Is Social Media always kind to us?


Twitter, Facebook, Dailymile, Tumblr, Flickr, Blogspot, Wordpress, .com, message boards…social media people.


I grew up in the age of computers.  We 3rd graders were the ones who they “tested” on to see if those gigantic humming boxes would really help us in our education.  I don’t know what computer really helped me with from grades 3-5, other than my kick ass Oregon Trail scores!  But it certainly helped me as I got older.  I had an AOL account in 7th grade and soon enough I would be chatting away in chat rooms (remember those?) and have a fancy AIM account.  I was DA BOMB!  I had “friends” all over the country.  Can you say NERD!?!?

So fast forward many years to 2011….social media is at its highest peak ever today.  Everybody who is somebody has a Facebook account (except for me!)…even major corporations use these tools to help promote their business and guess what…IT WORKS!

Blogs have taken over the world.  There is a blog community for EVERYTHING….just like the “healthy living” community,

I guess you could say that I am part of that.  I mean, the point of my blog is to try and inspire people to lead a healthy lifestyle, but I sometimes wonder…

Is social media always a good thing??

There are some amazing sites out there that help to inspire people on a daily basis, like Operation Beautiful or the great site based towards kick ass females LivLuna (I recently became a member!).  These sites really focus on the positive.

Now I’m not saying that blogs and such don’t, because most of them do, but let me ask you this question….

Have you had a really bad couple of days, or even weeks and you log onto Twitter or onto your favorite blog site and see them posting about “omg what an amazing workout!” or “omg what a healthy lunch I just had” and thought to yourself “fuck you!”??  No….that’s just me??  Oh well.


Of course, these people are NOT trying to make you feel guilty…they deserve every right to brag on about how well they are succeeding, but sometimes on a bad day you just don’t want to see that stuff (maybe these are good “unplugged” days people, that’s what I have learned). 

I see more and more bloggers comparing themselves to other bloggers.  If you take a step back and really examine some people you can see it.  They count each and every follower they have…who follows or unfollows them on Twitter…who replies back to them and who doesn’t….its kind of crazy.  You can sense their negativity and they almost try to guilt trip you for not being on the same path they are on at that time.  Its sad to see.

Do you ever find yourself not giving yourself the proper high five you deserve because you see @someone ran further than you or lost more than you??  Everybody who is on a journey to better themselves earn the same amount of HELL YEAH’s in my book!

I think its extremely important for people to really ask themselves why these use all of these social media outlets.  Are you looking to get and GIVE inspiration and motivation to other??  Or are you looking to win a popularity contest??  Some of my favorite bloggers are those with only 20-40 followers but yet they post the most amazing pieces and I just love them to death.  Then of course there the big ones I love like *BitchCakes*, Jack Sh*t Gettin' Fit, and Skinny Runner.   Every blogger has something to give and something to receive and the ones that keep an open mind and know that “online life” is not “real life” are the ones who truly inspire me.

Is Social Media always a good thing??  No, unfortunately its not.  It can make us feel pretty shitty sometimes.  But it can also make us feel pretty fucking awesome A LOT of the time!!  Joining Twitter (I had a lot of hesitation) and starting a blog are two of the key parts in helping me succeed on my journey.  The love and support I get (and hopefully give) to everyone is just simply amazing and I have made some real, true friends a long the way. 

If you find social media to put a negative impact on your life most of the time, stop using it!  Make your account private or take a break.  Stop caring about who follows you or how many people don’t follow your blog.  USE SOCIAL MEDIA FOR YOUR OWN DESIRES, NOT THE DESIRE OF OTHERS!

OK, that’s my rant for today people.  Sorry its not health-related but I just had to get it out there.  I am curious on your opinions and your thoughts….


  1. I have fallen victim to comparing myself to other bloggers...not so much in the followers category, but in the "Holy crap i am so not pretty/thin/creative/motivated enough."

    But i try to remind myself that we only blog what we want people to see - maybe that perfect, healthy lunch was followed by 20 ding dongs. At least that's what i tell myself. :)

  2. Excellent post and yeah,I totally echo every single thought you've put on here.I've learnt to stop beating myself up for how long I'm taking compared to other people (online and real life) or how I'm no where near as clean and healthy eating as other bloggers,but I know I'm doing things my way and it's working for me.Plus there's some pretty kick ass bloggers out there who have amazing (dare I say 'normal')attitudes and make me feel sane.Recently I loved this remark about a social event.....'YEah I drank too much wine and ate too much crap,but I don't care.I had fun.I'll re focus today'.So much better than reading someone freaking out about being 1 point over.x

  3. I'm with Wannaberunner! I struggle with not comparing myself to others. I think..."OMG, I haven't lost that much in one week in months! What am I doing wrong?" or "I still can't run. I must be defective!" I also really enjoy being supportive to others. It's *wonderful* when folks are supportive of me, and I need that. It keeps me accountable, but I FEEL the best when I was the one yelling "Go you!".

    Good advice! Great post!


  4. What a great and thoughtful post! Its so has to be about you (as the individual) and not so much the reader (and its not selfish). Like you said, everyone has a journey and that journey will be different for everyone. Thanks.

  5. If I had a nickel for every time I thought "fuck you" when I logged into facebook, I would be RICH!!! I've actually deleted my account on two occasions but caved to pressure from far away family members. I ended up deleting a bunch of people instead. I haven't managed to catch on to Twitter. Blogging for fitness/health has given me a an accountability and an outlet. It started as a lark but I love it. I don't really compare myself to other bloggers because we're all so different and have so much to offer and I'm not looking to go pro. That being said, I tend to compare myself to people in my real life who I feel are "ahead" of me in life like marriage, kids etc. I'm getting better at accepting me for me and looking at the positives. Geez, where the eff did this "comment" end up? I'll go now!!

    Loving your blog by the way. Just found you a little while ago off of Sheryl's post about the WW shoot. Nice!!


  6. I want to start of with this... WOW! You look freakin amazing!

    Now, to respond to your post. Here's my reason for blogging. I hope that my words, be them, silly, vapid, nonsense or profound, to hopefully reach one person who might need to hear them...if only to bring a smile to their face.

    I've never been a competitor or a "follower" (thats a contradiction, because I do "follow" blogs :) so I have not been concerned with a number of followers, just thrilled that people take a moment to comment. So far it's been a positive experience.

    I hear what you are saying about how inundated we are with Social Media, but, for's how I earn a living so I'm hoping it keeps going strong :)

    But I do understand what you are saying here.
    Great post!

  7. I often recite this movie line from the big lebowski before commenting.

    If I want to be part of a very supportive community why should I judge myself against them? If I want to be part of something that is bigger than me shouldn't I show the same kind of support I've received? We are all unique and bring something very different to the table. Mixed all together in a world of social media, blogs, FB, google, and the cloud we can form a really deep connection based on one common thing. Getting Healthy.

    I think it's cool no matter how you choose to connect to the source.

  8. I have a blog with NO followers yet! I write a lot for myself but I pretend I have an audience.

    One of the things that reading other blogs does for me, is it gives me incentive, sometimes not in an inspirational way but in an angry way. I think "well, this person's not any better than me" and "if she can do it, so can I!!!" It's kind of like reverse inspiration if that makes sense. Instead of feeling bad about myself I get pissed off and the anger makes me work harder!

  9. love the rant.
    social media is such a weird thing and for me it's like all things from poptarts to sunshine :) a little is good---too much makes me feel...hungover :)

  10. I started my blog completely on a whim, just to see if would help me to write things down. And to keep me accountable. I have a small group of followers and I can't believe I have as many as I do. I only hope that I'm some sort of inspiration, because they are definitely my inspiration.

    But I do think people can become obsessed with social media, in a bad way. I'm obsessed, in a good way, because it is helping me get on a healthier path of life.

  11. I started my blog to keep myself accountable and to maybe gain some momentum to be the healthy me I want to be. I love getting ideas from each and every blog I follow. I don't obsess about each one, just grab a tidbit here and there and make my own path :)
    I think it is all how we see ourselves.
    and you are beautiful girl! love the tatts :) just had to say

  12. What a fantastic and thought provoking post. Thanks so much!!! (I've fallen prey to comparing myself to other bloggers...ack!) Have a great week.

  13. Great rant/post.

    I know for me having a blog, even if I don't have a zillion followers, really helps me keep on track. That said, I know what you mean about having a bad time and seeing everyone succeeding online--definitely makes it hard to blog about failures. Oh well. Keeps us going!

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