My wit and charm seemed to have left me this past week as I just couldn’t manage to get a blog post written out.  This one might be utter crap too so I apologize in advance.

I’m a lot like Charlie Sheen in some ways…

We both have goddesses who live in our house.  Mine are named Phantom & Amelia…



As you can tell by these pictures they are some wild & crazy gals, just like those broads shaking up at the house of crazies.

I also enjoy me some Tigers Blood, although around these parts we just call it “wine”.


Unlike Charlie Sheen though…I am winning lately…

I did it!!  I went 8 1/2 days with NO BEER!!  It felt amazing…but I’m not going to lie…that first beer tasted pretty damn amazing too…8x8zh

To amuse myself I rocked this shirt almost every night I went without a beer…


I will have a separate blog post about those 8 1/2 days and my journey back into being a healthy beer drinker.  Back to winning…

I won a SPIbelt from Rebecca’s blog giveaway!!  Her blog is awesome and you should definitely go HERE to check it out!!


I ran with it on the treadmill and out on the road…it’s not bad.  There’s very little bounce & its definitely comforting having my phone with me on my runs and not having to worry about squeezing my GU’s open and having a sticky mess all over the place.  However, I did find that once you open the pouch and move stuff around, say to grab your phone or a gel, that it kind of difficult to get everything to stay back in place.  I don’t know if its my phone or what (I have a droid) but the pouch kept flipping back and forth.  In general though, it’s a great product and I am VERY happy I have one.  Especially with all the long training runs I will be out on the next few months.

Check me out before my treadmill run w/ my ghetto $12.99 drugstore compression socks (please read below for update on my compression sock future) & my funky SPIbelt….


Then my boy Doug over at I'm Really Not a Runner had this kick ass virtual race called “36K for Miracles” challenge.  You paid to enter in a “virtual” race and you could choose from a 5K, 10K, ½ marathon or the 36K.  All the money raised went to the Children’s Hospital in Boston.

I signed up for the 5K because I hadn’t been out on the roads running much (thank you Central New York weather!) but to make this a true race, I couldn’t bring myself to run it on the treadmill. 

The weather that day was sunny but the air was cold and brisk.  But I bundled up and made my way to Onondaga Lake Parkway.  I ran a mile to stretch out before hand and recalibrate my Nike+.  Then I took off….took off on what I felt like was an awful run.  I couldn’t catch my breath and my lungs were screaming.  I finished and looked at my time: 28:37….not awful I guess. I still didn’t feel great about it.

But here’s the thing….I WON 1ST PLACE IN THE WOMENS 5K GROUP!! Wow…I was NOT expecting that.  For placing 1st I get a RoadID certificate and some Stuffitts Shoe Savers! SCORE! 

And it gets better….Doug had some AWESOME prizes to give away as a raffle to everyone who entered in the race and guess what I WON A RAFFLE PRIZE!! 

Not just any prize people…I won a pair of Compression Calf Sleeves from Zensah!!  Holy mother of god am I excited about this!!  Can I tell you how badly I have wanted some compression socks??  And can I tell you how poor I am that I can’t ever afford to splurge and by them for myself??  I can’t wait to get those babies on my legs!!  (I would send you pictures of all my goodies but I haven't received any of them yet…Dougs a busy guy, running marathons and stuff)

I would like to urge everyone to head over to Doug’s blog, give him a follow, and if you are willing and able to, make a donation to this wonderful cause by clicking on this link please.   He is taking donations all the way up to the Boston Marathon which he is also running and is going to ROCK!!

In other news…I ran 10 miles on Sunday.  It felt great (don’t ask me about how I feel today though).  It was a gorgeous day out, although a bit windy.  I drove with Frankie out to the driving range (on the other side of town) and decided to run back towards home.  The plan was that when he was done hitting some balls (that’s what she said) that I would hop in the car and ride back home with him.  I got to about 6 ½ miles by the time he caught up with me.  I rode with him for about ½ a mile, and then asked him to pull over.  I knew I had another 3 ½ miles or so till the house so I got out and ran from there.  The last 2 miles were kind of brutal but I pushed through and finished a strong 10 miles in 1 hour and 40 minutes.  I wanted to stay around the 10:00 mile pace and I did at 9:59. Holla! 

Oh yeah…I succumbed to peer pressure and signed up for Facebook.  I’m not happy about this, but I will promote it anyways…So if you like me here, and you like me on Twitter, then feel free to like me on Facebook (or friend me or whatever you cool kids call it)….Suzi Storm is how you find me. Smile 

If you think that I haven’t won enough these past 2 weeks (really…this is strange for me cause ask people who know me in real life…I’m one of the unluckiest people they’ve ever met, honest.) then I urge you to go over to LivLuna and sign up for their site!!  I joined a few weeks ago and I think it’s GREAT!!  It’s such a breath of fresh air.  They are really growing and expanding and I’m looking forward to what's coming up in the future for them! newSo if you’re a fun, fearless, kickass female please go create an account and play around on the site!  If you sign up and reference me, I could win some credit towards some new clothes (you know I need me some new clothes!) and here’s the thing…so could YOU if you get your friends to enter too.  We could both be WINNING!!

So, how are you WINNING this week??  Brag on about something you succeeded at this past week… 


  1. Move your Spibelt to the small of your back when you're running. I love mine!

  2. You're amazing Suzi! & Winning DUH!

  3. I registered for classes successfully! Not that exciting, but i have decision problems!

  4. OH!! i love that shirt! where is it from? i haven't gone that long without a beer in probably - well, probably not since i started drinking lol

  5. Nice job on the wins! I just signed up for LivLuna and put you down as my referring me. I hope you win that, too! :)

  6. Great job on going without beer! You totally kicked my butt in the virtual 5k. You did a great job! It took everything I had to put up the time I did. Lol. Can't wait to hear how you like the Zensahs. I have been wanting some but I'm too stubborn to fork up the dough for it.

  7. Nice job on the beer & winning the 5k - that is super awesome.

    I am not winning at all this week. :(

  8. I agree the SpiBelt has a few kinks but overall it's decent and the way I see it, it works great for races because you arent normally carrying all that crap with you anyways.

    I'll have to look into LivLuna!


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