How Suzi got her groove back...

Many of you guys are going to read this and say “what the hell?! Is she manic depressive or what?!”…in some ways you are correct, in other ways, this is just showing you what the power of being honest & open about yourself and your struggles can do!

After my post about being a bit lazy with activity over this past winter, I was really motivated to get back out there and get my sweat on! This may sound dorky, but sometimes I go back to my posts a day or two later and read them (this is when I proof read them, AFTER they are posted, cause I’m a moron and have no patience to do it beforehand) and then read the wonderful comments you all leave me. Well that post kicked my butt….

I went and signed up for a gym membership!! That’s right folks….101 lbs lost and a ½ marathon later and I am now a proud member of Gold’s Gym. :)

Sorry...I just couldn't help myself. I felt this picture needed to be here.
So far I’ve taken a Yoga class and a class called GroupCentergy which is a combination of Pilates/yoga. I used to take yoga classes in college and continued at home for awhile, but the past few years I had lost connection with it. It feels *amazing* to be back. My plan is to get to each of these classes once a week. And of course, to get to their Zumba classes!

Somehow or another I’ve even managed to get up at 6 am twice and go get a workout in before work. HOLLA! I usually do the stationary bike and some weights.

One thing I have found difficult doing at the gym…running. Huh?? Go figure…I can run for hours on my treadmill at home. I keep amazing focus and stay motivated. At the gym, I’m ready to call it quits after 10 minutes, which really feels like an hour. What the hell is that all about?? Thankfully, the weather is starting to warm up & Spring is on its way, so that means I’ll be doing as Michael McDonald says and taking it to the streets!

And as you can see by the fancy little widget on the right hand side of this here blog, I (finally) joined Dailymile!  It's pretty freakin' sweet if I do say so myself. I can always let you peeps know when I be working on my fitness (what other lines or quotes can I steal?? Hmmmm)

But Suzi, what about all this talk of you getting your drinky-drink on too much??

I’ve cut back down to a more “normal” amount. I cut out the craft beer 6 packs and have stuck to only my Bud 55’s (and no, I haven’t been drinking 15 of them…only about 6 ;). I’ve actually been contemplating cutting out the Bud 55’s and building a 6 pack to last me THE WEEK (by week I mean Monday-Friday, haha). Can it be done?!?!

I can’t thank you guys enough for all the wonderful comments and support. You have no idea how happy it made me to see so much support and to know that I’m not alone. I think sometimes it’s hard for us to talk about excessive drinking or eating because so many people look at you like you’re an “addict with a problem!”…well duh it’s a problem, but not one that needs a rehab vacation and 12 steps*.

I’m not being perfect (damn you Sour Cream & Onion Pringles!) and I’m not back to being “Sunshine Suzi” (was I ever?) 100% of the time, but I am getting back to feeling like myself and am being much more mindful of my choices! Which of course makes me feel better about everything in general!

With that said…we have the darts banquet tonight, so I will probably *not* be mindful of my drinking, but this one of those times where that is socially acceptable. ;)

*Please note, that if you do have a drinking (or any addictive related) problem that I strongly encourage you to seek professional help. There is no shame in seeking help for where it is needed…it can only make you a stronger, better person!


  1. Why regular trips to the gym is most important to me is because it helps me equate effort and activity to food consumption. If I see a box of donuts in the breakroom at the office now, I don't think "Wow, free donuts"... I think, "Wow, one of those bad boys would equal 45 minutes on an elliptical... ummmm... not worth it!"

  2. Hey Suzi...just found your post through Bitch Cakes and you both are a inspiration to me. I have over 200 lbs to lose and really need to get after it...but for some reason I can't seem to get motivated.

  3. Congratulations on signing up for a gym, it sounds great.

    One of the great problems I've found in 'getting healthy' is dealing with alcohol. It's so easy to go out every night, and have one drink, then another, then another, then another... One of the 'fixes' I've found is trying to stick to posh, unusual drinks - it's a bit more expensive, and many places don't sell them at all, so I don't drink due to both price and availability! My twisted logic works for me :)

  4. You can do the 6 pack a week! I believe in you hehe:)

  5. You go girl! You should be proud of yourself for so many reasons. I'm use food to cope & some days I struggle & some days I'm successful. You're doing great keeping things in perspective. Can't wait to hear about your classes!! I've just discovered them at the YMCA myself & I love them!!

  6. Congrats on signing up for the gym! Those classes sound awesome--I really miss having a gym (and group fitness classes) to attend while I'm living abroad.

    I totally agree with Jack, lots of foods just don't seem worth it when you see what you'd have to do to work them off... Then again, sometimes they still are. It's all about choices.

    Anyway, good job with the gym and for cutting back with the beers for a bit--I know you can do it! :) Rock on!

  7. We're all in a process of changing and growing and you're proving that by asking yourself these tough questions. And I think the most important thing we can do is just be honest with ourselves. So thanks for the reminder that sometimes we have to look inside and reevaluate.

    Yay for joining the gym. Group classes are so fun.

  8. Hi Suzi!

    Thanks so much for the comment on my SPIbelt Give-Away!

    oh my gosh.. your weight loss...

    must read your archives now! =)


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