You and me together, we could do anything, Baby


Valentines Day 2011 has come and gone and as always, it was an amazing day.  Almost close to perfect you could say.

There are so many of those who say “well we show each other we love each other every day”…no shit!  It’s not like Frankie & I go the other 364 days of the year without every saying or showing each other how much we love and care for each other, but as I’ve explained before…we take this ONE day a year to really ravish each other.  We don’t exchange gifts at Christmas or buy birthday presents for each other.  We have his 12 year old son to take care of plus our families and it can be a bit much, financially and mentally.  So we combine all of that into this one amazing day!

Another secret I never really have shared before is *why* Valentines day became “our day”…just 3 months prior to us becoming “a couple” we talked on the phone until 3am.  If you knew Frankie, you wouldn’t believe me that he talked on the phone till 3am but HE DID!  AND HE CALLED ME!!  Anyways…we had talked for hours and had such a blast and it was at this moment that I knew that our friendship had grown into something else . It was at this moment that I knew that the thing, the man, I was looking for was in front of my eyes this entire time.  Eventually I grew the balls to make more moves and advance our relationship, which leads us to today.

Before I share the day’s events, let me start by showing you the DELICIOUS cupcakes I made the night before for work…I used REAL eggs & oil in these baby’s!!  First time in a LONG time I didn’t substitute anything…


Onto Valentines day now…

We went to Delmonico’s Steak House like we do every year.  We started with the Fried Calamari and each had our 24 OZ Delmonico Rib Eye Steak with a main lobster tail. :)  Oh yeah baby!!

So anyways, lets start with the morning….

We work together, and it at his break he went out and surprised me with these GORGEOUS dozen roses…


He knows I don’t eat the chocolates (not a big sweet tooth fan, unless its dark chocolate) but he wanted me to have something sweet & the little cute bear.  And yes, that’s a cute little red paper mache heart in there too!

Now for the presents!!

I didn’t get a change to take a picture of what I got Frankie but I got him a new pair of Nike Golf Cleats, a box of Titlelist ProV1X golf balls ($50 for the balls people! Are you serious?!) and a really nice Nike Golf T-Shirt.  I figure that he will be stylin’ and profilyin’ this upcoming golf season :).  He loved all his gifts of course!!

Then he gave me my gift…..a gift I could not be more thankful for…..DIAMONDS!!!!!  I mentioned that I really wanted a pair of solitaire diamond earrings, even if they were CZ, but he did AMAZING.  Not only did I get the earring but a necklace too!!



I tried to get good shots of us, but I’m still trying to learn my camera.  I did the best I could :/  Frankie looked handsome as always, but please forgive the fact that Frankie looks like a criminal in all the pictures LOL.  I yelled at him for not smiling Winking smile


And yes…I felt like a MILLION BUCKS!!  I don’t know if I’ve ever felt so sexy in my entire life…





Here’s something kind of funny…look at what # we got for the “table pass”….hee hee hee


It was an *AMAZING* night!  The other part that was great was that we didn’t have to wait forever for our table (only an hour this year LOL) so we didn’t drink that much.  The next day we got up (we always take the next day off), went to breakfast, did some shopping we needed to do, went to lunch and then went to go to ‘Just Go With It’.  It really was a magical 2 days and it was great to just spend that time and energy on each other and really focus on the love we have for each other and nothing else.

Valentines Day has passed now, but the moments we shared will carry me onto next year.  We are tough times, like any relationship, but there is no one better for me than him.  He is my rock.  He is always by my side and he is my biggest supporter.  I love him endlessly and always will.  I am so blessed to have him in my life and I cant wait to celebrate next years Valentines Day (or do the dress shopping!). 

Lets just take a second to compare Valentines Day dresses from a year ago shall we….

Valentines Day 2010:Valentines Day 024

Valentines Day 2011:


‘nuff said…


  1. How awesome Suzi!! You look fabulous!!
    p.s. my husband never smiles for pics either.

  2. damn girl! you are so sexy!! that is a fabulous dress!!
    You two are sooo cute!!
    Me n hubby got tatt's for v-day lol..

  3. You look like your own hot younger sister. Good job!

  4. She's got legs, she knows how to use them!


  5. Wow, I read your blog and your story at weight loss is amazing. I never comment. But you looked amazing and you can tell that you felt great! Funny how we alter the way we carry ourselves when we feel good! You go girl!

  6. Awww, so awesome. And might I add hubba hubba ;)

  7. SO SEXY!!!! I am jealous of Frankie. =P Seriously, babe, super duper proud of you and your success! xoxo!

  8. WOW you look amazing. So slim compared to a year ago. Before and after pix are so inspiring :)

  9. Can I just say? Your body is slammin'!

  10. You rocked that dress girl!! So glad you guys had a great time.

  11. Hey SuziStorm! Long time, right? So, I gotta tell you...The Girls look effin HOT in this dress.

    Way. To. Go.

    Love ya, Doll! I can't wait till I get diamonds on Heart Day!


  12. P.S.

    I really did LOL at the "table pass" number. Couldn't have planned that better!

    -jafg (again)

  13. Wow----you look amazing! Sounds like you had a couple awesome days!!

  14. Awww, what a great recap!!! You looked hot in 2010, and you SIZZLED in 2011. Happy belated valentine's day to you both!!!

  15. Amazing pictures!!!!!!! Amazing progress!!!!
    I am glad you had an awesome valentines day!!!

  16. You look amazing! BEautiful and sleek and healthy. Definitely this is a formal "after" shot!

  17. gorgeous darling, gorgeous!! and Frankie does not look like a criminal! he is so sweet for the flowers and gifts. I'm so glad you guys celebrated your special holiday in style. xx


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