that the NYC Marathon is way cooler than the Boston Marathon.
  • Occasionally run in cotton instead of moisture wicking.
  • Don’t have the latest & greatest running gear & gadgets.
  • Become best friends with the treadmill some months.
  • Don’t place in the top anything at one of my races.
  • Don’t run further than my friend on Twitter or DailyMile did this week.

OK…you get my point.  Of course, not every one of those bullets up there pertain to me but they bring me to this very valid point…

If you run…you are a runner.  It doesn’t matter what you look like, what you wear, what you carry with you, or where you’re running.  If you get up and get running YOU ARE A RUNNER!  Don’t over think it!

It’s my personal belief that unless you are a professional athlete and actually run for a living (think Ryan Hall, Kara Goucher), that you have absolutely NO right to judge other runners in the least bit!

Don’t worry about how others run.  Don’t worry about what other runners have.  Just get out there AND RUN FOR YOURSELF!!

There was a quote recently on Twitter that really sparked this blog post.  So often I see people say “I ONLY ran 2 miles” or “It took me 12 minutes to run almost a mile…ugh!”…Sure, I get that way too, but we have to remember that when we go out to run, there is so much more going on there than just the physical aspect of running.  Running means so much more than the movement of putting one foot in front of another.  Here’s the quote I’m talking about…


Then, there was this quote today by the genius Bart Yasso and I sums it all up….



  1. That's why I really appreciate daily mile. Seeing so many different types of runners out there makes me feel better about myself. From long-distance, to sprinters, to beginners, to tri-atheletes--every type of runner is on there. I never feel "bad in comparison", because there's always someone just like me!

  2. Best. Post. EVER! I giggled at the runs comment. And the Fartlek. I don't even WANT to know what the hell that is. You rock, girl!!!

  3. I'm still a runner even if I have no clue who Ryan Hall and Kara Goucher are!

  4. I <3 this so much! I'm not a fake runner! W00t!

  5. I am a beginning runner...again!

  6. Thanks for posting this! I prefer to run inside and I've been told that "runners run outside." Well good for them, I feel pretty damn good when I run 5 miles on the indoor track at my gym.

  7. Fantastic post! I consider myself a runner, and most of those bullet points apply to me (particularly the wearing cotton one. I'm not paying £100000 for posh moisture wick clothes when I could be spending that on far prettier things!)

  8. AWESOME post! I often feel like I am defending my runner status because of my pace it's what my body can do and I am proud of it, I am a runner not the fastest but I'm not training for the Olympics just life!

    I tell people I might run slow but I can run for a long ass time!

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  10. Couldn't have said it better myself!!!

  11. Standing ovation! Like you said I don't wholeheartedly feel every one of these bullet points, but there are plenty that I do. I'm a runner by my own definition and I'm not going to let someone else's definitions define me. ^5 on a GREAT post! Woot!

  12. Thanks for this! I totally agree and love it!

  13. I needed this! Thanks for posting.

  14. I completely agree! "Life" got in the way of my running lately and i was feeling major guilt about it. And then I realized that is ridiculous.

  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! All so very true, and something I think we need reminded of now and then. I saw that first quote ("If you run, you are a runner...") the other day on Twitter too, and absolutely loved it.

  16. gr8 post and humorous and always! :-) Going to buy a bag of cool ranch Doritos and give some speed work a try!

  17. Thank you for writing this post!!

  18. This is me nodding in agreement. ((( ))) I've been doing it for 2 years and don't feel real at all.

  19. I read about 20 points into your post and knew I would get along very well with your blog! I also LOVED your quotes! The first I had heard before... The second I will use in my own blog soon! Looking forward to following you!

  20. damn. I was going to change my name to @runningforpie because I thought it would make me more legit. hmmmph.

    (love this xx)

  21. Excellent post. You've said a lot of things here that I think most runners agree with.


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