I walk the line


I know that every time I mention beer on this here blog or on Twitter people are always surprised.  I guess because I try to keep my love for beer a secret. :/

Yeah, yeah, yeah Suzi, you’ve done this lame joke before.  Get to the point…

I take a lot of pride in who I am.  I like to think that I am honest and don’t shy away from being myself. 

I’m 5 foot 9, covered in tattoos, have pitch black hair and prefer silver over gold.  My favorite color is red and I wear high heels 99% of the time.  I adore Martha Stewart and things that are too cute make cry….these are just a few of the trivial facts that make up the wonderful me.     

I’m a girl who drinks a lot of beer and is not afraid to admit it.  Not a lot of women like to say that they drink beer on a regular basis.  I’m not sure why really, but I’m guessing maybe because it’s considered more of a “manly sport”.  Pssssshh.  Honey, I need two hands to count how many men I know that I can out drink!!

Also, it’s not very common for a woman who is on Weight Watchers to admit that she’s a beer drinker.  I’m not saying that I’m special or in a league of mine own here because through online I’ve met some amazing ladies who love themselves some beer and some WW, but you just don’t hear a whole lot about women who drink beer regularly and follow the plan. 


But to be honest, Weight Watchers is one of the reasons *why* I talk so much about my love for beer.  I’ve said it before and I will say it again and again and again…Weight Watchers is not just about losing weight!

I come from a family of alcoholism.  My father was, his father was, my mothers grandparents were, the list goes on and on and on.  I certainly have “addictive” tendencies and I most certainly have a very deep, dark past dealing with mental instability.  So of course, I’ve always tried to monitor my alcohol habits.        

I drink beer everyday.  Does this make me an alcoholic?  Maybe, but not in my eyes or to the people who are around me.  I don’t get drunk every day (rarely ever to be quite honest) and I don’t drink until I pass out.  I come home from work, I go running and then I relax with my man and throw a few beers back.  That’s what I do *NOW*.

Before joining Weight Watchers though, I can say that I was walking the line to alcoholism.  I was drinking beer, after beer, after beer, trying to drink enough to where I didn’t have to think about my troubles, or my weight.  I was drinking to wipe away my aches and pains and that my friends, is alcoholism. 

When I first started WW, I started to wonder how I was going to give up beer because I do *love* beer.  I was wondering how the hell I was going to come home after a long day of work and unwind.  But then I slowly learned….I didn’t have to give up beer!  The beer wasn’t the problem, the way and the reason I was drinking it was!

I had to use that clever ole’ WW tool of ‘Reframing’.  I had to sit back and ask myself “why am I throwing back 15 Coors Light’s a night?”  Yes folks, at minimum, the average were 15 per night.  That’s not healthy to do on an every day basis.  I had to reframe my mind to know that drinking like that was not going to solve any of my problems, nor was it going to help me lose the weight!  

As I went further and further into the program, my habits changed a long the ways.  I went from cutting back slightly, to only drinking on Friday and Saturday nights.  I found a happy medium between being a weekend warrior and allowing myself a couple on the week nights.  I reframed my mind back to a healthy place, a place where it should be…that I simply love the taste of beer, and as long as I’m drinking it because I want to enjoy the beer, then that is ok.  And if I’m drinking the beer for any other reason, then that is an unhealthy move on my part & I need to stop and take a look at my actions.

And that is what helped me to lose 101 lbs while drinking beer.

Weight Watchers saved me not only from being obese for the rest of my life, but also from becoming an alcoholic.

But I’m falling into scary territory again folks.  My weekly beer count is increasing and increasing and as the night grows olds I start to question why I have that beer in my hand.  And that is one of the triggers that Weight Watchers taught me to look out for.  I started adding craft beers into my mix a few months ago, so now I’m drinking a couple of those ALONG with my Bud 55’s. 


I need to step back and reframe my mind.  I need to ask *why* my drinking has picked up a bit.  Am I stressed? Am I upset?  Eh…I certainly have had a lot going on recently so maybe I’ve just been trying to unwind from all of that.  Either way, I know it needs to be stopped and I know what I need to do.  Weight Watchers has given me all the tools I need to know what right choices I need to make.  Now I just need to make them.

Don’t worry, I’m not giving up beer or anything insane like that!!  (PHEW Suzi!)  But I definitely need to cut it back down. Being a beer drinker/lover is part of who I am, and I would never want to change that.  Maybe I’ll try going a few days without it to focus on getting my mind set in the right direction, I don’t know. Sometimes that can backfire, but we’ll see.  All I know is that I’m making a plan to get back to where I was, because my mind and body deserve much better.

Sometimes we need to just stop and be 100% honest with ourselves and really look at our actions and why we are performing them.  Only then can truly learn from our slipups.

Awareness in everything you do is the most important key in giving yourself the happiest and healthiest life you want to lead.  Feel no guilt or shame in what you do, but just be sure you know why you are doing those things.   


  1. GREAT post! I was drinking every night after work. I drank to help with my chronic pain. SInce I couldn't take medication I just poured more wine lol Then when I joined WW I was limiting it to nights out, or 2 glasses a week. I needed the limits, I needed to track my alcohol intake. Lately I have seen myself say YES to a glass (or 2) here or there when I know I shouldn't be. SO I say THANK YOU for the reminder to control myself, yet still be able to enjoy a drink or two when I want it! :) xoxo

  2. I haven't done that reframing thing, but I did recognise that I started comfort eating again recently. Probably because of the run of bad luck I've had. But I've started to take control again and recognise why I'm doing it and that I don't need to.

  3. You got this girl! You are awesome! I'm a beer drinkin, weight watchers-ing gal right along with you :)

    I need to get my hands on some of those WW tools!

  4. GREAT post, honey! You really are inspiring!! =)

  5. Awesome post. It's amazing how creating a "healthy lifestyle change" touches down on so many areas other than our weights.

    "Sometimes we need to just stop and be 100% honest with ourselves and really look at our actions and why we are performing them." Love this. Oh-so true

  6. I need to do the same thing, except with chocolate. It's creeping back into my daily diet in quantities that aren't healthy.

    Beer and chocolate! Life is better with both...in moderation!

  7. Fantastic post. You really are an inspiration. I LOVE weight watchers because you can have ANYTHING and still work it into the plan. Have a great weekend.

  8. I'm a regular beer drinker on WW! This is why I follow you :-) Solidarity.

  9. Hey, Lil Sis, I hear you! I, too, drink every night. But it maybe as many as 4, but by then I am usually so exhausted I am headed to bed. But on the weekends, watch out! I have had this same conversation with myself and am thinking I need to stop the weekday drinking altogether. Maybe I would get rid of this last 15 a little quicker.

  10. Wow, awesome post Suzi, seriously, awesome. Thanks for sharing xxxx

  11. Good post Suzi! Coming from an alcoholic family I understand it all to well. Thanks for being honest with us.

  12. Its hard sometimes to be honest with ourselves. Its even more difficult to be honest with those around us. I think when we put our shit out to the universe great things can happen...

    Love you!

  13. It`s scary how easily these things can creep up. Good for you to notice!

  14. Wow what a great post. It is important to recognize when we may be going over board with something and catch ourselves and yes I love Weight Watchers for this very reason!!!!!

    You are doing so well keep up the good work!

  15. The hardest part is noticing (and admitting) that your drinking a little bit too often. Once you have figured that out you can work out what to do. Great post, I love your openness and honesty.

  16. Interesting post. It is so hard to find that balance no matter what your poison is. I good tip I heard was never drink alone, if you want one grab a buddy, go out and enjoy it with them. That way it is a much better experence, does it work..i don't know? But it sounds cool to me

  17. I think Ben Franklin said it best: “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

  18. God bless. A healthy lifestyle is not about what you give up, it's about a way of thinking and making the right choices FOR YOU. I appreciate not just your honesty, but the fact that you are so forthcoming with it. Thanks for a good read every time! Cheers!

  19. Suzi, I have to say I sooo look forward to reading your blog and I hope that things get better for you! You seem to have your head on straight and realize what you have to do..I also love your honesty and truthfulness! Keep up the good work.

  20. Hey- let me tell you, our drinking habits are exactly alike. I looooooove me some beer and I have to be careful to keep from going too far. (Side note, my beer was MGD 64 until Bud55 came out but my hubby drinks Coors light so I tend up drinking those too.) Any who, back in December I decided it was time to say 'no more' and cut myself off for a while. It.Was.Hard!!! I was bored just sitting at home not drinking until i found other ways to keep myself busy. Now not drinking is the norm! I'm not saying you have to go that far, but I have so much more energy and just feel better about myself the days I don't drink. No more laying in bed feeling bloated wondering why I had to drink that last 1 (or 4...) beers! I don't think I was an 'alcoholic' I didn't have any physical withdrawels with I gave up the drinking, but I was surely on my way there. (you know how much money you save by only drinking occasionally?!?!) So, to sum up my rambling, you can do it! and it will make you feel 1000 times better about your self physicall and mentally : ) E-mail me if you ever want to chat- gahendersons@yahoo.com

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