This post is kind of a stem off of my Weight Watcher meeting this past week, but instead of focusing on yo-yo dieting I want to focus on reflection.

I don’t know about you, but I reflect on stuff *all* the time.  It’s not always good either.  Sometimes reflecting back on things can only mess with our heads and bring us down.  But over the past year I’ve tried to turn “reflection” into a positive force…especially when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.

Lets take for example, my quest to go 7 days sober.  Today is day #5 and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t come with some challenges.  But I’ve faced them and I didn’t give in.  One of the reasons why is because of this whole reflection technique I started….what??  I didn’t start this technique??…..whatever!

When the cravings get real bad, I start to think about how I felt last Tuesday (the last day I had a drink).  I felt awful.  While I wasn’t shit face drunk or anything, I felt out of control because I hadn't stopped at 2 beers like I told myself, and that lead to other chain reactions…chips, cheese, and so on.  I reflect back on how I felt the next morning…defeated, sluggish, and heavy.

Then I think about how I feel now…..strong, amazing, awake, beautiful!! Now, all the credit doesn’t just go to being sober, a lot of it has to do with the food I’ve been putting into my body, tracking that food and the awesome workouts I’ve done.  But all of those things feed off of each other so it’s pretty much a whole package. 

So one might say…why wouldn’t you just give up beer all together??  And well, I thought about that and then I….you know what I’m gonna say huh….RELFECTED!


I thought back to months ago when I was only drinking on the weekends, with an occasional beer during the week here and there.  I felt pretty much the same way I feel right now.  I had control then.  I focused on *my* feelings more.  This is something I had kind of let slip by the wayside lately, and I think many of us do. 

Sometimes on the journey, whether we are losing weight or maintaining weight, we feel like we got it all figured out.  Of course, we never admit that and subconsciously I don’t think we really think that, but its how our brain starts to perceive things.  Slowly but surely we stop paying attention to how WE feel again and we start to put ourselves on a lower shelf.  I don’t know about you guys, but I deserve to be no where's but on the top shelf!  I’m the most expensive shot in the bar!

Capture a moment when you feel bad and when you feel good and put them in a special place in your mind where you can refer to them.  Sometimes these things can be pictures, like a picture of you at your “happy” weight or if you are like me, it’s a picture of my before weight.  Just looking at that picture brings me pain, because I know how lost and depressed I felt.  I reflect on that picture to remind myself to never give up and to never stop trying to give myself the best.         

When you are feeling out of control…reflect.  When you want to go back for that second helping…reflect.  When you want to skip out of your workout…reflect.  When you feel like giving up…reflect.

As it says in one of this weeks pamphlets…Your past is a great teacher.


  1. First of all, Congrats on Day 5! That's awesome! And 2nd, I totally agree with you about the reflecting, and I often use my "before" picture as my biggest motivator. I don't EVER want to go back to that place!

  2. I relate to so much that you say on your blog. Thanks for being so straight.

  3. what an awesome post...thank you!!

    i've gained some weight back and am having the hardest time taking it off..I need to remember to reflect anytime I want to reach for a second helping or even eat something I just don't need!

  4. Love that quote...I think sometimes it is hard to reflect because tha tmeans we need to accept all those imperfections with ourselves.

  5. This made me realise that I have been doing exactly that. I haven't been taking care of myself and been investing the time and effort I need to into looking after me. Not that I know what I have been spending the time doing, but given that I started the year at my heaviest in a long time, I thought I *had* been trying to lose it - but 3 months on, and still the same weight, I clearly haven't been giving it the attention I should have been.

    Well done on taking back control - I'm trying to do that now too - first day back at the gym tonight after a couple of week's break.

    For me, it's not the beer I need to give up, it's just the general not thinking about what I am eating and eating rubbish.

    Thanks Suzi.

  6. Congrats on hitting your goal!! This made a ton of sense.

    "Your past is a great teacher"...Love it!

  7. I quit drinking beer only back in Nov 22 2010! I had 1 pint of guiness for st patricks and that was it!!

    Soo... no more beer do wine only!!


  8. Rebecca,

    5 days is great. Remember it is one day at a time. That is how I have been without a beer for 1,209 days. Of course my motivation is high, you see I am a recovered alcoholic and active AA member. I drank a bottle of whiskey everyday for about 16 years and gained no weight. We alkie's know that beer just bloats you and I considered it just a vacation morning drink. The funny thing is now that I am sober the 20 pounds has been added from sweets. My craving for ice cream is huge! Any suggestion?
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