Falling in Times Square


Hi everybody!!!! I’m baaaaaaaack!!

NYC was such an experience.  The city is beautiful!  Absolutely gorgeous and stunning.  At times it felt familiar (I’ve been to Philadelphia and Boston before) but most of the time it took my breath away.  To be completely honest, it was a bit overwhelming at times.  I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that this was my very first trip I’ve ever taken by myself and my first time away from Frank.  Also, I’m not one for being out of her element and feeling like I’ve lost control and this trip made me feel like that.  Not knowing where I was going or how I was going to get where I needed to go freaked me out and left me frazzled. 

BUT….I couldn’t be more grateful for the entire experience.  It truly was amazing.

Especially the photo shoot for Weight Watchers!!  I know that a lot of you were looking for tweets and pics, but I really want to keep as much detail as possible a secret until the final product is put out.  I will tell you that it was the experience of a lifetime.  Everyone at the shoot was *SUPER* nice and made the whole day easy going, fun and relaxed.  I felt like such a rockstar….they even called me that sometimes while picking out my outfits…”oh you are so rock and roll”.  HAHA!  Many of them actually said to me that I should have been a model and that I should try to model more.  I think at the age of 27 my options are limited now unfortunately, LOL. 

As many of you already know, the ever so fabulous Sheryl aka *BitchCakes* was at the photo shoot as well!!  Funny part is, Sheryl and I have been talking online for over a year.  It has been amazing getting to know her and just last summer we spoke about me taking a trip to NYC to come visit her, but unfortunately due to my lack of money I couldn’t afford the trip.  But being able to meet under these circumstances I think made the experience that much better!  Having her there was a godsend and really helped to keep me relaxed and not let my nerves get the best of me.  I can’t tell you how happy I was so be able to share this experience with her.  The two of us truly are AWESOME!  I miss her dearly already. 


And yes, I hate putting myself into that stereotype, but in this case I’m proud….we are fabulous women with tattoos, dark hair and a style that’s outside the box and I’m happy that Weight Watchers wants to show that young women (shut up Sheryl, you’re young!) do Weight Watchers and are successful on it too!  This is one of the main reasons why I have chosen to become a Leader for them.

As of right now I believe they will be featuring me online.  We did a photo shoot with a couple of different outfits and a video interview. Of course, when I get more information I will share!

Now can we get to some photos….

My very first plane ride….EVER…happened on one of those small planes that holds like 25 people and has the loud propellers…yeah awesome!  I did get some cool photos though….


I stayed at the Marcel at Gramercy and it was *gorgeous*!!  So hip and retro.  I adored it…(and a “intimacy kit” only cost $20 and roasted almonds a mere $8. HA!)


At Otto’s with Jenn…seriously the best lunch ever! Restaurant is co-owned by Mario Batali.  I paid $11 for 3 tiny pieces of cheese and it was worth every cent! 


Some street shots from the day…


He was drawing that with SAND!!


The beer hot chocolate tasted like ass…for the record.DSC00245

That photo above is by far my favorite, and few people know why.  I took this photo the day before my WW photo shoot…not knowing that I was standing right infront of where I would be shooting the following day.  I was waiting there for something and the structure just caught my eye and I took a picture.  The next day, I would see it at dusk, almost at eye level, while doing my photo shoot.

Now pics of me and Sheryl and the gang!! (Thank you *SO* much again to Melanie, Kitty and Jenn…meeting you was amazing and definitely a major highlight of the trip!)


Sheryl and I in front of Nike Town!!!!  Her first words to me were….”OMG look at your long legs. You have legs for days! I hate you!”.  I love her!

DSC00253DSC00254That’s my first Taxi ride people!DSC00256My very first beer in NYC! (For my beer buddies, it was a Brooklyn Lager.  I did not have a *single* light beer in NYC…but far too many regular beers)


The gang!!  Seriously, some of the best ladies ever.  I really wish they were in my life on a regular basis…besides Twitter, LOL.  If you think they are beautiful online, you have *NO* idea how gorgeous they are in real life.  Seriously.  (Also…I feel like an amazon woman LOL. I’m 5’9 and I barely ever wear flats so I usually have another 4 inches added on top of that…ladies, you have great roots Winking smile)

Friday night Sheryl and I went out to celebrate the Weight Watcher photo shoot together.  A time I will *never* forget…

DSC00268The Empire St. Bldg at night…she is so pretty.

DSC00269Sheryl and I call this photo the “Hey pretty lady….that’s a nice pink bonnet you have….would you like a piece of candy?”

DSC00270DSC00271DSC00272She took me to Brooklyn…WhAt WHaT!  We went to Matchless where I had an amazing burger and even MORE amazing fries!!  And of course…BEER!! 

Then we went to Barcade…a place with craft beers ON TAP and 80’s video games….my life was complete…


DSC00276You can’t OUT RUN meDSC00278DSC00279DSC00280PaperBoy SUCKS!!

DSC00281Can you say HELLO BARBIE CIRCA 1950!!!!

DSC00282I present to you….THE QUEEN OF GLAGA!!

DSC00284I couldn’t help but take this picture…the bitch has ass for days.  We called ourselves ‘T.N.A’ for the night ;)


Later that night I went after I got dropped off (another taxi ride!) I went to a bar around the corner from my hotel.  I met a few cool guys and had some nice conversation.  One guy talked to me on and on about Weight Watchers and his wife and how excited he was to tell her about my photo shoot.  Another very nice gentleman got a little flirty with me, and while I had to turn him down, he did make me feel like I still “had it”, even if I cant “give it” (I don’t stray!  I love my Frankie!), haha. Ladies…watch out for the men in NYC cause some of them are on FIRE!! Winking smile

Saturday….with my best hangover, Sheryl and I went to Times Square (on a mission to find some of the products they used on us the day before at the shoot)….

DSC00298DSC00299Somewhere in this general area I took a HUGE spill in the middle of Times Square…Yup, that’s right.  I didn’t just fall, I FLEW across the street.  My Starbucks went spilling all over the place.  It was fun.  I banged up my knee and cut the palm of my hand.  How Sheryl managed not to laugh is beyond me.  I almost pissed my pants I thought it was so funny.

DSC00300DSC00302DSC00304DSC00306DSC00308DSC00310DSC00311DSC00315DSC00316Wonder Woman at the MAC Cosmetic Store! HELL YEAH!

DSC00317Then it was time for me to be on my way.  And while I had an amazing time and so many great memories, I was ready to get home and get back to my routine.  I missed my Frankie, my cats, and my home.  I missed my normal clothes and shoes and all that silly nonsense.

Baby…I’m coming home…(in a real size plane this time!)

DSC00323DSC00326DSC00327Good bye NYC!  It was an experience I will never forget and will forever cherish. 

I cannot tell you how much I can’t wait to see the final product from the Weight Watchers shoot. I cant thank all of you enough again for all your support and love.  I’m so happy to share this journey with you. And I cant think all the kind people at Weight Watchers (The Mary’s, Amit, Robert, Tanya, and everyone else whose names I forgot cause I’m awful remembering names…)  I only hope I can keep representing for Weight Watchers!  I feel so honored.  And tired still, so off to bed I go….  



  1. Looks like you had a great time! Good pics to capure the memories and remember forever. By the way, the hotel room you stayed in looks awesome! :) Betty xxx

  2. Really want to see the final product, and I can't believe that was your first plane ride! Were you nervous?

  3. Hey, what an awesome, amazing and incredible experience. So many firsts!! No wonder you're so tired... You'll be processing and reminiscing for a long long time, I'm sure! Hope your photos can be seen by us Aussies too. Congrats :)

  4. Very awesome, Suzi!! I can't wait to see your photos. And I am so happy you and Sheryl got to meet one another. You really do have legs that go on forever. You two are beautiful. Isn't Brooklyn amazing? I love it there. Glad you had so much fun. You're both so inspiring!!

  5. I really hope you two are in the magazine because I might be able to see you two online but you two need national exposure in the magazine! Your stories are amazing!

  6. I am so happy for you!! You are a rockstar! Don't you forget that. :) Love you!

  7. wow girl! what a great post! you ladies are truly beautiful! I can't wait until I can say I look like that with WW's. :)

  8. Can't wait to see you online or in ww's mag!! Looks like both of your had a great time :)

  9. wow!!! well done!! was scrolling along on reader and suddenly saw you and bitchcakes in the same pic- was like whaaa?! haha!!
    great pics and congrats!

  10. So cool!! I loved all your pictures of NYC! I would love to go there someday. Can't wait to see you and Sheryl's WW success stories. You guys both ROCK!!

  11. so awesome! missed you! i'm glad you had such a good time! can't wait to see the pics!! xoxox

  12. Such a great post and recap. Can't wait to read the stories and see the photos from the shoot!!

  13. current lurker who rarely comments but i HAD to... what a great post! i've lived in ny for almost my entire life but it was so wonderful to read about it from someone else's perspective. after living in boston for college, it really is nothing like new york - new york can be pretty overwhelming! and i'm SO GLAD that you got to go to Brooklyn (my hood)... it has a flavor and a feel that's all its own.

    Congrats on all of your great successes and I hope your boo boos are all healed!

  14. I read this on my phone so I had to come back and comment now that I'm home. I love this post! I got excited reading it even though I was in it! I felt like I was reading about you & someone else - is that weird? Anyway, it was so great to finally meet you and have all these exciting adventures with you! I'm working on my post now :) xo

  15. OH cushy hotel! OH yummy FOOD! OH meeting everyone's favorite blogger! I have so enjoyed living vicariously through both of your weekend! :) AND I can't wait until those pics are ready!!!!

  16. Great recap of your trip! I can't wait to see you success story when it goes live. :)

  17. Lurker uncloaking to say 1) how awesome are you? and 2) how many points for a pint of the good stuff?

  18. Hey, thanks for sharing your photos. Looks like a fantastic time.


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