5K it your way, On Weight Watcher Walk It Day!


I came up with that blog title all by myself…I know…I am a freaking genius.

Incase you hadn't heard…dooms day is May 22nd, 2011…



Instead of using peer pressure to get all you kids into walking a 5K on May 22nd (what? you’re not already signed up? Hmmm…smells like loser all of a sudden :/ weird)…I am going to give you reasons why you might think to NOT participate in a 5K and then reasons why you should!!

5K fables and Foes:

  • You think you win 5K in dollar bills at the end
  • You think that walking a 5K is equivalent to walking the plank
  • You can be lazy for about 5K miles on my couch
  • You’d rather watch a 5K on TV
  • You can drink 5K (5 Kegs) faster than you can walk a 5K
  • You have 5 friends who are doing a 5K so I think I’m covered
  • 5K? NO WAY JOSE!
  • 5K’s are for those skinny, athletic people
  • As a baseball fan, you want no part in 5 strikeouts
  • I can’t even think my way to a 5K

5K Facts:

  • You can brag to all your coworkers “I did a 5K and you didn’t! Im awesome! You stink!”
  • There’s some pretty Tiffany inspired jewelry you get if you are a Weight Watcher member 210PP87GJ5L._SL160_AA160_
  • You feel AWESOME when you cross that finish line!! Seriously…there's nothing better
  • You get to meet new people possibly! (they’re not that scary…I promise)
  • You get to not only GET support but GIVE support!
  • You earn AP’s baby! You burn those calories! You get to drink more beer later on!
  • You are allowed to celebrate with a beer after walking/running a 5K….it’s a rule.
  • All the cool kids are doing it…you don’t want to be “that” person do you??
  • You can’t think of 5000 reasons NOT to!
  • If your boyfriend/girlfriend didn’t do a 5K that day, you have a free pass from any house chores that day
  • I think you can put “5K” on your resume….somewhere...somehow
  • If you have a stupid friend with  a lot of money you can bet them that you cant walk a 5K for 5K…hey, you never know

OK…enough kidding around…lets be honest…Weight Watchers 5K Walk It Day is not just about saying “I did a 5K”…it’s about getting out there and MOVING!!  Don’t think you can walk a mile?? THAT’S OK!!  Walk what you can… 1/4 mile, 1/2 a mile…IT DOESN’T MATTER!!  You, showing up with your fellow members/friends is what matters.  Their energy and support is what will bring you THAT much closer to being able to say “Hey! I just walked a 5K!”

Even if you show up just to cheer the other walkers on, or pass out water or refreshments…your presence makes a difference and you will feel that…it will inspire you…it will ENCOURAGE you!! 

Don’t let the 5K be a burden to you.  Don’t the 5K scare you.  Let it encourage you…let it inspire you.  Not 5K material yet?? That’s OK…just work towards getting there…MOVE, MOVE, MOVE MORE! 

There is a woman in my meeting…her name is Sue…she is an amazing person.  She comes each week with her daughter Chrissy who I love as well. They are what I call my “meeting rocks”…they’ve been there since day 1 and I when I see them, I want to cry cause they are a constant reminder of where I came from and who I am.

Walking a 5K is hard for Sue.  Walking any long distance is hard for her.  But last year…she came! (We had rain and thunder and lighting so the plans got foiled, but whatever…point being…she showed up!)  Knowing that she was even WILLING to come out and support us, made us want to walk harder and faster!  I think in some ways, we inspired her too…that’s why she came!! There are *SO* many benefits to showing up!!


Chrissy on the other hand….she’s had a 5K goal for 2 years now.  I want to make it my personal goal and mission to make this happen, if she is on board with that.  I can feel her passion, I can feel her desire…she is GOING TO do a 5K on May 22nd…even if I have to drag her across the finish line!  As long as she is willing for the challenge…..??????

SO….what are YOU doing on May 22nd??


  1. You tell 'em Girl. 5K is easy. Its a stroll in the park with your kids. Its a long walk in a big mall! Its not much, but its moving. Why do you want to move? Because you can. Think about it for a minute. What if you were suddenly denied the ability to walk, confined to a wheelchair for the rest of your life? Does sitting still sound like that much fun?

  2. I just RAN my first 5K in FEB. I thought the WW walk it day was June 6...hmm, I guess I'll do one on both days! :)

  3. Girl I agree 100%!!!
    You know the 5K challenge last year is what got me moving and walking and into running! It is when I did my first 5K that got me hooked ;) so I am in total support of the 5K your way and I am doing one with some local WW peeps on that day! (even though I am running a 5K 2 days before hehe) I wouldnt miss it!

  4. 5k is going to be a challenge for me But I have signed up...mine here is June 12th though so a bit more time to plan, and today was day one of the walk your way to a 5K that weight watchers gave us. 10 minute walk turned into 16 minutes....5K here I come.

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